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MellyMel - January 26

MiracleBaby, I am posting this to you because I will be TTC soon for baby#2. I am 38, will be 39 in May and my son is 7, so it has been some time. I'm so scared, but I really want to do this and give him a sibling. Are you scared after all these years to go back to all the diapers, feedings, etc. I am scared to death! Things are so easy now that he is 7. A part of me cannot imagine an infant, but at the same time, part of me finds it would be such a gift for another son/daughter and sibling for my son as we all grow older. Did you go through this at all? Thanks. Or anyone else for that matter going through this too before they got their BFP!!!


wannabeamomagain - January 26

MellyMe - I think we are walking in the same shoes! I just turned 39 and am ttc my 2nd child. My son is 8 and would love to have a sibling...not to mention that DH and I really want another child. I have been ttc for almost a year. I am currently taking Progesterone to get my cycle back on track. AF decided to disappear the last two months. If she decides to show her face (and I really hope she does) my OB will start me on my third round of Clomid. Don't be afraid of the change...your son will more than likely be of help to you. Babies are miracles and if God should send one to you and your family that in itself is a great blessing. I wish you luck!


MellyMel - January 26

I love to talk to others in the same shoes as me! LOL. I may even have a hard time. I have no idea if I will get pregnant right away or not. I did with my son, but I was 30 then and just off BC pills. Hubby and I both said if it didn't happen in a few months then we give up. I don't want to do the fertility stuff and everything. I will be happy that God has blessed me with one and leave it at that. What is progesterone? Is that because you cannot conceive naturally? I hope I can. I know you say not to, but I'm SO afraid of the change, but have this feeling in my heart that when the baby is here, I will be like, what the hell was I crazy thinking it could be the wrong thing, ya know? Good luck to you and lots of babydust your way!! People say I should have done it sooner and why not, but excuse me, a sibling is a sibling no matter what the age gap is. They just don't understand how I feel and how important it is that he has a sibling as we all grow older. Thank you so much for posting to me. I am feeling a bit more positive about all of this. Hope to keep in touch!!


miraclebaby - January 26

Melly Me., Lets see...I am so blessed that this happened to me that I am more in fear of things happening and losing the baby more than the fear of having it. But now I am more relaxed and want to enjoy this, I have waited so long for this that I dont want any time or thing to pa__s me by. Sure I am a little scared, like I am not even sure how an infant sleeps now a days, back or stomach or side things change and its been 14 years for me. Its starting over, but I wanted to give my son a sibling so bad that this makes me happy. They will have a hugh gap, but he will still have one and that makes me happy. I worry if I will have enough energy to do it, but I am sure I will it will all come natural, I think you should go for it if thats what you want. I am so happy I cant even stand it. There is not a day that goes by that I don't look up and thank God for this miracle he has given me. Good luck , and I say follow your heart. I always wanted this and now I have it!!! take care ....:) :) :)


Betul - January 27

Good Evening ladies, I am 38 (39 in two months) and finally got a BFP after a long year of ttc#2. It sure does get more difficult to conceive at our age. My DH and I have a DS who is 3 1/2. I really wanted this child for the same reasons as you. I want a sibling for my DS. See, I have 4 sons from a previous marriage (yes, 5 boys) who are 19, 16, 14, and 13. Their father is deceased. Even so, my 3 year old is very much like an only child due to the large age gap...I have noticed it more and more in the past year. I never had a problem getting pregnant (always happened within a month or two)until now. Wow, for a year it took charting, trying every natural method, etc.. to conceive. Those of you who haven't had an infant or toddler around in a long time I think will find this experience at our age incredibly rewarding and a great blessing. I know that becoming a mother again at 35 versus when I was 19 was so different. Today, I am more patient, mature, and much less self-involved. My priorities in life are much different. Although I love all my boys very much, I know I am a better mother today than I was at 19. I cherish every moment with my 3 year old and even left my teaching position so that I could spend more time with him. It is too bad that by the time we realize what an important job parenting is, our biological clock begins to wind down.


miraclebaby - January 28

Betul, I agree :) :)


MellyMel - January 30

Betul, I'm so happy for you and thank you for posing in response to my post! Also Miraclebaby thanks to you too! You are so right about us being better mothers now than when we were younger. I can totally agree with that. I'm just hoping if I get pregnant that I will have the energy for an infant. I will be 39 in 4 months and I'm hoping to get pregnant before then. Hubby and I are only going to give it a few months and if nothing, then we are just going to forget it and thank God for blessing us with one. I really want a sibling, but only if it happens naturally. It's not life or death with me that if it doesn't happen I will get inferfility checked and all that hub bub. We are going to try, and if not, oh well. But I'm hoping that we can, yet part of me is hoping maybe I won't. I'm just scared. I LOVE babies and of course my son, but the fear is very overwhelming at times because not only my age but it's been 7 years since I had an infant. LOL. The most awful thing is that I recently lost my job. Just as we decided to do this, I get let go. After long talks, we have decided to continue to try and we will work from there. Afterall, jobs will always be there and money, but I will not always be able to conceive a child right?! Right! LOL. Anyway, my cycle just ended Saturday and we are in business. LOL. Wish me luck and God Bless all of you who are over 35 and pregnant and babydust to those who are TTC for now!!xo


in the woods - January 30

MellyMe - Thought that you'd be interested to hear from someone who is in the midst of all this. I am 42 and have a 12 months old and a 32 months old. I would never trade my staying at home with them for anything else. Sure, I don't have older kids, they are the only ones, so I can't compare my mothering energy then and now. But what I know that I marvel at the whole miracle of bringing a new human into the world, something I know I wouldn't feel in my 20s. I want to watch every step in their development, take pictures, videos, write journals, you name it. Having had my share of life experiences before their births, I don't have any desire to go and "conquer the world", so to speak - you, too, probably been there, done that, so that energy would now be directed on your baby. In addition, having sibling(s) make it easier because they play with each other and your son would be a great role model for the baby. Good luck to you.


MellyMel - April 3

Just an update for this thread. I am currently 5w/6d pregnant! It only took two months and I guess this was meant to be. I am having very mixed emotions right now. I have my first prenatal appt. Wednesday, but so far my hcg levels are great. Thank you ladies for your opinions and sharing your thoughts with me when I was in the TTC stages. Melly xo


miraclebaby - April 4

Melly me, thats great its harder to conceive when you are older, two months, hats off to you.. Congrats , and I agree this must be meant to be. Good for you and your seven year old son. take care and stay in touch.



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