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Kristin72 - September 4

Here we are ladies!!! Wishing everyone over 35 and over 40 all the support they need with TTC and recent BFP's (and even those ready to deliver)..we can do it girls!!!!SPRINKLING TONS OF BABT DUST FOR ALL!!!!!


Kristin72 - September 4

Hey fingers are crossed.xo


Aspen8 - September 6

KRISSY - My fingers and toes are crossed for you. It would be fantastic if you got your bfp this cycle! Keep us posted. KRISTIN - Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it. "DD"...due date. Oh...of course. On the icky subject - no, it's not always clotty, but it's not terribly unusual either, though this was by far the worst I've seen it. Now you have me wondering if I am too determined not to test early. I never do. I wait for my temps to drop and for AF to start. I wonder if I've missed chemicals that way, because I never tested early? I still say it SUCKS to get those bfns...that's why I stopped. But maybe it would be worth it to catch a chemical if one happened...might be a valuable piece of info. Maybe for the next couple of months I'll try testing again. In the meantime, maybe I'll call my gyno and ask about the clotting thing too. Thanks for the new thread, too. I was determined to hold out until you had a chance to do the honors as the thread's originator! :-) Your last post was on Friday. It's Sunday. Are you off somewhere having your baby?!?!!? LIL_LADY - Sorry AF is on the way and more importantly about your dh's grandpa. That's so hard. I'm glad he got to spend some time with him before he pa__sed. Your dh has had two hard b__ws lately. I hope the two of you are able to grieve your loss together. You both need that. I know you'll be strong for him but don't forget to take care of yourself too. MY UPDATE - Nothing really. Just on cd 5 w/ AF winding down. I really am considering calling my gynocologist to make an appointment to ask a few questions and to see if I can get her to write a script for a 30 day supply of Femara so I can use that online coupon. My RE wouldn't do it. But I haven't decided for sure yet.


Kristin72 - September 6

Still hanging in here..thank goodness for the new thread..the old one was so long. I just felt that I was the posting queen I use to be so I did feel as if I next time anyone feel free to start new ones...these ones drag on..and like a new cycle we need new threads...or the old ones can drag us down. I am out to chill in the backyard on this lovely labor day weekend. All the best gals!!!!


Kristin72 - September 6

Oh and thanks for the bday wishes Aspen!! xo


Aspen8 - September 8

KRISTIN - Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend. (Is it Labor Day for you too or do you have an equivalent holiday soon?) I can't wait to hear that you delivered and find out what you named your new little one! EVERYONE - Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I know I don't feel like getting back to work today! MY UPDATE - I'm cd6 or cd7...can't remember which. Will start w/ OPKs in the next few days probably. Happy Tuesday, everyone!


runnershirl - September 8

YEAH, a new thread! I plead guilty for making that other one so long...(sorry), but I'm not sorry for the relationships I built with you all and the wealth of info you all taught me and hopefully others. :-) Happy Labor Day to everyone. I hope you are all doing well and hanging in there. Hugs.


Aspen8 - September 9

RUNNERSHIRL - We definitely talked a lot on the other thread! Hopefully a newbie or two will come talk to us on this thread and we'll get to watch some more ladies get their BFPs! How are you feeling these days? KRISSY - Hey you. Hope everything is going well. LIL_LADY - Thinking about you and your husband. KRISTIN - Does Canada have one more little citizen now? (Like you'd be on here already if the answer were yes!)


Krissy68 - September 10

Kristin72 - HAVE YOU HAD THE BABY YET?????????? How are you doing? How was your birthday? Thanks for the fingers being cross but I'm still not pg. I think I had a m/c Last Friday I took a hpt with the fmu and it was bfn but I still had started so when I got home I took another test and it was bfp not real dark but not real light I guess some time after midnight I woke up to some sharp pain and I was bleeding real heavy and pa__sing huge clots. I am just now finishing up yesterday so I guess I am on cd7 and I will swing by the store to get some opk today so I can start testing on cd10. Aspen8 - How are you doing? Thanks for the fingers cross but I'm still not pg. I think I really did have a m/c. I've cried but I'm okay now and I am just going to keep trying. I'm still sending in money I sent some more money in today so my new balance will either be $525 or $350 so it looks like I will reach my goal of having the surgery done before the end of the year. I will keep you posted. Krissy


Kristin72 - September 10

Hi Girls!, No action yet on the baby front. Still waiting. Krissy sorry for the bfn or it sounds like a chemical. I will log in tomorrow when I have more time just wanted to quickly update! xo


Aspen8 - September 11

KRISSY - I'm sorry to hear what happened. If it WAS a chemical or a m/c though, at least you know it can still happen, right? It's going to happen again and you'll find that sticky one yet! Way to go on sending in more money. You're chipping away at that balance slowly but surely. It's going to feel so good when you get there. KRISTIN - Wow, every day I'm sure you've delivered and then I'm amazed to see another post from you. How are you feeling? Are you terribly impatient? MY UPDATE - Cd9 and will start using OPKs today or tomorrow, just to be on the safe side.


Kristin72 - September 11

lol..yes still nothing. had another non stress test yesterday. my blood pressure was ok at the my OB said just to wait as she does not want to induce without a reason..sooo....tick tock. btw when i said dd (due date) it really shoud be edd (estimated due date). but i just type dd. so i guess i am making up my own abbreviations. also on the home front.. my driving me nuts..calling 2 times a day to see if i am going into labour and then complaining the other 90% that she is sick, depressed, bored, and tells me about every birth experience she has gone through and totally side tracks anything about me..not that i want everything about me but who the heck is preggo here?? lol!! and then tells me she is going to be at my place alot after the baby is born..WHAT?? I don't want her here. But what can i say? The dh wants her involved as much as possible, so i am not going to get him to act with any interferance. anyway..i am just complaining i want my own mommy there..but paying favourites as a usually do with my own mom is what is making he mil "depressed" so much drama..and empty nest syndrome. sorry for the rant..but i am hormonal!! talk to you girls soon wishing you all the best this cycle Aspen and Krissy.


Krissy68 - September 11

Kristin72 - How are you feeling? Are you now past your due date? Well I hope your dd hurry up and get here because I know you are tired of waiting. Rub your belly for me. Do your mom live close by? Take care and I hope when I come back on that you will have delivered the baby. Aspen8 - How are you doing? I'm a day behind you I will start using my opk on Sunday (cd10) I had 2 left from last cycle so I just brought 4 more. Yes it does feel real good to be getting the balance down I can see me having the surgery before the end of the year and I can't wait. I hope all you girls have a nice weekend. Krissy


Aspen8 - September 12

KRISTIN - You're allowed to make up as many abbreviations as you like. We'll figure out what you mean one way or another! :-) Sorry to hear your MIL is being such a pain in the tush. Some people have the most amazing knack for making absolutely EVERYTHING be about them!!!!!! It SHOULD be about YOU right now for crying out loud! Sheesh. Will our own mommy be there with you after the baby is born? Of course you need her now! Boy, when I hear stories of other people's MILs, I feel so blessed. Mine is AWESOME! Are you getting frustrated with the waiting or are you okay? (Other than being hormonal, that is. Lol.) KRISSY - Have a nice weekend yourself. I've been so busy I'm losing track of time. Is this your first or second weekend with an emptier/quieter house? How is your daughter doing? MY UPDATE - Not a d__n thing. Lol. Have a great weekend everyone!


Kristin72 - September 12

hi and thanks Aspen and KRissy!! the waiting is ok (cause I know i am in trouble once the lo gets here :)) is just all the calls and emails and the mil putting the pressure on me that is annoying. I am going to go stage my dh's house (d*ckheads) house lol for resale today. the mil is coming to watch my daughter. I figure it will get my mind of things a bit and satisfy the mil's need to "be around". The mil is just too in your face type. she has never had a job before and with her sons out of her houses..she has nothing to focus on except being a hypocondriac..and meddling in other peoples business..she is very catty and uneducated. I truly feel sorry for her and never let on how I feel..but she has used alot of poor judgement with what she says to me or the way she acts. sorry I am going to go off again here goes..recently when we went to a funeral, this is what she did.. I dressed my 2 year old in a little black skirt and white top and pulled her hair in a high ponytail and placed a little black flower in her hair. (The reason for the black was because we were going to a very tragic double funeral, where I thought my daughter was going to have to come, and at the last minute the mil came home and was able to watch my dd. When she saw my dd dressed in the black skirt and black flower she said "take that flower out of her hair right now" and proceeded to take it out of her hair" she then said "you should not dress a child in black" ....WHAT??? I thought..I can dress her anyway I like frankly, and out of respect for the deceased she is wearing black like the rest of us. I gave the mil "the look" of what the heck are you doing? I just thought that was quite rude. Anyway, another rant for the day..I guess this helps me get through my days of btw my mom lives about 20 minutes away by car..but my mother never meddles in my business and is very supportive of me. we are like-minded and when it comes to child rearing we have similar views. Last time when my baby was born..I suffered from retained products of conception and was hemmoraging for 9 weeks..finally had the D&C..but again it was all about the mil as she was offended that I did not invite her to the hospital when I had to be in emerg 3 times over Christmas with a newborn. I'm sorry but it is not a celebration to be bleeding and going to the ER. She has never let me live that down either as she brought it up to her son that she wants me to treat her like her mother..well she is not my mother and the bond I have with my mother is completely different. Well..I think I have enough off my chest..I apologize for getting into this now..but that is just how i am feeling while i am inwaiting. :) Hoping you all have a great weekend..XOXO


Kristin72 - September 15

How's it going ladies? Still waiting here..


Aspen8 - September 15

KRISTIN - Don't apologize! You should feel free to get things off your chest here! Your MIL sounds AWFUL! I can't BELIEVE what she did with your daughter and the black flower/clothes. Who on EARTH does she think she is?!?!?!??!!? I would have leveled her right then, regardless of what the fallout was going to be. You have MUCH more restraint than I do! Wow. I can't believe you have to put up with that. As you said, she is NOT your mother and it's not reasonable to expect you to act as if she were. Sheesh. Oh..and your new designation for what "DH" stands for is hysterical! :-) Made me laugh out loud. MY UPDATE - Today is cd14 and I'm surprised that I haven't seen a positive OPK yet. I'm sure I will today and then the question will be whether I ovulated the same day or the day after. Anyway, hubby and I did the deed yesterday because I saw eggwhite cm and we will today too. So even if I somehow missed my LH surge, we're getting the important days covered I think.



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