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aryton09 - April 9

I am 39 and trying for a baby after my wife suffered a MC last aug . I smoke and trying to cut down but face lots of stress at work. Can anyone help to advise how to increase my chances of being a father ????


mmelo - April 11

Well hello, It is nice to see a DH getting actively involved in the baby race. I found this article which I will include below, but there are many great websites with regards to diet and lifestyle that can help you along the way. Good luck!! What about his diet? When it comes to fertility and diet, men don't get off scott-free. Lisa Mazzullo, an ob-gyn and a__sistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, recommends that fathers-to-be take a daily multivitamin that contains zinc and selenium for at least three months before conception. Studies suggest these minerals aid in healthy sperm development. Why the three-month lag time? It takes that long to develop healthy sperm.


Aryton - April 12

How refreshing to see one of the husbands getting involved and sharing concerns!! First of all, I'm sorry for your and your wife's loss. I miscarried last July and I know how difficult it was on my DH as well. In December (after I was finally emotionally ready to start trying to conceive again), I printed calendars from which charted my cycles and clearly showed the days that I was most fertile. All you need to know is the first date of your wife's last menstrual period and the average number of days in between cycles. For me, it was amazingly accurate. When I showed the ovulation calendars to my husband, he suggested that the calendar be posted on our bathroom wall so he would know which days were best. Of course, we stayed spontaneous but we had fun knowing that we had a definite date on at least one of my 3 most fertile days. Having intercourse every day is not a good idea, it helps to know when your wife is ovulating and fertile and good to wait a day or 2 in between. Other than that I've heard that your sperm count or motility can be lowered by tobacco, alcohol and drugs so you are wise to cut back on smoking. Heat kills sperm so stay away from hot tubs and saunas for 3 months before you and your wife try to conceive, this is how long it takes sperm to regenerate. Folate, zince and vitamin C can also boost your sperm count. Most of all, don't feel pressured and don't put on the pressure, just have fun loving each other! Good luck!


aryton09 - April 14

hi mmelo thanks for the info.I am now taking GNC mega man supplements and hopefully is will help.sorry this reply came so late as i have been buried with work.My wife is also taking GNC pre-natal supplement and Folic acid prescribed by our ob,any other brands of multivitamins for women???


aryton09 - April 14

Hi Aryton thanks for your concern and I am sorry for your loss too,I suppose it affects women more then men emotionally cause i was at a loss as to how to comfort my wife after the D&C.I am paying more attention to her emotionally now .Our gyn also advise us to try again after two cycles is that too soon????I am seriously trying to cut back on the tobacco but it's tough and will take your advise on the fertile period and hopefully will have results soon.It's is bit stressfull on both of us initially but after a few arguments and fights we have decided to get thru this together.How's thing getting on for you and your DH???Hope to receive good tidings from you.Take care and Good Luck :):)



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