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Kylie01 - June 6

Hello ladies! I don’t know who else can help me but you. I’m 54, no children. I was never lucky in love. I lived alone and I thought that it’s my destiny. I was wrong! 3 years ago I met my love. I should say that life doesn’t end in 50! It’s only the beginning! I’m so happy now. We love each other and enjoy each moment together. He also have no kids and never been married. It’s like the world gave us second chance! And we want to use it all out! We decided we want to have kids. We are healthy, we run each morning and we are very active. The only problem is I have menopause. Our only chance to have children is ivf with donor egg. There are many clinics, but most of them have age limits. I’m asking for your advice. We want to find professional clinic with normal prices. What should we consider? Do you know some clinics without age limits? I’ll appreciate any help!


judithG - June 7

Your story is completely as mine! You’re absolutely right! Life really doesn’t end in 50! It’s only the beginning! It's never too late to become a mother. I know it from my own experience! I gave birth to my daughters when I was 61! During my whole life there was no man to have kids with. I was not really lucky in choosing partners and there were no one whom I wanted to have kids from. So here I am, 58 years old, no kids no family. I thought that it's too late for all these. So I came to terms with the situation and continue my lonely life. But in a couple of months I met my Jorge - the love of my whole life, a man who loved me with his whole heart, a man, whom I gave all my love. All those failures in love were just wiped out and forgotten. Now I have him and nothing else matters. He was 63, he also had no kids. We understood and felt each other from the first meeting. And we've decided that it's time for us to build a family, which we had never had! I have menopause so we were not able to conceive a baby naturally. We didn't back down and decided to try ivf with donor egg. We've found clinic in Ukraine BioTexCom and went there. We became parents of 2 beautiful girls! They are 3 years old and we are the happiest family in the world! The service was good. Their doctors are one of the best. They even helped us with our girls, when they were just born. Jorge and I were confused. We had no kids so we were scared to make something wrong. We didn't want to hurt our little babies. We didn't know how to hold our children and how to swaddle them, but the pediatrician and the coordinator of the program really helped us and showed how to do it right. They gave us recommendations how to treat our babies and we are really grateful about that. I've never regret about my decision. Finally I have big family I was dreaming about. I wish you all the best! Hope you'll become a mother and find your happiness. 


Kylie01 - June 11

Thank you for your response! Your story is breathtaking! I'm so happy for you and your family. You're my inspiration. I hope my journey will also have a happy ending. I hope it's not too late for us. I believe we still have chance to become parents. I've heard about this clinic. There are many reviews in the internet. I have some doubts about Ukrainian medicine… Situation there is not stable. Furthermore there is war now going. I'm not sure it's safe to be there at this period of time. Some ladies on forums say that they had procedure in Ukraine last year and this year too… So I'm really confused. Maybe you'll help me to clarify this? It's better to talk directly to someone, who had an experience there. I hope for your help! I'm new to all this and I have many questions. I would appreciate, if you clarify some issues for me. We want to find a couple of clinics and go check them. We don't have many options in our age… But still it would be better to find good one, but not go to first available. So we want to learn info about all clinics which can take us and choose the best one. May I ask you a couple of questions? What did you consider in your search of a clinic? What convinced you to choose this Ukrainian clinic? How many attempts of ivf did you have? Which one was successful? You may not answer. I'll understand if it's too personal for you. I hope that's not too much. I will be grateful for any info!


judithG - June 11

I'm glad to know my story inspires people. Honey, of course it's not too late! I understand that you have some concerns. I've also had them. It's a little harder to become parents in our age. Not only it's harder to conceive, but also some people may judge us or say that it's wrong. I know that from my own experience. We should not listen to them! We deserve to be happy, to be mothers. The most important is we have love to give our children. They judge us only because of our age. But what about those young women, who give birth and then throw babies in junks or give them to orphanages or they just don't look after their babies and don't care about them. We are reliable people, we are healthy. We want to have children to love them and to care about them. So don't listen to those who tell you it's wrong or too late. It's your life and your choice.

The clinic has fancy design and modern equipment. Doctors and all staff are professionals. Our program coordinator was very responsive and kind young woman. Speaking about war, it's safe in the capital. As I know the hostilities take place in the east part of the country.

You can ask me whatever you need! I'm always ready to help! I was looking for a clinic very carefully. There are so many fraudsters and you should be very attentive. The main criteria for me were positive reviews, professional doctors and good service. I’ve found a couple of good clinics, 'explored’ each review and each website, where those clinics were mentioned. And of course official websites were learned by heart. So after the discussions, thinking through all pros and cons, we chose BioTexCom. There were other clinics in Ukraine, but not all of them work with foreign patients. So, my husband and I came to the clinic and our doctor told us everything about de ivf procedure. In case of 5 failures, the clinic would refund us our money. I’ve got pregnant from the first attempt! The service was pretty good, they gave us guarantees on success. We were satisfied with everything.


Kylie01 - June 11

There are so many irresponsible mothers. They treat their kids not in a good way. But because they are young, no one forbids them to give birth! And here we are. Women over 50. Some people judge us and tell we are too old. It’s so unfair! You’re absolutely right! It’s our life and our choice. I will try not to pay attention to rebukes. I want to stay positive and enjoy my journey.  I’m glad to know the clinic is modern! I was worrying that Ukrainian medicine is not on a high level. As it’s hard to get pregnant in our age, the professionalism of doctors means a lot. I’ll consider all advices you gave! I’m sure they will be very helpful. I’m surprised that the clinic pays money back if procedure fails! There will be no risk for us. Everything sounds very good. And also they have no age limits. There are not many clinics, who can take women of my age into donation program. May I ask how much did you pay? Did you pay whole sum at once? I'm afraid they may ask to pay more because of my age. Also I've heard that some clinics slow down the process after they got money. How do they choose donors for their programs? Is there a possibility to choose your donor by yourself? I've heard that some clinics give an opportunity to choose donor who you look alike with. It's not a big deal actually. I will love my baby in any case. But it would be nice if baby have some of my features. I hope I don't bother you too much. I'll appreciate your help!


judithG - June 11

That is the mood I like!) I know how it feels to live in "unrealizable dreams". But we are the only one who can help ourselves to make our life better! Look at me now! Happiness and miracles come in our lives no matter how old we are! Don't give up on yourself and enjoy each moment. They say that life begins at 50! And I completely agree with this statement) We chose package called 'Guaranteed success' for €9 900. This package includes 5 attempts. Also the clinic has package for €4 900, which includes 1 attempt. One more package for €6 900 and it includes 2 tries of de ivf. There is also a package with transfer from donation to surrogacy. I might miss something... All terms and conditions you may find on their website. We paid €9 900 for all services. We were met in the airport and taxi was carrying us across Kiev. We were provided with comfortable apartment with all needed facilities. There are some pics of the clinic and housing on their website. Food supply was provided as well. Also we had a manager. She was translating for us and answering all our questions. There were no misunderstandings at all. We were never asked to pay some extra fees! We paid only that single price, which was set in our contract. The whole sum was divided into two payments. So we paid €4 950 during first visit and €4 950 euros during second visit. The clinic chooses donors very carefully. All requirements were set in our package. First requirement is age of donor. First of all donor should be 18 – 25 years old. Second is perfect physical and mental health. And third requirement is absence of genetic diseases in the donor and her family. You can't choose donor by yourself. Contact of clients with donors is prohibited by law. But you can provide desired phenotype! The clinic will choose donor for you, basing on your requirements. We gave our doctor list with all features we want our donor to have. For example, eye color, hair, nose shape etc. They gave us 3 variants. They sent us all info about them. That's how we chose the most suitable donor for us. Our children look very similar to us! No one can ever tell they are not biologically mine)


Kylie01 - June 12

I appreciate your support! Thank you for so many details! Prices are much lower than I expected. It seems the clinic took into consideration every single detail. Foreign clients feel comfortable in Ukraine. I was so afraid to go abroad. Absolutely unknowing country and language barrier. Now I see I have nothing to worry about. I can concentrate on the procedure. But how much all those services costed to you? I mean taxi, housing and translator? I understand that is not for free. I just hope it won't cost as much as the procedure. How much time did you visit the clinic? Did the clinic provide you with accommodation during all your visits? Or did you stay at hotel for your costs?


Kylie01 - June 12

You're absolutely right! We felt pretty comfortable in Kiev. We weren't worrying about language barrier or how to find clinic or where to live. We fully concentrated on ED process. All services like taxi, apartment and translator were already included into our package. So we paid single price €9 900 and not more. The clinic never asked for some extra money. They never made us to wait. Our program coordinator was very responsive! She was supportive and answered all our questions. We visited clinic 2 times in the frameworks of procedure. The first meeting lasted 2 days and included medical examination. Also we were provided with information about the program, organizational and medical parts and terms of the contract. Our second visit lasted a week. There were the sperm pick-up, fertilization of donor’s eggs and embryo transfer. They provided us with housing as well as with food both times. 


FloraRustin88 - May 23

Hello Kylie! Just read your post! Umm, yes! I agree there are issues. But, well, I don't know much of age issues. But, last year, I went to a center in Ukraine. It had many couples for IVF in the late forties. Even, yeah! I have an idea. It also would accept your case. I'm personally having my IVF there. Although, I'm younger than the 40s. You can try there! Don't be disappointed! You can still be a mother. xx


Esther65 - June 1

Hello! Hope you are doing great. Good to know that you found your life partner. Children are a blessing. IVF is a good thing. But it was failed two times in my case. That failure made it too long and costly.  I was fed up with my life. My husband was going to leave me. Then I decided to try surrogacy as a last option. It was really hard to decide. I was also not confident about this.  But surrogacy proved like a miracle for me and I got a surrogate son through it. It was such a good experience. You should go for surrogacy instead of IVF. Good luck.


enawatson - June 5

Hey girl. I am sad for you. I know you also wanted your own babies. But sometimes it is not in fate. As you are 54 so it is a bit older to have babies naturally. I also have a baby by the unnatural process. In IVF age also matter. It is riskier when a woman is a bit older. It would be great if you choose surrogacy. It is safe to process. I also have a baby through surrogacy. It is a simple process and it is not painful. I chose a clinic in Europe. The clinic provided me with a healthy surrogate. It was an affordable clinic. I hope this would work for you.


serra1 - June 5

Hello young lady. I am miserable for you. I know you additionally needed your own particular infants. Be that as it may, now and again it isn't in destiny. As you are 54 so it is somewhat more seasoned to have babies normally. I likewise have an infant by the unnatural procedure. In IVF age matter. It is more hazardous when a lady is somewhat more established. You should pick surrogacy. It is safe to process. I went there after facing infertility for 10 years. The reason was unknown. I likewise have an infant through surrogacy. It is a basic procedure and it isn't agonizing. I picked a clinic in Europe. The facility furnished me with a sound surrogate. It was a moderate centre. I seek this would work for you. You should go for it.


Catherine1214 - June 8

The times are gone when infertility was assumed as something due to the women. It is proved that the men are equally resposible for being unable to create a new life. You have chosen for IVF. Unfortunately the things are not going the way they are. This time it is the male reason. The process is not working because your husband is diagnosed with the low sperm count. Dear worried intended mom at first it is important to realise that this is not a serious issue. There are several treatments medically available. You should consult a reproduction experts. He can give you the right suggestion that what can be done. There are numerous medications and supplements that can be administered to improve the quality and quantity of the sperms. At the same time if the situation becomes really serious then there are some great alternatives too. Just like in case of weak eggs the egg donors are available, the sperm deficiency can be fought with the help of donors too. I don't think that the situation will become too serious. Looking forward to a great and happy post from you soon.


Catherine1214 - June 8

You are falling in a crucial age group. You need to take this thing very realistically. If you will go through the various sources available you will find out that it is a natural thing. After 35 the reproductive ability of the women reduces. The natural reserves of the eggs that exist since the birth of the women start reducing. The quality and quantity of the eggs deteriorates to such an extent that the reproduction ability almost falls to zero. Right now two great things are happening with you. You are going to get your problems resolved through IVF. This is an excellent option available. It has treated many couples for nbeing infertile. As you are deficient in quality eggs hence you will catch up with your rainbow through the donor. She will be assisting you by providing the healthy eggs of her own. I am very much confident that this time will be a changing time for you. The three year wed lock of yours will be completed in a beautiful way. Keep sharing your precious experiences.


page12 - June 8

hey there! I hope you are doing great.TTC is one of the hardest times in a woman's life. like it was for me. it was really painful I couldn't sleep at the night. my back felt like it was breaking. after I found out that I miscarried I was so sad. it was only 7 months in. I took all the pain for nothing. I was devastated and broken. my husband encouraged me to go for surrogacy. we went for surrogacy and it was an amazing experience. we TTC again when I was 37 and this time it was successful. I am so happy my family is complete.


jenn123 - August 28

Hey! I hope you're well. You're positively beaming! It's so nice to see. I think you're heading in the right direction. It would be advisable to ask for opinions, though. Try getting a professional check for your case. There are wonderful clinics nowadays that offer this treatment. And you can have the donor of our choice. It's all good. I think you shouldn't waste time thinking too much. Get on with it! Good luck. Do keep us updated!



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