Ttc Age 43

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mmelo - November 29

Hello everyone, I am getting ready to do my second IUI in January. Any success stories for women over 40??


crazybaby - January 4

hi and good luck for jan im also 43 and ttc,my baby girl is 7 months and trying to beat that ticking clock and get pg for the 3rd time,i also have a boy 5 so im thankful for that .will this be your first pg if it works,ive been doing opk every month and dont think im ovulating although my fsh and blood test said normal still will keep trying,would like to keep in touch if thats ok good luck


early40 - January 7

Would like to keep in touch. I am 41 and will start clomid next month. have you tried this? Please share with me. I am also trying to beat that ticking clock. I wish to try twice if I get prego very quick.


Annar - January 8

Hi, I am 43 and trying to conceive also. I just suffered a miscarriage in late November, at 8 weeks. I used a natural cycle with no drugs. I just had an IUI 3 days ago after being on Menapur for 7 days. I actually released an egg prior to the last cycle when it seemed that I wasn't completely through with the miscarriage, i.e. things had not returned to normal yet. That cycle did not result in a pregnancy. Menapur didn't seem to do anything different that what I was already doing on my own, so I only released one egg. I won't know if I am pregnant for almost 2 weeks. I'm very anxious due to my age and recent miscarriage. I'll keep you posted on what happens!


crazybaby - January 10

hi ladies, i had clomid for my first baby as i did have iui to concieve him,my hubby had a vescetomy during first marriage,so we needed fetility treament then, he also then later had a reversal which was sucessful,and i got pg within 3 months,which was quite a surprize as we had been told that due to antisperm antibodies they said we would need icsi treatment anyway i would love a third baby so im tracking my ovulation which according to the test strips im not ovulating ive had a day 21 blood test which they said was normal and have to go back and get a 2nd one done to compare,i was hoping to get some clomid and even thought about buying it privatly but its too risky, does any one know if you are having regular periods does it mean i probably am ovulating,at my age if it doesnt happen natrually then i can not do any expensive treatments as i have 2 children already i will be gutted tho,have any of you got children already? good luck with your 2 week wait lets hope ita a +result


mmelo - January 10

my january iui didn't pan out as I was waiting for my prolactin test results to come in. I have hyperprolactinemia which basically shuts my cycle down. I got the results back yesterday and am now within normal levels. I am trying to syke myself up for iui on my upcoming cycle. But with my age I find myself suffering anxiety attacks about the decision to ttc as I need to do it with the help of fertility treatments and a donor. I don't know why I am so freaked out. I have always wanted children I am just afraid I have left it too late. I am scared to death that something will go wrong.


crazybaby - January 10

hi,mmelo shame you are not able to go ahead this month,i hope you dont mind me asking are you ttc as a single lady or do you have a partner?i always said that if i didnt meet the right person i would ttc on my own, i would of done anything to have kids,luckily it happened for me,it would be very scary going it alone but well worth it in the end ,what country are you in?do you have anyone you can confide in and to support you during this treatment, ...........


mmelo - January 11

crazybaby, my dh and I have been married for over 20 years. We were diagnosed early on with male factor infertility and basically thought we would live the rest of our lives childless. At 38 I started to have fertility issues of my own and now at 43(almost 44)am trying to gear myself up to get on the roller coaster again! However, dh never got over the fact that he was sterile so although he isn't stopping me, he is not very supportive of my trying donor IUI. Then there is my age and the issues that can result from that. It is a very scary and unsure time for me.


crazybaby - January 11

hi mmelo,my son is the result of donor sperm,years ago we just couldnt afford to pay the £3000 that it would cost for a reversal so we headed down the route of donor sperm it took 2 iui treatments and my son was born ,i reserved some of the same sperm for a sibling and had the iui but i didnt get pg ,i desperatly wanted more children and we are now better off money wise so i booked dh in for a reversal ,which was sucessful,i knew my husband would be fine using a donor as he bought up his ex wifes child who was a baby at the time as his own and to this day the lad whos 22 and in the army still calls him dad although he does know the truth. my dh was there for all the inseminations etc so was involved etc all along and we chose someone with the features similar to my dh,its so surprising how many people say that hes like my dh, i dont know why i made my dh do the reversal it came into my head one day, the next thing i knew he was booked in,my poor dh ,anyway now we have 2 beautiful children and im thankful for them ,i will be back ive just been called


crazybaby - January 11

away to my son,any how im sure if sucessful your dh would love the baby as much,did the clinic where your going say what the chances of sucess were ? what previous treatment did you do ,if you dont mind me asking............


nola41 - January 31

Hi - I am 41 and ttc my first child. I've had 2 unsuccessful IUI's with clomid and found out yesterday that my FSH was at 13, up from 11.5. I am starting to feel desperate and so depressed. Any suggestions or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!



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