Topical Antibiotics For Skin While Pregnant

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Kristin - April 12

My skin has broken out ...does anyone know if topical antibiotics can be used when you are pregnant? I am 8 weeks today. Thanks Kristin


Sann - April 12

Hi Kristin ... :) Hope I got your question right ... you mean oral antibiotics & acnes & pimples breakouts, right! I think you should check with ob/gynae, anything to do with oral antibiotics. Last year, I went to see my GP(that was before I saw my ob/gynae) for my breakouts, he didn't want to prescribe any antibiotics before I took a pregnancy test even though I told I had a positive hpt. He wanted to be double sure and he didn't. Glad that you are doing well ... 8 weeks,wow! Hope to join you soon, TTC again this month. Take care & God Bless. : ) : ) : )


Kristin - April 12

No Sann,I do mean topical antibiotic cream for acne. I wouldn't think of taking anything orally ;) Thanks anyway, best of luck to you too! Kristin


Sann - April 13

Sorry........I misunderstood. I wonder if you've heard of using egg white & salt to soothe the breakouts(all natural no chemical). Take care. : )


Kristin - April 13

That sounds interesting..I'll try it thanks! Kristin


Sann - April 17

Hi Kristin .. :) Did it work for you?


miraclebaby - April 17

Would raw egg be safe with bacteria??


Kristiin - April 17

I haven't tried the egg thing yet..but I did ask my GP today and she said I could use topical antibiotics which she had presribed to be before..I have a prescription that can be is a similar name to the clindamycin you worked amazing before when i used it..I just put it on the affected site..and it worked wonders! Thanks for all your help and suggestions! Kristin


Sann - April 17

Hi miraclebaby .. : ) You're right .. with bacteria thing in raw eggs, I had my doubts too in the begining. This is what I've been told, asians use it alot and I'm asian, didn't know/didn't try it till I was pregnant then. Pardon me for saying so, I'm not very "asian" inside(not that I'm hate of being asian, been accuse for that )where I come from we are very much psuedo-westernised. Anyway back to the egg thing, first of all, use egg whites only (not even a trace of yolk) and you have too add salt(1/2 teaspoon it's a must). Egg whites helps to dry up the sebum/oil in the pimples/acnes and keep your complexion fair. Salt is anti-bacterial(salt to preserve food), hence kill the bacteria in the whites and the bacteria in your breakouts. But if your skin is on the dry side or the air around is dry, don't leave too long on your face/affected area(max 15 mins), for it to work, you have to use it a few day in row though. Just an alternative. Take care. : )


Sann - April 17

Kristin & The Pezchick ... I got a prescription from my Ob/gynae too (just in case the egg thing didn't work), it's Benzamycin(5% Benzoyl Peroxide, 3% Erythromycin on the prescription), anyone of you heard of it. Didn't use it then, I was too paranoid with the "chemical stuff" though it's suppose to be safe. Let me know ..... Take Care : )



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