Trying Incemination At 35 I HAVE QUESTIONS

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Mommy-Wanna-be :) - October 28

My partner ( another woman) and I are getting ready for me to be inceminated at age 35 for the first time on Nov. 1st and 2nd ( 2 days). I have been checked and have a great bill of health with no cycts, etc. I have never tried to get pregnant before and have never had s_x with a guy. We got our sperm from a sperm bank. I have been on clomed and other fertility pills . What are my chances of getting pregnant this first time with incemination? How worried should we be with down syndrome? Anyone else go this route? Thanks.


Maura - October 28

hey mommie wannabe,... first of all good luck with everything, I hope all goes well. With down syndrome, the risk goes up after 30, but it is also individual to each woman. Otherwise i would say you have a great chance of concieving, the outlook looks marvelous, hve you considered adoption as well? I am 37 and concieved a daughter with invetro at 35 and have adopted from a birthmother , open adoption which has also been a great experience, I didn't even go through any agency, ...


Judi - October 28

Hi, I did my first intrauterine insemination at 35, and I got pregnant the first time. The doctor said that, due to my husband's test results, we'd had a 5% chance of conception, but it still worked. Also, I just got the results of my first trimester screening, and my risk of Down Syndrome dropped from 1 in 270 due to my age, to 1 in 635 based on the test results. There is definitely hope for you to conceive and have a healthy child.


Paul - October 28

Have been trying for many years. My wife was almost 42 when she concieved. It was the 3rd time with insemination. My wife was on gonal-f injections(fertility). We have 11 months twin girls now. my wife never got tested for down syndrome or anything else. We took our chances. All worked out well. Guess wife is pregnant natural 43 This time we did the CVS test at 13 weeks. Everything is fine and we are having a March 2006. I don't how to advise you but go with gut feeling...and give it alot thought... You are also 35 years old...that's not old... Hope all works out ..Take care...Paul


Mommie_Wanna_Be! - October 31

Thanks everyone. I have been having anxiety these past few days thinking about everything. I go in today for an internal ultrasound and blood work, and a shot, then Tuesday and Wednesday are both incemination days. Then I have to wait 2 weeks to find out if it worked. That will be the hard part for me, is the waiting! Thanks again. :)


L - November 1

My dh and I also used DIUI to become pregnant. It took us several cycles to conceive but we did. I wish you the best of luck. The 2 wk wait is a killer. I found support by teaming up with other woman in the "Problems Getting Pregnant" room on this forum. There was always someone whose testing date was the same as mine and we could agonize together during the 2 weeks and then console or congratulate each other otherwise. I became pg on my 10th cycle, I don't know if I would have been able to remain positive without the support i got from that room.


sarah - November 29

can you get pregnant whilst on your period



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