TTC And BFP S SUPPORT For OVER 35ers Part 5

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JuliaB - August 24

Hi TTC-ers and BFP's - here is Part 5!! BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!


JuliaB - August 24

Good morning!


Aspen8 - August 24

Happy Sunday everyone. Thanks for the new thread Julia. I think I'll copy my most recent post in the old thread here: TRACY, it was great to see you posting here. And it makes me smile to know you're one of the ladies "lurking" and reading even when they don't have time to post. I have taken a break the last two months and I'm very content with that decision, even though I'm 1,000 years old and the clock is ticking loudly. The timing of the due dates for those two cycles just wasn't right for me and I felt like I wanted to step back and relax a bit anyway. I'm looking forward to hopping back in to ttc mode next cycle though! ***YAY, MARIBEL POSTED! - Hi there, kiddo! We've missed you. Now that you reminded me, I do remember your neck/back problems and your need to take a cycle or two off due to the procedure. Sorry about that. I'm sorry you're hurting so much and I hope this one helps. Like you want to be in the best shape you can be in to be ready to be pregnant! Good luck on Monday. Drop in whenever you can and keep us posted. ***KRISSY - Didja get your laundry done? (Yuk.) =


Carly67 - August 24

Hi everyone. Kristin I had my first trimester screening in June and it went great, the doc actually said I could not have better results. Based on the blood sample and NT sono my risk for downs and 2 of the trisomies are that of a 20 year old much less than 1 in 61 just based on my age. So that went really well, I do not do the second tri bw because there are just too many false positives but I do have the level 2 sono and they check for a lot of soft markers for ds and other defects and mine was normal so that was great to hear. Anyway I am almost 22 weeks and sometimes I cannot believe I am pregnant. It is such a blessing and I think at times I am still in shock. We found out it is a boy so this will be my fourth boy, I have one girl. I love boys though. Now we just have to pick a name. Good luck to all of you.


Kristin72 - August 24

Hi Ladies!! Carly67..that's just great you had such good results from your screening. I remember with my dd my odds went up to something like 1:23,000 for downs after the triple screen. I was like "is that a good score?? the doc said..ahhh bet it is!" lol! So great to hear everything is running smoothly. Truly it is such a blessing to finally fall pregnant and to find out things are running smoothly! I wish you all the best with your little guy on the way. You will definitely have your hands full!! What are the ages of your other kids? Aspen, have you still decided to hold of on the ttc for a motnh so that you would not have a May due date during your playoffs? Anyway, I h ope everyone is doing well..girls please don't get too is going to happen for us all...I thought it would never happen for me..and here I am.. You guys are the best!! xo


Aspen8 - August 25

CARLY - Congratulations! It's fantastic to hear that everything is going so well. ***KRISTIN - Yep, we held off this cycle so we wouldn't have an early May due date but we're raring to go for the next cycle.....just gotta get through the rest of the two week wait for AF, which I'll be happy to see for a change, and then we're back in the game. How are you feeling these days? Any morning sickness, etc.? ***EVERYONE - have a good Monday.


Aspen8 - August 26

Just a quick hello and then hubby and I are off to take one of our nephews to the zoo. Zoos actually kind of make me just a teeny bit sad ....I feel sorry for the animals all cramped up in their "habitats"....but this is what Jacob wanted to do and we're gonna have a blast! Have a good day, ladies.


Kristin72 - August 26

Hello all..just checking in to see how everyone is doing? I am still doing spotting or anything so far (knock on wood)..first OB app tomorrow. LO is napping now..have not told mom yet..I still am looking for the right words..told a couple of close friends. Starting to worry a bit..but trying to remain positive. Aspen..happy bd'ing this cycle...I hope this is it for you guys and everyone else!!xo


Krissy68 - August 26

texas22 - Sorry I have been MIA. How are you doing? Where are you in your cycle? I did get my pos on the opk test cd 12-14 and I actually ovulated on cd 14. I didn't waste all my test this time around I only tested for 4 days and used 5 test I tested twice on cd 14 once I got the bfn on cd 15 I stop testing. I really tried to bd as much as possible I bd on cd 9-11 and 13-16, 18 & 22. Because like you I could never really time it just right something always came up and this time I didn't even tell him that we have to bd during this time frame so he really don't have a clue and he didn't see me doing the opk test or taking any of the medicine. I tried to be a little more relax so we shall see what happens this cycle. I hope I do get a bfp this cylce cause the clock is ticking LOUD and I would love to surprise him. I did break down and test yesterday after work I was 8dpo and it was NEG. I am not going to test again until maybe the weekend it all depends on how the temps are looking. I did get my implantation dip on cd 21 7dpo and this is the first time this happened my temp went up high yesterday and today it drop down some but I am still above the coverline. I will see what tomorrow brings. Keeping my fingers cross for you. Give me a updated. JuliaB - Thanks for starting a new thread. How are you feeling? I am so sorry that AF has shown up that stupid withch. What did you decide to do about this cycle? Saying a prayer for you. Carly67 - Wow it seem like yesterday you were sharing your bfp with us. Rub your belly How are you doing? Aspen8 - How are you doing? I know what you mean not having a car I haven't had a car since May so I was sharing a car with my daughter she moved out and left me high and dry so for a month I have been buming a ride to both of my jobs and then trying to get back and fourth to the grocery store but I am keeping my faith I will get me a set of wheels real soon. MaribelsHope - You are so sweet!!! I promise I will not give up. How are you doing? What cd are you on? I am on cd 23 9dpo. I got my implantation dip on cd 21 7dpo so as of now just hanging out to see what is what. AF is due on Sep 3 will give you an update and you do the same. Aspen 8 - Girl, let me tell you I just need to move into a house again so I can have my washer/dryer back. I went to my friends house on Sat I guess I got there about 8pm and I had to wash 6 loads of clothes and I didn't get home until 3am. She told me I can come and wash clothes every 2 weeks we will see I would be saving money but I can go to the laundry mat and be done with all my laundry in like 2 1/2 hours. I am hoping I will have a car before the end of Sep. Krissy68


Aspen8 - August 27

KRISTIN - Good luck with your appointment today. Let us know how it went. I'm definitely gonna enjoy our bd'ing next cycle! :-) ***KRISSY - Wow. You didn't get done your laundry until 3am? What a pain in the tush. That "should I save money or save time" question is one that I notice myself wrestling with more and more often these days. I don't think there is any one right answer....totally depends on what's going on that day/week. Sometimes it feels great to be virtuous and save money and other times, you just want your life to be easier, d__n it! Lol. I hope you get back into a house with a washer and dryer soon...not to mention get your own transportation. I think that's one the of things I hate most: not being able to come and go as I please. Even if my car is in the shop for inspection or whatever, I'm a great big baby about it!


Aspen8 - August 27

Tidbit for anyone concerned about the quality of their cm: "L-Arginine: L-arginine promotes the increased presence of cervical mucus by supporting the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is produced naturally by the body and is central to a number of bodily functions. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and helps promote blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. Nitric oxide also facilitates the increase of cervical mucus around the time a woman ovulates. In one study by Morlin and Hammarstrom (2005), "nitric oxide (NO) administration markedly increased cervical secretion" for women taking NO-supporting supplementation in the test group. Nitric oxide has also been shown to prepare the uterus for implantation by promoting endometrial secretions (which builds healthy uterine lining). " I haven't checked into this citations to see if they're for real, but here they are: "° Research on Nitric Oxide was awarded The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1998 ° Morlin B, Hammarstrom M., 2005. Nitric oxide increases cervical secretion at the ovulatory phase in the female. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. Sep; 84 (9): 883-6 ° Gorodeski GI., 2000. NO increases permeability of cultured human cervical epithelia by cGMP-mediated increase in G-actin. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol., May; 278(5):C942-52 ° Morlin B, Andersson E, Bystrom B, Hammarstrom M. Nitric oxide induces endometrial secretion at implantation time. Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand. Nov; 84(11): 1029-34 ° Gianotten WL, te Velde ER., 2005. The influence of s_xual function on the chance of pregnancy. Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. May 28;149(22):1207-10"


Aspen8 - August 27

Addendum: The fact that NO plays such an important role in fertility is great, but what I DON'T see a citation for is the idea that L-Arginine supplementation increases the body's production of NO. They say it's so....but they don't cite a study to back it up. Doesn't mean it ain't true, of course, but I'd prefer to see one. Anyway, several of the books I read have recommended L-arginine supplementation at 3-4 grams per day and I haven't found any info saying that it's not healthy to do it...sooo....I tried it last month. If you remember, I posted that I was having the most and best cm since January when I started keeping track. Was it because of the L-Arginine? Or the cleaned up diet and better nutrition, the increased exercise or the Chinese herbs or other suppements? No clue. (Which is the problem with changing more than one variable at a time, but I'm in a hurry, darn it.) But it's interesting, anyway....


MaribelsHope - August 27

Hello, hello, hello to all the wonderful ladies on this thread. Well I see Julia started a new thread annnd it already has ten thounsand posts on it! hee hee. Well as for me, I got my nerve block on Monday and I am still a little sore right on the puncture sight. Its been soooo good not feeling that pain. Well so far all of the blocks that I have had received have help a lot. I really don't have that constant pain I had a couple months ago. Julia** how are you kiddo? Aspen** I thought I was going through DEJAVU...reading the same post on two different threads. Anyway are you doing with your ttc? are you planning to get it going any time soon? I know I am.....ohh I'm looking soooo forward to it!!!...Just to think about the baby dancing!!....GRRRRR...hee heee I'll get some really good TLC from dh. I really do need to take advantage of my baby dancing rain checks ya know!!!...ok ok back to reality Maribel!!!! oh well Carly** nice meeting you!! Krissy** How are you chickie?? I am out his month I haven't been counting my days. As I posted earlier this week, I had to put my pregnancy attempts on hold for this month and maybe the next, due to a nerve block I had back on Monday. I should start next month...depending on my doc!. I am still your know that!! AF is due on Sept. 3 for me too and no matter what happens...I will drag your tushy down with me until hear me!! Kristin..congrats to you once again!! well gotta get back to work...or the bills won't get paid!! Baby dust to all!! and lots and lots of ((HUGGIES)) for all!! Maribel :-)


MaribelsHope - August 27

Huggies as big fat hugs!!......Not diapers ladies!!....At least no yet!!


MaribelsHope - August 27

By the way...I think I will change Aspen's name to "Encyclopidia Brittanica"...good into chickie...way to go!!


Krissy68 - August 27

Aspen8 - I totally understand not having a car it really sucks big time. It really limit you to the things you can do. I'm praying that I have some type of transportation before the end of Sep. Everybody please say a prayer for me. How are you doing? ***MaribelsHope - I'm glad the nerve block is helping you. I know you really can't wait to start the baby dancing again. I am keeping my fingers cross that your doctor give you the all clear next month. That's funny on the name change for Aspen8. ***My only unpdate for today my temp did go up some so I am happy about that. Yesterday cd 23 9dpo my temp was 98.49 and today cd 24 10dpo my temp is 98.52 if my temps keep going up for the next few days then I will test this weekend if not and they start going down, down, down, then I know AF will be knocking on I guess I will have to let her in. I will have to call my doctor and let hime know that she showed up again and see what he wants to do for Sep cycle. If I don't have a car then I will not be able to go and see him unless he just talk to me over the phone and I doubt that cause he want that copay. So Sep might be my month to rest officially from taking any types of medicines. I will keep you all updated. Sending tons of baby dust. Krissy68


texas22 - August 27

Krissy68-it's good to hear from you. I should stop using the opk after my +s but I keep going. Those things are expensive. I like the idea about testing twice in a day. All I know is that I ovulated between cd13-15. I'm currrently cd22 and my b___bs started feeling sore (although they usually do) but I also feel bloated and crampy. I don't know what to think because I think I feel something every month-bloating is new. I will try to hold off testing until Monday-too many negatives already. Aspen8-thanks for the info. Did you get the suppliment at a health food store? Maribelshope-I think we will both be fighting the urge to test too early! Hopefully BFP for us all. Kristin72-how far along are you? Did you have a sono today for dates? I don't know how you girls get so much bding in. I can barely fit in the 3 days. I wish for more back up days but then it really feels contrived and not s_xy. If it doesn't happen this month then we will take a few months off due to timing issues. Hopefully this will bring our fun times back.



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