Triple Screen First Trimester Screening

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Angelina - October 4

Has anyone had a positive screen, I did...1/282 which they say is that of a 35 year old and I am 36, has anyone gone on to have an AFP test that comes back negative?


Rhonda - October 4

well I am not really sure what you are trying to say but I had a triple screen and it came back positive for trisomy 18 1/41 chance I am 35yrs old well to make a long story short I had a level 2 sono well 2 level 2 sonos and they came back normal I am pregnant with a perfectly healthy little boy!! So I would not worry to much just do the follow up they sugest and everything will be fine this is just a screening test...does not mean there is a problem but it is very scary!! Good luck


K - October 4

I 'm 36 and had that test done and had excellent results. Best of luck!


Debi - October 5

Hi Angelina, I had a quad screen done @ 16 weeks- not 1st trimester, and it came back positive (1:47) for Trisomy 18. I had an amnio done and found out my little girl is fine, no abnormalities. I was 34 when I conceived and just turned 35. What has your doctor said about the test? Good luck.


to k - October 5

I am glad you had such "excellent" results but just be aware there plenty of false neg results in fact in doing my research I found more woman that had a "normal result" had more of a chance of having a child with a problem and they had no idea cause they felt safe and had no follow up testing done...I hope all turns out well but I would not go around saying that your result was so excellent!! may come back to bite you in the a__s!! If you think I am full of it do a google search on that test and see for yourself....


k - October 5

Sorry if the word "excellent"offended anyone!


to k - October 6

sorry if I can off b___hy but this test is really not a good thing and it really gives a false sense of thinking everything is just fine and also it scares the c___p out of the ones of us that have gotten a possitive result...I lived thru that myself and went thru pure hell thinking something was wrong but I have had the more reliable follow up testing and know that my baby is perfectly healthy and I know that for a fact now I was just warning you that just cause your result came back fine that does not mean all is well that test does have a high rate of NOT detecting true problems believe me I had nothing to do but do research on this test while I was waiting to find out if there were problems but I did not mean to come across so mean sorry...


k - October 6

That's ok. I'm glad everything turned out ok with your baby! I know I had a friend that had this test done and they told her her baby had downs. Her baby came out perfectly healthy also. Believe me after having a m/c I'm very paranoid about everything! Sometimes I wonder if there are too many tests out there! They can make you nuts! Good luck to you!



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