To NatashaV Have You Tried Alternative Medicine

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Sann - June 28

Hi Natasha : ) Sorry : ( I can't write on your thread, got a log in problem. I meant to respond earlier however I wanted to get some info right before I write to you. I'm 37, started ttc Apr04, got pg Jun05 for the 1st time but mc in end Aug the same year due to no fetal heartbeat and now ttc again. I haven't got all my bloodworks done yet ... no Fsh numbers. Well .. I'm sure the info will be helpful but hope this will encourge you : ) : ) : ) A girlfriend of mine had been ttc since her 20s and all these time she falls under "unexplained infertility" and her fsh has been around 14 + - (since her 20s). She had seeked all sorts of treatment including IUI & IVF with no success, till she started on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She gave birth to her 1st .. a healthy and beautiful baby girl in Nov04 at almost 40. In my circle of girlfriends, they are a couple of us still ttc#1 and haven't been successful. We were so encouraged by my girlfriend's success that most of us are now on TCM too. In addition, a fellow patient (Fsh - above 15 before treatment) from the same TCM fertility clinic has just gotten pg this year. She is 42 and is now in her 2nd trimester. However, the down side of TCM, the process of treatment takes some time before one sees any results. I've been on TCM since Jan05, after 5 months of treatment , 4 cycles I got pg. My cycle has been longgg for May/Jun but I finally got a comfirmed +Opk on the 06/26/06 so thing are looking "bright". Don't worry about posting here, I sure lots of women will be willing respond to your questions : ) You can also try posting your questions on the other board " Problems getting pregnant", there are some ladies in the same age group too. By the way, the age thing ... it's not only us Over35s are having a little "difficulty" ttc but also some of the Over25s too. I don't think it's really about age but a matter of time and God's will : ) Heyyyyy : ) don't give up : ) have faith in yourself and in GOD ... it'll happen for you soon : ) I didn't think I could get pg too when I first started trying, I know easier said than done, I'm still ttc#1 too : ) : ) : ) Hope this helps & tonnes of baby dusts to you. Best wishes : ) : ) : )


marranie - June 29

I have heard of success with alternative medicenes too in lowering FSH levels. Hope you get your bfp Sann, and you are right, it is not just an age thing, many younger women have problems with getting pregnant. 35 is really young from my point of view. :-)


NatashaV - July 9

Hello Sann! I didn't notice your thread until today..sorry! Thank you for trying to help me, that's very kind of you. I'm not sure what you mean exactly by TCM, but interestingly I'm going for the FIRST time in 2 days for acupunture for infertility. I think it might be a 'sign' that you're telling me about TCM and I'm about to go! I hope that whatever the acupunturist does to me or gives me (I know sometimes they give you herbs) that I'll be succesful in getting pg. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement, and I wish you MUCH healthy sticky baby dust! Oh, and by the way..I'm very much a regular on 'Problems getting pg' thread..I came in here for a peak one day because of my age. There are lots of great women on these boards, so willing to share and help.... Take care!



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