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Lexyhere - December 21

GRRR! My super long post just disappeared! I was left with a pink box saying no URL's or email addresses allowed. HELLO?! I didn't put any in my frikkin post! ARGH! I'll try and get back later to re-post.


Lexyhere - December 21

Okay, it just EFFIN well did it again! Right after I clicked the comment b___ton I realized I shoulda copy and pasted it somewhere "just in case". ARGH! I'll have to try again tomorrow. How bloody frustrating!


JuliaB - December 21

Hello All! Marry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year! Only days away at this point. I love this time of year. Like Aspen, I am near Philly, where we got LOTS of snow. I, too, should have wrapped gifts, but I didn't. My dogs really enjoyed the snow, which was fun. I have not had a chance to read many back posts, but I see that Congratulations are in order for Kristen72! YAY!! Aspen - I hope your Christmas is as wonderful as you hope. You certainly deserve it! My news - I did have a mc right after my last post this summer, which was sad, but quick at least. However, I just had another bfp!!! I tested Friday (was due Thursday) and had a +. I tested again this morning and still a +. I went to my dr this afternoon and went to Quest for blood test. Now I wait. That is 3 pregnancies within one year. I couldn't get pg for 1.5 years with the specialist, so I know this was the best choice for me. Please keep your fingers crossed that the fifth time is the charm, and that we'll keep this one. I already started my prog supps, so I should be in good shape. I have been in a great mood, so maybe that means something. I will keep you posted. I keep thinking of all of you and hoping for bfp's for all!


Aspen8 - December 21

JULIA! JULIA! JULIA!!!! Congratulations! I'm sorry to hear that your suspicions were confirmed last summer but was thrilled to read that you just got another BFP. It's GOING to happen for you. It is! Three pregnancies in one year is a great sign. I so hope this is your sticky, magic bean. Everything I own is crossed for you...fingers, toes, arms, eyes....everything! Definitely keep us posted. And Merry Christmas to you too! LEXY - I'm soooooo sorry about your posts. Here's a hint: Usually, if you use your browser's back b___ton you can get back to the page where you typed your comment and search through it to find the thing that this website's software thinks is an URL. I've emailed them about this problem at least five times and have been soundly ignored each time. Sometimes it's been that I typed more than one w at a time, either accidentally or on purpose. Sometimes it's that I type a bunch of symbols...meaning to represent major cursing...and I hit an "at" symbol and they don't like that. Sometimes it's some symbol that they think is HTML. It's a royal pain in the a__s and soooooooo frustrating when you get that message. During a long post I usually do copy and paste elsewhere just to be safe but again - often if you just hit your back b___ton you can retrieve it. I hope the rest of your day gets better!


Aspen8 - December 22

I woke up this morning thinking about Julia being pregnant and Kristin entertaining the idea of getting pregnant again. It's amazing to me how connected I can feel to women I've never met. Julia, I want you to have a baby almost as much as I want to have a baby. If it were possible for me to keep you pregnant this time through sheer force of will, a "take home baby" would be a done deal. I really have this "we're in this together" sense, despite the fact that we've never met and really have only traded posts sparingly in the last 6-8 months. Anyway, I'm pulling for you. Kristin, I'm in your corner always. If another baby is what you decide you want I'll be here for you to talk to until you get it, regardless of what happens with me. Lexy, you too. We're gettin' you pregnant too, darn it! :-) Happy Tuesday everyone.


Lexyhere - December 22

JULIA - Congrats chica! Keep us updated on the bean, ;o) ASPEN - I think I had a couple of the smiley faces (as seen above) I didn't use any symbols or at signs or anything. Total BS......... haha, yes, we'll get me pregnant at some point, I'm sure of that. So, what I was TRYING to share yesterday was this... I can say from being on these forums I know that not only is there no such thing as TMI but, sometimes just posting something can help someone else out. So, back to those severely bad pains I had earlier in the month, shortly after that, something else happened which then triggered my memory from this last period. I use a cup (vs. pads or tampons) so I get to see everything. I noted that at one point, I had regular dark red blood but I had some oldish/nasty looking stuff too. Then I had those pains and well, I'm now wondering if there wasn't something still "stuck" somewhere, be it in my tube or what-have-you. Ever since I had that colposcopy 13 months ago, my EWCM has been almost non existent. It's gotten better the past few months but it still wasn't the same. So, fast forward, a few days after the severe pains, I got a TON of EWCM, the way it used to behave for me. So, I'm guessing my system is getting back to normal. I still say my problems (the ECWM AND the ectopic) all stem from having this colposcopy. It ended up being done on the day I was ovulating and I think that just really jacked things up for me. So, anyone reading this who may be scheduled for one, check your dates and if you can reschedule for a less invasive time during your cycle, it doesn't hurt to change it! I'm still mad I had to have one because I still say there was an error. They've yet to find anything and I've had 4 PAP's along with the colposcopy in the past 15 months and I have to have 2 more in the next year. Waste of time and money. I know people say better safe than sorry but I think they were wrong from the beginning. Aaaaaaaanyways, we'll see how things go. Still not actively trying. Been crazy busy but besides the blecky job stupid busy, there's been the good busy with the businesses and our lives in general. I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC holiday! I should be able to get in here and post while I'm on holiday when I do bother to check my e-mails. Wanna spend good quality time with the hubby and our families. Okay, gonna copy and paste this before I post cuz I am NOT writing this all out again,hehe. Especially since it's even shorter than the 1st two times!


Lexyhere - December 22

Hmph, only worked cuz I copied it....... Murphy and his laws......


Kristin72 - December 22

Congratulations Julia!! I knew it would happen for you. I wish you lots of sticky babt dust for you. Looks like another possible Sept 2010 baby?? Best of luck to you. I feel all tingling for you!!XO Aspen..I think I was having some serious brain farts to entertain the idea of I mentioned I was just daydreaming (temporarily) I truly think I am done. I don;t think I am capable of handling three. But I just love babies. If only I were younger, in a more stable relationship and rich. But we have done the deed a couple of times without I better watch myself. I have not gotten my af don't know if/when I am even oovulating to avoid pregnancy. This time of year is bitter sweet I conceived around now last year. This was also when I found out about the infidelity. Ah well..what a difference a year can make. Things are getting a bit better with the new lo. She is just an angel. I melt every time I look at her. Like I said before it has been hard juggling the two. My just turned 3 year old is having alot of issues with the newborn. But it is all good.. Anyway gotta run..a nursing session is in order. XO You guys are the best!!Merry Christmas if I don't speak to you all b4..:)))


Lexyhere - December 23

KRISTIN - I believe I'd addressed you in my original post and then my next and then I gave up, :o/ I had stated I didn't know your whole situation to comment on your choice. Now I've gotten more information so I can see where you'd be tentative for sure. For many reasons, the being busy with 2 already for sure! I think I mentioned a week or so ago visiting my girlfriend who has the 4 year old and a newborn and talk about birth control! haha. She wore me out just watching her,hehe. ASPEN - I forgot to address the whole menopause thing the er, 3rd? 4th? time around. I got my period when I was like 10 or 11 and my mother started when she was like 42. I don't think I'm heading for it RIGHT now, but, I'm sure it's around the corner in the next few years. I'm 37. Anyhoo, actually had a few minutes to comment, :o)


JuliaB - December 23

Hello Everyone. Thanks for the kind and supportive words. Aspen, your posts are always so thoughtful. Anyway, I called the Dr today, and my HCG was 300. It was 30 days since my last cycle, and about 18-19 DPO, a__suming I still ov around cd 11-12. They were very happy with it and sent me for another blood test. NOW the nervousness and really starting to set in. I am also back on the prog supps and my prog levels are good. This would be an amazing Christmas miracle. On the other hand, if tomorrow's results are bad, it could be a dampened Christmas. It is unfortunate how these events can have such a monumental impact on all aspects of your life. I hope there is more good news to come for everybody!!!!!!!!! Lexyhere - I have not read all your history, but at 37, you have time. My Dr just mentioned that women typically go through it around the same time as their mother. That means you should have at LEAST 5 good years left. That is the point of this board, pregnancy over 35 and beyond, so try not to focus on that too much. As for all you procedures, as awful as they are, if you did not get them done, you would have turned around in a year two (and a year or 2 closer to 40) and second guessed whether you should have done them. As a 40-year old who went through all the specialists up till last year, I know what I am talking about. I would have always wondered, and I would have been much more upset about the time spent if I had waited longer, since all they finally told me is I have "old eggs" and that I am "sc___ping the bottom of teh barrel" and I just have to hold out hope that a "good" egg finally gets fertilized. I wish they would have been clearer about that earlier on, but that's water under the bridge now. So I keep trying, and hoping. And so should you. I will finish catching up on the rest of everyone's posts over the holidays since I have some time off. In the meantime - Relax and ENJOY!!!


Lexyhere - December 23

Hey Julia. Fingers and toes crossed that your numbers are good tomorrow! Well, the testing was all from a PAP smear that came back "abnormal". I told my Dr. I think there was an error because I'd mistakenly had s_x a day or so before my PAP and that can cause errors. I told her I'd prefer to come back another time and do it and she said it should be fine. I then had to have another PAP (which was fine), the colposcopy (fine), and 2 more PAP's (all fine). My gyno keeps telling me everything looks very healthy and there's no reason why I can't get pregnant without too much trouble. Again, since the colposcopy my cycle was whacked and then the ectopic (twins actually, one in the uterus and one in the tube). So, hoping that all in all, due to the things this past month or so, my cycle IS back to normal and we can get pregnant when it happens. You enjoy your holiday too and I'll try and check in to see how your test results went.


runnershirl - December 23

Lexy, JuliaB and others--I haven't had the pleasure of interacting with you much, but my fingers and toes are crossed for you girls and I'm praying for christmas blessings for you! Aspen, Kristen72 & Krissy (if you're still watching from afar), I miss our chats and in reflection of this past year just want to say a special thank you to you(and any others that I missed) for being there for me during this year! I do feel connected with you all, even though I'm off this board and onto a pregnancy board--but I have valued the friendships and support from each of you. I wish you all a fertile holiday season and miracles for 2010! For me--I'm 23 weeks into the pregnancy now and still working a ton at work. Gained 25 lbs w/fertil meds and another 25+ (didn't weight this week) with pregnancy. Did I tell you--it's a girl--Grace Elizabeth--and she's been ahead of schedule from day one. Due 4/14, but I'm still expecting her a month early--I'm even showing like I could pop next month. As long as she's healthy, right? Aspen, we're still praying that she doesn't have downs, since we didn't do amnio and the odds are high, but it wasn't worth my risk. Enough about me...I just really wanted to pop in and tell you how blessed we are to have this forum filled with wonderful ladies as yourselves and how much I have appreciated you all. Merry Christmas ladies and I'll be praying for you.


jayjaysmom - December 23

Hello old friends! I have been lurking lately. I guess part of me has felt guilty for being pregnant and not knowing how to participate on this forum. I realized today how much support it was to me to hear of Kristin's success as I went through three miscarriages this year prior to this pregnancy. I am now 17 weeks and we were told that it is a girl. I have three sons, so we are sooo thrilled. All testing has come back good. For those that do not know me or do not recall, I am 41 and had 3 miscarriages this year that revealed to me that I had blood clotting disorders for which I take heparin injections and baby aspirin along with folic acid and vitamins daily. Julia- those HCG numbers sound wonderful. I remember with this pregnancy that I took about 10 pregnancy tests before and during my blood tests and was always watching that it stayed dark or got darker and it did. Good luck!! Merry Christmas to all of you and to especially Aspen and Kristin as you all were so supportive to me as I went through hell this past year. Love ya from afar.


Aspen8 - December 24

LEXY - It's exciting to hear that you had a ton of ewcm. That's a great sign. I've often read in the last couple of years, in stuff written by fertility docs, that pregnancy often happens when a woman notices that something like that has changed. Have you had an HSG? Congrats on FINALLY getting your post on here. Lol. What a pain in the tush! You get extra brownie points for extreme perseverance. KRISIN - A few brain farts among friends is totally okay. Thankfully I have the stable relationship part covered but I'm with you on the "younger and rich" part. If only! :-) (And it really does sound, at the moment at least, as if dh is coming along. That's really nice to hear.) JULIA - I'm holding my breath waiting to hear today's beta results. The 300 sounds very promising...sounds like the pregnancy was at least off to a great start. I'm praying that it's continuing that way. By the way, do you listen to KYW? (1060AM)? In the past - haven't checked yet today to see if they're doing it - on 12/24, they play Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause every hour on the hour between certain times. Might be worth a listen today if you like that sort of thing. RUNNERSHIRL - It's always great to hear from you when you stop in to say hi. Congratulations on being past the halfway point! You did tell us that she was going to be Grace Elizabeth. Beautiful! And I'm sure she's going to be healthy and vibrant and fabulous. Keep us posted whenever you can. We think of you often. KRISSY - Speaking of thinking of people often..sigh.. Girl, I think about you ALL the time. In case you're lurking at all, I just wanted to tell you that we miss you and I'm still sad for you and hoping that you're okay. JAYJAYSMOM - YAY! I'm so glad you decided to post. It's okay to post here pregnant! I loved following Kristin's pregnancy all the way to the birth of her beautiful little girl. I hope that Julia and Runnershirl will do the same thing. And Lexy when she gets her bfp. And you too. The only NON-preggos at this point - who still want to get pregnant - are me and Krissy and Krissy hasn't been posting since she got such disappointing news after her surgery. So that just leaves me. So if you want to, participate in this forum the same way you always did! I'm sure that you and the other moms-to-be can help each other out and I'll learn stuff by just listening to you all talk. And if you prefer to lurk and just post occasional updates, that's totally cool too! I'm so glad to hear from you though. Thanks for giving us an update. MY UPDATE - temperature tanked this morning and I expect AF either today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow as that would be the normal day. I'm bummed, of course, but I was trying very hard NOT to get my hopes up too much this month specifically so that I wouldn't be completely devastated when AF arrived Christmas morning, dashing the hopes of a Christmas miracle. Know what I mean? The red witch showed on Christmas day last year too and that was absolutely BRUTAL so I did everything I could to NOT let myself get like that this year. SO...what I'm trying to say is....I'm bummed, but okay. The other reason today is a little tough for me is that it's the 11th anniversary of my Dad's death. Christmas Eve is always a tad bittersweet and probably always will be. (It's really DON'T ever get over it. Mom has been gone for 16 years now - also in December - and I still feel that one too.) Having said all that depressing stuff, I have a mountain of wrapping to do today. I get to have the two older boys here with us tomorrow morning and I'm soooooooooo excited about that. It might be the only Christmas we ever have with them so I'm going to do it right and make sure it's a Christmas to remember for them! Happy 24th!


JuliaB - December 24

Hi Everyone - Crazy day so quick post. My results were 513 - a 71% increase. I wish it were higher, but I go again Sat, so we'll see. Aspen - GREAT suggestion. I'll check it out while I am out & about. :)


JuliaB - December 24

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Thank you for your support throughout the year! I am very lucky to have found you. I hope you have a safe and wonderful Holiday!!!!!



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