TTC At 41 Looking For Support Buddies

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nola41 - January 31

Hi - I am 41 and TTC my first child. I've had 2 unsuccessful IUI's with clomid and found out yesterday that my FSH was at 13, up from 11.5. I am starting to feel desperate and so depressed. Any suggestions or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!


Carly67 - January 31

Nola I left you a message on the Clomid thread.


sososleepy - February 2

Hi Nola. Nope, no suggestions or words of wisdom - will an I'm with you help? We're ttc, I'm 39, and no success. Desperate, depressed, angry, crying, completely quit and then find myself buying more opk's... all of the above and more. One page equated the stress of doing the fertility workup to that of an earthquake, and I think they underestimated that by a lot! Hang in there. Hugs!


kimhron - February 3

Hell Nola, Im 42 and ttc my 1st too. I also need some support. I just lost my baby at 12wks and for the last 2wks trying to m/c on my own and not successful. Im having a d&c on tuesday however my doctor and everyone esle keep thrownng my age in my face. Im pretty down myself. Im tring to just be positive that i did get pregnent. All I can say is keep trying.


BJs - March 5

I hope this gives you some hope, I am 42 and 30 weeks pregnant with my first child. I only have 1 ovary and 1 tube conceived natually after 20 years. I have had no morning sickness and still working full time, just a little tired at times. I have put on 11 kilos so far a little more than I had expected with a healthy diet. Please do not give up please girls, Im just an ordinary women whom was living a life with the expectation of never being a Mum.


nola41 - March 5

BJs, Thanks so much for the encouragement! I need to hear more positive stories!! ;)


Kristin72 - March 5

Hi nola and the other girls. I had my first at 39 after a loss at 14 weeks. It was a missed miscarriage of a little girl and I had genetic testing and everything came up fine. I conceived 2 months post D&C while still bleeding and I had retained placenta.and I know have a 15 month old. I later fell pregnant again with an ectopic when my baby was 7 months old while bf'ing. My af had just returned for only 1 month. I had methotrexate which is a chemo drug to shrink the embryo from my tubes.They often tell you to wait because this drug depletes your folic acid stores so you would need to build it back up again. In mid January '08 I had a sonohysterogram and everything was determined to be clear in my tubes. I also viewed my egg or folicles during the procedure which was amazing. My doc had given me to go ahead to ttc again. My dh thinks I have been through the ringer and was a little aprehensive about us ttc again..btw I also had one mc about 7 years ago as well with the same guy. That ended all in one cycle though. Anyway, I am on my cd3 and having a af as I write this. LAst month was the first time my dh and did it without him po. But we only did it 1 time the day b4 my supposed calculated by FF and my OPK's as well as my basal temps. We did not conceive although I had a scare when I was late by 3 days. So, I will try again and with more eager attempts this cycle.. I am now 40 and if I successfully conceive soon I will be 41 when I deliver. So I am not far off from you in age. Women are having babies beyond 40 ALL the time. Sometimes it takes a little longer or there may be some failed attempts but it will happen for you. Good luck..and what day of your cycle are you on? What should your fsh be at to be considered in normal range? Take Care Baby Dust to alllllll!!


3_babies_at_41 - March 6

Hi, Nola, I am 41, and also ttc. Had one miscarriage with first conception, but have since had 3 beautiful children. All I can say is keep trying, and don't give up hope. This is to all you wonderful ladies, who are trying to conceive. If a baby is what you want ---- then go for it; I know I am! Take care of yourselves.



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