Trying For First Baby At 41

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nervous41 - March 19

Hi, I am 41 very soon to be 42 in a couple of months. I've been on the birth control pill for a very long time and now I have met someone who wants to have a baby with me, I'm very excited! But I'm also very scared. I guess I have 2 questions. I have a pre pregnancy health check up with my Dr. coming up at the end of the week, and I definitely have alot of questions for my Dr. But after reading this site I am hoping for some good advice from some mom's that have already been through this. How long should I wait before we should really try to get pregnant? Is it alright to try right after stopping the pill, like 1 week after and already had my period? And I am so scared of the risks of having a baby over 40. The high risks of miscarriage, D/S, and just worry about complications in general and then the thought of going this long and not even getting pregnant (by accident) Is it possible that I won't be able to conceive? Any advice would be great for me, thanks! Sue


Kristin72 - March 20

Hi Sue, I was speaking with my doctor who's wife had their first of three children starting at age 41. She apparently had 2 miscarriages bdefore that. I am 38, currently pregnant (only 5 weeks) and I had just suffered a missed miscarriage back in December 22,05. My advice to you aslong as you are healthy otherwise is to begin taking prenatal vitamins right way..start an exercise regimen asap, eat well, avoid alcohol, smoking, maintain your weight and avoid any drugs. Then, if your menstrual cylce is fairly regular, start charting your basal body temperature and chart it every morning before you get out of can go on line and get these charts ..they help you to get in touch with your body and they tell you when your body has ovulated, with an increase in your temperature. I would also get an ovulation prediction kit. This will tell you when your ovulation is about to occur (withing 24-36hours) and you can have s_x during this time. It worked for me!! I was so anxious because of my age and also because I just lost my baby girl after 13 weeks and 6 days due to the heart not beating. I had chromosome testing done and everything was I am crossing my fingers this time!! So just go with it ..yes the risks for DS are higher ,but every pregnancy contains this risk only a little less. So my advice to you is go for it ,the outcome will definitely be worth it! Best of luck and I am anxious to know how things work out for you!! Kristin


Reddy - March 20

Hi Sue, I am also 41 years old and TTC. We have 3 daughters, ages 13,10 and 5. We want a boy. We've been trying now since July. I tried a fertility pill( clomid ) in Feb., somehow ended up in the E.R. with an infection in one of my tubes. Dr. isn't sure if the pills did it, but (I'm healthy) nothing like that has ever happened to me before. So, my cycle returned on time in March and we have decide to try naturally and hope for the best.I have an appt. with my dr. on March 29th and I will continue to take the prenatal vitamins. Good Luck to us. Hope we have a success story to post real soon.


Ginger - March 23

Hi Sue, Because you have been on the pill for a long time, it will probably take longer for you to get pregnant. I know women her their 30's who went through this "waiting' phase. One had already adopted a baby (3 months prior) when she found out she was pregnant. She went through the whole gammit - fertility pills and invetro-fertizilation x 3 before she gave up. She still wasn't using BPC, when she got pregnant. I just turn 43 in February and am too considering getting pregnant. I am getting married (2nd marriage) in Sept. I already have 1 child - age 18, so I have a better chance of getting pregnant, for some reason. I want to try again but will definitely quit trying if we don't get pregnant during the next year. I have been off the pill for several years, because I think that the late-effects of BPC isn't known yet. All my research points to decreased fertility. Good luck Sue and keep trying and don't despair if it doesn't happen right away. You have more time on your side than I do. Ginger


Perl - March 24

Hi Nervous! I was told to wait a couple of cycles before trying to conceive after going off the pill. I don't have any answers to any of your other questions but just wanted to say you go for it!!! As for the risks of having a baby over 40, don't worry too too much about it. I personally know a lot of women who had healthy babies after 40. The good thing is that we older women have lots of testing available to us to help rea__sure us that are babies are alright. My own sister gave birth to beautiful twins when she was 42 and she was/is obese (over 350 pounds) has diabetes and asthma. All these high risks were against her and she still had a relatively normal pregnancy and healthy twins! I also know of another women who had her son when she was 44. You can do it too!



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