Trisomy 21 2 Times In A Row

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sedonn - February 13

i am 35 and found out that my baby boy had trisomy 21. we went through the heartwrenching process of deciding what to do and ultimately decided to not go through with the pregnancy. this has all happened within the last two weeks. sorry for rambling but i guess my question is has anyone had this happen to them two times in a row? i am eager to get pregnant again, this would have been my first child, once i am well, physically and mentally, but am scared of going through this again. any info? thanks.


kathy - February 14

Hi Sedonn, I'm so sorry to hear what you have been through. I'm 40 and I have the same fear. Can you tell me if you found out through amnio or if they could see something on the scan? I don't know for sure but I've read that thhe channces of it happening twice are remote. I wish you all the best at what is such a difficult time.


karyn - February 15

Sedonn- I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you and your husband are hanging in there. I went through something similar with my last pregnancy. The child was diagnosed with Trisomy 13. Now I’m pregnant again. I've just had my CVS test and should find out the results soon. If the results show another chromosomal problem, I will have my husband and I go in for genetics counseling. I'd really suggest you do the same. -Karyn


sedonn - February 15

kathy & karyn, thank you both for your kind words. kathy, we first had an afp screening that came back telling us that there was a 1 in 43 chance of out baby having downs. the ultrasound had not telltale markers of downs. we went ahead and had the amnio and found out the sad news. good luck to both of you and stay strong.


Heart - February 16

Just found out what trisomy 21 is today after being told that my baby has a high risk of having DS. I respect your decision, sedonn, but my husband and I are decided on having our baby regardless of further test results. I've been looking for a forum just like this one only, this time for parents with children with DS. Might any one of you know of any site? Thanks.


sedonn - February 16

heart, looks like a nice site. good luck to you and your husband.


karyn - February 16

sedonn- My CVS results just came back and they were normal this time. I just wanted to give you some hope that good things do happen. As for getting pregnant again, take your time and wait until you are mentally prepared. My husband and I put off getting pregnant for a couple months just because I wasn't ready. Best wishes to you!


Heart - February 17

Thank you very much, Sedonn. I believe the site will be very helpful. All the best to you and your family as well!



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