Trying To Have A Baby At 35

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Julie1975 - September 8

Okay, my name is Julie and my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for close to six months now. A couple of months ago I thought I was pregnant because my body was showing a lot of the signs, and I had most of the symptoms. I went to the doctor when I got tired of negative urion tests, and a blood test was negative, but I had an enlarged uturus. It turned out that my uturus was large and bulky but other than that nothing was wrong with me. It hurt to find out that my body had betrayed me that way, and that I wasn't pregnant. I waited over ten years to find my true love and thought it would be easy to get pregnant when we decided to start trying. My period has been at least five days late for several months now, but the last few months its been missing other than a little spotting that was mostly inside, and that started at least three days before I was due to start. My period has never been early before and I can depend on it to come and be normal every month even if it is a little late. I also have a noticable line forming on my belly that starts above the belly button and goes down to my pelvic bone. There are also a lot of the symptoms there as well. I feel tired all the time and can't do the things I usually do without getting worn out, and I feel nausious and pukey everytime I eat anything. All the classic symptom are there, including the moodiness. The line didn't appear the first time around. Is that a good sign. I am hoping that I have finally concieved, but am scared to take a test for fear that it will be negative again. I was so upset the last time it happened. I welcome any insight I can get. At this point all of this is making me crazy, and I am driving my hsuband crazy as well. I don't want to get my hopes up but its hard with everything going on. Thanks for listening to my story. I really appreciate it!!!


Julie1975 - September 8

the blood only lasted a little over two days as well. It went from light to dark red, and the only time I had more on the pad was at night when I laid down for all those hours.


Julie1975 - September 14

Well, now things are developing even more. I can feel a rapid heartbeat where the baby would be and there are flutters that are very noticeable. the line on my belly is getting darker by the day. My husband can hear the heartbeat when he puts his ear to my belly. Anyone out there who have had those things and not been pregnant. At this point I am 95% that I am pregnant. It is totally different this time. Someone please respond. I really need advice.


lorrielocks - September 23

Hey Julie, I'm 34 and am 7 weeks pregnant from a one night stand and we used condoms, I got neg pregnancy tests til last week but had all the cla__sic signs and symptoms, nauseous all day, tired all the time, sore b___sts, implantation bleeding a week early that lasted 16 days and missed my real period and now am about to miss 2nd period. All my tests before a couple of days ago were neg as was blood test. I think you should take a test and find out if you are expecting and if it is really dissapointing result just keep trying please. You will fall pregnant eventually. If you are still not pregnant after trying for a year I advise you to go to your gp and he will test you both for fertility probs and if you have you can maybe try IVF or some fertility drugs to help. Good luck I hope you are pregnant and will keep my fingers crossed. Let me know how all goes. Take care, Lor


dekraytom - November 21

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


Julie1975 - November 22

well its November 2012 now and I have had yet another experience with feeling and looking pregnant but not being pregnant. They even did an ultrasound which showed nothing. My period is still not back to normal several months after that appointment which was in May. I basically have medium spotting for a day and a half to two days. Thanks for the responses. I just want to be normal again. Its hard never knowing it I am pregnant or not. My body has betrayed me so many times. I'm ready to really be pregnant.


blakesaunders - March 23

Age is no bar for having a child. You should have desire and conviction. Since you are not having a child now, it is safe to have a child now. Do not delay it. I have seen cases in earlier days during 50s and 60s when people had their child at the age of 50. No problems were



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