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Kristin72 - September 20

Hello everyone!!!!Here's to fresh starts!! Good Advice!! and lots of support for all of us ttc or those who have recent bfp's or recent losses and wanting to ttc again!!! XOXOXO I also wanted to send my regards to Ishtar who also just suffered a miscarriage. My thoughts are with you Ishtar..we will be here for you. I am so sorry you had to go through this also. For me I took my meds (misprostol) to bring on my miscarriage Wed of Tues night my levels were still weird. ANyway (tmi) but I started bleeding just after dinner and bled quite heavily having to change my pad every hour or two. the cramping was more than a regular af that's for has now wiened off and is more like an af now. I have to go back on Monday to get my hcg checked to see if my levels are going down. I am still mouring my loss..but am thinking to the future for a more positive outcome next time. I will probably start ttc after my next cycle. But to everyone here you have all been so great!!Thank you and happy ttc this cycle..and to those who just got their af's I am truly sorry but lets hope our good eggs are waiting just around the corner for us ;) XO girls ya!!


gowingstjc - September 20

Hi Kristin - I hope things get better for you from this point forward - and that good egg is waiting for you just around the corner. Ishtar - very sorry for your loss and know that all the ladies here are thinking of you.


Hopeful and excited - September 20

Dear Kristin - you are one of the most amazing people I have ever (not?!?!) met - such strength, determination and an ability to stay centred and philosophical even at the worst times. I am full of admiration and I know that you truly deserve to have the baby you so desire and YOU WILL! What lucky husband and children you (will) have to have a wife and mother like you. I am so sorry that we cannot go on our journey together this time but I will be thinking of you (and checking up on you on this thread!!) until your next BFP and then I will be so glad that I can share your joy. Until then, I share your pain and hope that my support can be a comfort whenever you need. Stay strong as you are and love your life. Lots of love to you and your family and BIG HUGS and hot water bottles!! XOXOXOXOX


Carly67 - September 22

Kristin, I am so so sorry. I was hoping things would look good at the u/s. I will say a prayer for you and I hope you conceive very soon with a healthy baby that you carry to term.


mamix4 - September 22

Hey Kristin72...Im right there with you girl...gonna ttc this month too...don't worry October will be our month!!! Also, to every one else who is ttc...Im hoping that we see alot of BFP this coming month....I think that if dh and I do concieve then this will be our last since we have 4 Im getting up there in age (37) so I dont want to wait too long before we have another...Baby Dust to all and we'll talk soon


Aspen8 - September 22

Hi everyone. Don't have time to post much. I'm about halfway through the 2ww. AF is due Sunday or Monday. Sorry to hear that AF has arrived on some of your doorsteps. And Kristin, I don't have anything new to add ovar and above what I've said before and what others have said....just want you to know that I'm still thinking about you. Busy week this week - might not be around much. Take care, everyone.


Krissy68 - September 22

Kristin72 - How are you doing today and how did the doctor's visit goe? JuliaB - How are you doing? I'm so sorry that AF found you. Thinking about you! Good Luck with your upcoming doctor's appointment. mamix4 - how are you doing>? so sorry that AF found you. good luck to you this cycle.. Aspen8 - How are you doing? I think we are cycle buddies I am currently cd 21 8dpo. What cd and dpo are you? I will also be testing the same days as you as well. Keeping my fingers cross for you let me know if you are going to test early. Hey ladies here is my little update. I am currently on cd 21 8dpo and 5th day of taking progesterone gel straight and this is good for me cause I normally only take it for about 3 or 4 days then I forget to take it any more. Anyway I am having some slight discomfort and I don't want to read anything into it but this is what is going on with me. I am very bloated, headache, lower back pain, starving like I haven't ate in years, very nausuated, and my stool is very soft and I am going every day (sorry tmi) but this isn't the norm for me this only happens when I am having AF. I will NOT test early unless I have some MAJOR symptoms changes what do you girls think. I can test in exactly one week to the day. I will keep you all updated. I am hoping to see some BFP. Sending tons of baby dust to everyone. Krissy68


november7 - September 22

Hi ladies - hope you are all doing well. Just a quick hello so that you know that I'm thinking of you all. *Aspen* How are you? I'm praying that you don't get your AF on Sun/Mon. *Krissy68* I'm on CD13 and for the first time in 3 months I noticed EWCM on CD 10 - not much but it was there. I thought I may have ovulated on CD12 as my temp went up but it dropped slighly this morning. I started tempting a day too late this month and now not sure....have to keep up the BDing just in case :). When would your AF be due? Sounds like you've had a really good month and am dearly hoping that is doesn't come - fingers crossed and baby dust to you and for all of us. *Kristen72* Thinking of you Bella. Ciao


mamix4 - September 23

Hey Krissy68, Aspen, and Kristin72...How are my girls doing this week? Not too bad here...funny thing is Im cd5 and my period is practically gone...weird cuz Im usually a whole 7 days with AF and the beotch is leaving YAY!! Anyway...O wk is first wk of October so you know my and DH are BDing every other day all the way thru mid Oct...poor guy lol...Keep me posted loves...


Kristin72 - September 23

Hi Girls, Your guys are so sweet!! Hopeful~thank you so much for saying really made me feel great! I know that when the time is right a healthy little critter will come along for me. You guys have been so nice to check up on me..thank you so much. A quick update..I am still bleeding quite a bit. I have pa__sed some larger clots..which was to be expected. Iam just going through the motions of this miscarriage thing. I went shopping with a friend this morning and had lunch. My friend also has a lo who is 2 1/2. She had her own share of problems with pregnancy (she is 41 also) going into preterm labour at 6 1/2 months and losing a little girl. But luckily she was able to have a healthy girl after that. She even went into preterm labour with her second but the second baby survived. I wanted to tell her about my miscarriage...but didn't feel the time was right. She even mentioned to me how she never liked coming to the store (IKEA the place we went today)..before as there are always tons of preggo's and newborns walking and being strolled around...I thought to myself.."I know exactly what you mean". Especially being in the midst of a miscarriage myself :( That said..I am trying to be strong and looking to the future. I heard a quote and it made me think... Yesterday is History Tomorrow is a Mystery Today is a gift That is why it is called "The Present" Girls we really have to be thankful for what we "Do" have and be positive... that having strength, hardships, and long waiting periods b4 conceiving will make us stronger..we will be rewarded eventually for our perserverance. I wish you all good luck and I hope we all can have and carry babies to term VERY soon. I love you guys!!Thanks again.


Krissy68 - September 23

november7 - Keeping my fingers cross for you and you just keep bding away. AF should be here on Sep 30 but Fertility Friend said the earliest I can test is on Sep 29 I will update. Kristin72 - How are you doing? I'm thinking about you. You really give us all inspriration and you are a very strong woman. Hey ladies here is a little update I am currently on cd 22 9dpo 6th straight day of taking the progesterone gel and so far so good but last night 8dpo I broke down and tested because I was so sick and you guessed it a bfn. Oh well I mind as well wait the 6 days I have left. My stomach is feeling quessy and a little crampy. Sending tons of baby dust. Krissy68


mamix4 - September 24

Hey Kristin...never mind I found the new thread (lol)..How are you holding up sweetie? Hows the rest of the gang? Well Im cd6 starting from scratch...anyone else around cd6? Funny this happened this af usually last 7 days on the nose and for some strange reason, this past af only lasted 4 days from start to finish. Could this be a sign of Perimenopause? God I hope not since I'd like to have one more bundle of joy...anyone else going thru this or have gone thru this?


Krissy68 - September 24

Hey ladies here is my little update for the day. I am currently cd 23 10dpo and 7th straight day of taking the progesterone gel and so far so good. The only new signs are I am having that feeling that I just need to throw up and I was a little crampy off and on all day and it is starting back up, lower back is still hurting off and on, having to pee a lot more it even woke me up in the wee hours and I normally can hold it once I go to sleep but the funny thing is I got off my night job at 1am and before I left I went to the rest room and then I had to go again once I got home like less then 20 minutes later then I woke up about 3:30 and again at 5:30 then my normal time of getting up is 6:45am and before I could wake anyone else up I had to go again. I am trying not to get my hopes up but that is really hard not to. According to fertility friend i have 5 more days before testing i will hold out. I will update tomorrow. Krissy68


Aspen8 - September 25

Hi, everyone. KRISSY - how did you make paragraphs?!?!?!? I'm testing....will this come up as a new paragraph?


Aspen8 - September 25

Wow! Okay, that's the most exciting thing that's happened to me all week. We've never been able to make paragraphs before! YAY! KRISSY-I'm 11 or 12 dpo now. I'm not going to test early. If AF doesn't show by Monday, I'll test, but I can't stand the emotional roller coaster of testing early. It's better for me to just wait. fingers are really crossed for you!!!! NOVEMBER - EWCM?!? YAY!!!!! That's GREAT! MAMIX - The first month I started charting my period was my normal 5 days w/ medium flow. The very next month it was only three days. Since then, it's been back and forth. I really think there's something about the stress of this process that can mess with us a bit. I body couldn't have picked that particular month to jump into perimenopause, could it? KRISTIN - We love you too! Take care of yourself.


november7 - September 25

Good morning ladies - its 07:00am on Friday morning here. really looking forward to the weekend. Maxim how are you going? I really hope that this month you get your positive. I wanted to mention that I have also experinced cycles that you described. Ive noticed since TTC (4 cycles) cause I've been more observant with my flow etc 2 were very heavy and completely gone within 3 days and the other 2 appeared to be more 'normal' medium flow and lasting about 5 days. Since having the ultrasound I found out that I had 4 small fibroids which is likely the reason why I have heavy flows. Why its not the same every month, I have no idea. Don't think of it too much, the main thing is you're getting your AF's so everything is still working nicely. Keep positive and you will get there. Take care. Hi Apsen!! I'm really excited that you are on 12DPO. You are right about not testing too early. It is what it is and just wait after your AF date. I know for me that testing early is not a good idea cause if its not a BFP then I get down until AF arrives. This month I'm going to keep happy right up till the AF is due. I think I'd prefer to be in that state of mind from now on. I'll be eagily awaiting your post next week for your news. Take care and lots of baby dust to you. Oh about the EWCM, I was so happy to see that. I did ovulate on CD15 - same as last month but what was different this time was that the BBT spike was much better 97.52 to 98.42. Last month it crept up very slowly over a number of days. It probably doesn't make any difference but it was nice to see it shoot up and for it to be a noticeable difference. 2 DPO now ... :) Krissy68 I am praying for you (which is something I don't really do normally). This could be it so I can't wait to hear from you. Take care of yourself. Kristen72 How are you going bella? I hope things with DH are much better - I know that TTC can be really stressful for a couple and as we know men are not built emotionally like us women. Its sometimes easier for them to cope with their feelings my being that tough guy - if you know what I'm trying to say. Keep strong and more importanly keeping BDing - get the enjoyment in there without DH knowing that you have TTC on your mind - I say that cause thats what I'm trying to do cause I think my DF was getting a bit tired of hearing my a___lysis on everthing. Take care and you are in my thoughts. Also to all of the other ladies who come on this forum - stay positive and healthy and keep up the BD cause thats going to help :) Ciao.


mamix4 - September 26

Hey Girls!!! Nov7 Aspen, Krissy68, and Kristin72 and the rest of the girls!! Yeah, you guys are right...ever since I've started to track I've been more in tune to when exactly my af comes and goes and also when I'm starting to O...its funny how you really start paying attention when youre ttc then when you're not. Well, My O week isnt until Oct 1-6th so you know what I'll be doing (lol)...I'm a bit discouraged cuz dh is 38 and Im 37 so I know that statistically our chances have dropped dramatically...but we'll keep trying for that last miracle...I hope that you're having a great day so far and I hope that in OCT we'll hear some good news...<<hugs>>



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