TTC And BFP Support For Over 35ers Part 8 BABYDUST

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Kristin72 - December 4

Hi Ladies, I decided to start another thread. Hoping everyone gets their BFP's for 2009!!! Here's to Good luck TTC, BFP's, Healthy Pregnancies, and lots and lots of good support along the way for those of us over 35!!! Baby Dust for ALL !!!!


Kristin72 - December 4

Hi Girls~I am a little freaked out. I took a nasty fall yesterday. I tripped over an open dishwasher and landed stomach first. I could not move for several minutes knocking the wind out of me and thinking I broke my back and of course possibly hurting the developing embryo. Just my luck. I cut my mouth,bruised my jaw, skinned my arms, and legs. I can't believe how stupid I was. I could not break my fall. I have felt so down since it happened..cannot pull myself together...not only possibly screwing up things. I am having another beta blood test today. My first beta was kindof low but I know I had had not even missed my af yet.. SO I will see if my levels are doubling...becasue apparently that is the important thing the doubling. I am not too optomistic at this point..But I will try to remain positive if possible. How is everyone else doing? Thank you for the Congrats Ladies..I just don't feel deserving right now. (Sorry for the downer) I just don't feel ready to face another loss. IF that is where this pregnancy is heading. XO


Aspen8 - December 4

Oh, Kristin - your fall sounds terrible. That would be enough to shake anyone up, even if they weren't pregnant. I hope you aren't in too much pain. It makes me so sad that some people have to go through multiple losses, as you have. Not only do you have the pain of the losses themselves to deal with, but the c_mulative experience leaves you where you are now - pregnant but more afraid than elated. (I don't know if "afraid" is exactly the right word, but I couldn't think of a better one.) It shouldn't be like that. Every woman should be able to get her bfp and dance for joy, certain that her bfp meant that she would actually have a baby. <sigh> Whatever happens, we're here for you. I promise you we're pulling for you as hard as we possibly can. Let us know how the 2nd test went.


november7 - December 4

Hi Kristen72 – How are you doing? It really sounds like a bad fall. Please stay positive as these things do happen to women and the baby is still fine. Let us know how you go with your beta test. We are all praying for you because you’ve been through so much. Take care. xx Hi Aspen – Today is your big day with the test. If you get a chance over the weekend, let us know how things went. I am keeping everything crossed for you. xx My update – I had the NT scan yesterday and it went really well. My results have come back ‘low risk’ and I am now reconsidering having the amnio done. Based on my age (41) my risk of Trisomy 21 was 1:55 and after the NT scan and blood test it is now 1:1073. For Trisomy 13+18 it has gone from 1:97 to 1:1917. The babies nuchal translucency fold (behind the neck) was 1.4mm. I can’t tell you how relieved I am and once again shows that age isn’t everything. What would you do girls do if you had these results? Would you still have an amnio to discount these syndromes 100%? The risk of miscarriage with the amnio is 1% which is a lot more than my odds of DS. Your thoughts would be appreciated.


JuliaB - December 4

Hi Everyone. Kristin - Congratulations on your bfp! I am very happy for you. Although I am sure that the fall will not cause a problem, I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway. Aspen - When I got af, I had to call the dr to schedule my next appt. When the nurse called me back, I tried to explain my story. At first, she just kept saying, "Talk to the Dr." I explained that I tried but w/no success. She finally talked to me, with the "I'm only a nurse" caveat. Essentially, my blood work shows I am on cd 2 when I am on cd 2 of my delayed cycle. (BTW - my fsh is back down at 6 for the last few months Yay!! so maybe the 11 was a fluke.) Anyway - I go from cd2 to ov too quickly, and it gives the shots no time to work. So they are giving me meds that will push back my ov date, and then meds that will bring it on. Hmmm. Apparently, this is common practice in IVF, so I am guess I am okay with this. It is so amazing what they can do with drugs! I will be injecting Bravelle, Menopur, and Ganirelix. I can mix the Bravelle and Menopur in one syringe for one shot, which I start tonight. So that's something. I have no idea where the Ganirelix fits in. Oh, and I called my reg gyn, and I have an appt Dec 15. It was the soonest I could get, but I feel better now anyway. Please let us know how your tests go!


Aspen8 - December 5

Hi ladies. Just got back from my RE appointment today and have to fly to work but I wanted to drop in real fast and let you know that I pa__sed the clomid challenge test....but just barely. For the lab that my RE uses, they want the FSH level to be under 11. 11-20 is borderline, and over 20 is a deal breaker. My cd3 FSH was 7.8 and on cd10, after the clomid, it was 10.7. So I pa__sed. I'll take it. I have a teeny follicle on my right ovary that's too small to do anything and two big follicles on my left ovary. Doc says both will ovulate. Usually the show is over by now (cd14) but because of the clomid, I'm ovulating later. He thinks I'll ovulate on Monday. (No clue how he knows that.) My uterine lining is thin - only 6.5mm - but he thinks that by the time I ovulate it will be okay. My post-coital exam was lousy....long, complicated story that I don't have time for....but the take home message is that my cm was very thick and inhospitable to dh's swimmers. Doc thinks that might change before I "O". If not, if we continue to use clomid, I'll have to do IUI to solve that problem. I hope the cm gets better - I'd hate to waste those two big follicles! So. I'm supposed to bd on Sunday and Monday and go back for another post coital and ultrasound on Tuesday. I'm encouraged overall, I think. It could have been a lot worse. Now I just wait and see what happens between now and Tuesday. I'll get caught up with everyone later. Sorry I don't have time now.


Kristin72 - December 5

Just started spotting :( Damn!! It is browish-red. I am cd29. Don't friggin know what to do. I will probably head to emerg in the morning. Here I go again. Had my beta done today..not yesterday. Also had my progesterone drawn. I just don't know what to think. The doc suggested an ultrasound asap. I was going to go in on Monday. He said it would be a good idea to rule out a chemical or molar or ofcourse another ectopic. I guess without theat ultrasound I will have no clue. I guess I am just not cut out for this anymore. I told myself if I lose another one that's it for me. I will update when I can.


Kristin72 - December 6

Full on bleeding this morning=miscarriage or chemical pegnancy? I don't know.. need some further clarification. I may have my beta back by 1pm but from the looks of it things are not going well.


lil_lady - December 6

oh Kristen,sweetie you are in my prayers......


Hopeful and excited - December 6

Dearest Kristin - so sorry to have been away again for so long (my dd has been having a run of bad luck with her health and I've been exhausted looking after her - nothing bad, don't panic, just one thing after the other!) I just want to say that, if you can find the strength, PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP on ttcing. You are such a lovely person and no doubt a fabulous mum - you really deserve to have another baby and you will I'm sure. From what you said in earlier posts, it does sound like this pregnancy was discovered very early and so it is probable that it was a chemical one and you're simply experiencing your period. Do not even THINK about your fall as being to blame as there is way too much cushioning in the early stages for that to be the reason. Talk to your doctor and maybe take a break for a few months (easier said than done I know) where you can have some simple "you" time which you greatly need. Then try again - you definitely aren't having problems getting pregnant so some downtime won't do you any harm at all. Big Hugs to you and keep your spirits up like you have done in the past. You are strong and positive - stay that way. Lots of love XOXOXOXOX


Kristin72 - December 7

Congratulations on pa__sing your fsh and post-c exam Aspen that is very encouraging!!!! Hopeful thank you again for your support. This is just another kick in the b___t for me. I truly appreciate your support. I am full on miscarrying. Very heavy bleeding I might add. The good news if any, is I am miscarrying on my own. I was very discouraged yesterday and this morning about any porspect of ttc again. But even after everything I still hope in the future I will still get my chance...but at this point I am not very hopeful it will happen atleast without a__sistance. I am fed up with this whole many of us are but the loss factor is almost too much to bare each time. All I can do now is add this too my list of losses...and go on. It is just getting harder and harder. I was suppose to go to emerg if I started to bleed. I am going to wait till Monday and call my OB as the results from my beta showed that it was indeed going this shows a definite loss in progress. Thanks again to everyone for being there. Thank you Hopeful. How are you doing now? How far along are you? All the best to you.


Carly67 - December 7

Kristin I just checked this thread and I am so sorry you are going through this again. I had a chemical pregnancy the first time we ttc 3 months after our m/c. It is devastating but a doc told me that it is very common and there are more now because we can test so early but that it is a good sign you can get pregnant. I know that is not very good to console but your fsh is excellent. I mean I had mine tested twice once on a cd 8 and it was 7.4 I believe and on cd 3 it was 9. I did go on Clomid and conceive, I don't know if I needed the Clomid but it did regulate my cycles as they were becoming a few days longer after the m/c and so maybe it is worth a shot. I think also it may help that it may release more than one egg so their is more of a chance of fertilizing a healthy egg. Really though your fsh is great so I am sure that one way or another you will conceive. Maybe all it will take is some Clomid. Hang in there and I will say a prayer for you. Aspen your fsh results sound great too. Well it is very late and I have to get to bed. I am 36 weeks and three days now. I wish you ladies all the best and hope you all get your BFPs so lots of baby dust all around.


CaliTrish - December 7

Kristin - My heart goes out to you. In a matter of minutes, I was so excited for you, then concerned, then worried, and now sad. (I really need visit more often.) Hang in there and stay strong. You are our rock - we're all here for you.


CaliTrish - December 7

November7 - The results of my NT scan from my ds were something like 1:7300, we opted not to do an amnio. I was 37 when my ds was born. However, I told myself that I'd skip the NT scan next time and go straight for an amnio. But with the 2 m/c's, I'm not so firm about that anymore. However, I'm not a gambler. The 1st Trimester Screening has an accuracy rate of 85%, which if I understand the statistics correctly, means 15% of fetuses with abnormalities are not identified by the screening. So, I would want a better understanding of these percentages before I skipped the amnio the next time around. What really matters is what would you do with the knowledge: would you keep the baby no matter what, would you want to know to be better prepared, or would you abort? You weigh the answers to those questions against the1% chance of miscarriage with an amnio and the 85% accuracy of the screening.


CaliTrish - December 7

As for me, AF is 2 days late, but two of the hpt's from the dollar store I took (Wed & Sat) both distinctly said BFN, so I don't know what's up. I'll test again in 5 days if AF hasn't shown up. Torn between wanting to be excited and concerned that if it is gonna be a successful pregnancy even a cheap hpt should have detected an increase in hcg by now, so preparing myself for AF's late arrival. Sigh.


JuliaB - December 7

Kristin - I am so sorry. I have also had 2 mc's and its very sad and frustrating. I am not sure how under a dr's care you are, but you should really be working very closely with one going forward. My dr tested me a week after ov, and if my prog is low, they put me on it then. It throws off the timing of my cycle, but I am learning to live with that. Now they just stick me on it every month. It is a suppository and it's not too bad. My mc history is why I even started with the specialist. Basically, they ruled everything else out, and determined it was low prog levels. If you decide to continue to TTC, and I really hope you do, please talk to your dr some more, or consider a specialist.


joellewantsababy - December 7

Kristin72: I am so sorry.... keep your chin up. Maybe plan a cruise or getaaway somewhere warm for Janurary or February!!! My thoughts are with you. As for me I had my first screening and had the NT scan--all came back normal....bloodwork results come back in 4 weeks which will be my 16th week so we can tell what the baby is! Ive been sick as hell with nausea and vomiting but today makes day 2 that i havent thrown up thank god. I am now in the beginning of my 2nd trimester...June 21st is my due date....



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