Triple Test

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Karen - July 12

Hi all, I am 36 yrs old and 16 wks pregnant. Today I am scheduled to have my Triple Test...I am very anxious - Anyone have any comments regarding this test to put my mind at ease????


Dana - July 12

Hi, just remember there are a lot of false poitives with the don't panic.


Jeanette - July 12

Hi, I'm 37 and I had my triple screen done at 15 weeks. For my age, my risk for a Down Syndrome baby was 1/235. I was very worried and anxious. My results came back 1/482 for a Down baby. I would have liked the results to have been 1/1000, but my husband and I decided that since I was not at an elevated risk to leave things alone and not go for an amnio. I had a friend who was 35 and put at a very high risk for a Down baby - she refused to have an amnio. She just delivered a very healthy baby boy.


Karen - July 13

Thanks for your comments ladies....well, I went yesterday and Doc said he wanted to do amnio straight away without doing Triple test! I felt as if I had no option !!! He battled to get fluid and had to do it twice! I will have results next Tuesday! Husband never pitched - TOO BUSY AS USUAL!!! REALLY FEEL VERY ALONE IN THIS! Thanks again!


linda - July 21

Hi Karen: Wondering if you have gotten your results? Sorry you are feeling alone in all this--hubby should definitely be with you if possible for these stressful and important tests. wonder why your doctor was so adamant about amnio? Hope you are well!



Hi Linda, thanks for asking - got my results and everything is normal - Thank the dear Lord!!! Do you perhaps know the difference btwn the wk test and the mnth test. Doc originally wanted to do the month one and I said I couldn't wait that long so he said he would do the week one but that it doesn't test for "everything"... Any idea what hasnt been tested for??? Hubby suddenly changed att_tude last night...well sort of....touched tummy for the first time! Will see how it goes...


Linda - July 22

Hi Karen! I really don't know the difference between the wk test and mth test--as far as what one can tell or not tell. Congratulations on your great results! How long did they take? No more than a couple of weeks judging from the dates you have posted. Glad to hear your husband is coming around--I think it can take them a little longer sometimes, like they have to actually see that you are pregnant. Mine has come to appts, but I think he is still holding back a bit. Probably when it becomes more real and I really start showing, he will feel more secure.


To Linda - July 25

In a bit of a rush, so qwik response...results took 8 days. Husband really acting strange towards me again...feeling very hurt and frustrated!!! How far are you now?


Linda to Karen - July 25

Karen, 8 days is not so long. Very sorry to hear about husband. If it keeps up, would he considering seeing a counselor with you? You don't need the added stress now. I am just about 12 weeks!


Karen to Linda - July 27

Hi again...If push came to shove he would consider counselling ...but been there, done that a long time ago and things get better for a while and then back to this! At the moment things are okay again....Where do you live and have you been for your first scan? Do you want to know the gender of babes??? Chat again, Take care!



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