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JuliaB - December 24

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Thank you for your support throughout the year! I am very lucky to have found you. I hope you have a safe and wonderful Holiday!!!!!


november7 - December 25

Hi Aspen, JuliaB, Krissy and all of you ladies. I did post a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason the message dropped off....anyway. Wishing you all a wonderful xmas and the best 2010 with BFP's!! xx


Twins - December 28

Dear TTC over 35's, This is my first day on any forum in 7 years. Am over 35 and have completed my 2nd dose of clomid (day 2 to 5). Am wondering about the following 1. should my cycle be 28 days clock work or will it still vary? 2. I feel around my left and right sides like a balloon is being b__wn there. 3. I should have seen my period yesterday on day 28 but no sign...bought a PT kit to be used in the morning...i sure pray its positive.


JuliaB - December 28

Hello Everyone. I received my Saturday results and they were 1824. The dr was very happy and scheduled me for 1 more blood test and an u/s Wednesday. I am very nervous and very happy! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!


Kristin72 - December 29

WOW EXCITING NEWS going on in here..congratulations Julia...Ver happy for you!! Also very happy for runnershirl and jayjaysmom. I will post later after /i get things rolling here at home..xo


JuliaB - December 30

Hello - Another loss. While my #s are good, there is no pregnancy in my uterus. They couldn't see my ovaries and tubes (not for lack of trying - they spent a looong time digging around), so they can't confirm an ectopic. So it's either an ectopic or a molar. So now I get to get my blood tests to see which bad direction it goes. If they slow down in doubling, it's an ectopic. If they go crazy and more than double, it's a molar. Then they'll treat me. So I wait, again. There is a [1% chance it's normal, but much much less than [1%. They can typically see the sac at 2000 HCG. I should be at 7500 today, so since they can't see it yet, it is 99+% a loss. I can't believe I have to get blood work to see what kind of failure it is. I don't even know which loss I should "hope" for. I really just want this over if it is not going to work out. I really thought if I just took a break, stayed away from everything, ditched the specialists, and relaxed more, it would be better. But this is worse.


JuliaB - December 30

In my previous post the [ symbol means "less than" - I used the little left-pointy thing over the comma, but it looks like a bracket in my post.


JuliaB - December 31

Well, it's looking worse and worse. My numbers only increased 50% this time, from 3694 to 5510. I have to go for more bloodwork Monday and another u/s Tuesday.


Kristin72 - January 2

Julia, I have been down this road. I will hold out all hope for you. If a loss is inevitable just hang in there. It will happen for you. If it is an nay have to hold off ttc and get an hsg y check your tubes. If you have the stamina to keep going eventually your bean will stick. God Bless you.Keep us posted. (((HUGS)))


JuliaB - January 5

Hello. Kristin - Thanks so much. That really helped me get to today. The waiting is so-o-o hard. I just got back from my u/s and they found it!!! It was a little teeny guy but they could see the yolk sac. They said hardly anything about last week, except they had to consider the ectopic because they could not see anything. I think they have ruled this out for the most part at this point, although they still can't find my left ovary. It did measure very very small (4w2d), but I am hoping I am just a slow grower. I have not called yet for my most recent blood tests due to fear. I will keep you posted.


JuliaB - January 5

I just got my latest hcg, and while it did increase, it did not double. It went from 5510 to 6513 in 5 days. The dr said the number was in line with the u/s, so we are waiting again. I am just grateful the dr confirmed they don't think its an ectopic or molar. Also, I think seeing a yolk sac is good, so I'll continue to hope. My current decision I need to make is whether I should get bloodwork Friday, or just wait the 2 weeks for the u/s. My dr said it is my choice. Any thoughts?


Lexyhere - January 6

Hi everyone! Geez, seems like the vacation raced by but I haven't been here for ages! JuliaB - Well, I was hoping that's what it was because a) your numbers were still rising and b) you'd have been in IMMENSE pain if it was ectopic. Add to that they'd have seen a blockage in your tube. IMHO, very irresponsible of them to say that if they had no proof. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you. I have read somewhere else on here (guessing you've been hunting around and reading posts too) that someone else had fairly low numbers and then they jumped up and everything was fine. Let's hope for the best! With regards to getting the bloodwork or the U/S. That's up to you. I know me and I'd probably go ahead and have it done and in my head, as long as it had gone up, I'd be happy, regardless of what the Dr.'s had to say. 2 weeks is a long time to wait. It is your decision. Runner - Not to worry. Keep posting about your pregnancy and we'll get to know each other better, :o) Aspen - Hey chica! Okay, what's an HSG? Well, had my period (as expected). It ran normally. Came the day after Chrismas (Boxing Day here) and we were making the rounds with friends and I'd have preferred to stasy home! Anyhoo........ I'm on day 12 and haven't seen any EWCM yet. Since I got a lot last month, not sure if I'm going to revert to how I was before now. Previously I'd have small traces of it and on day 13 or 14 there'd be GOBS of it. I don't think it'll matter much this month, we've been working so much on the businesses and now that I'm back to work, I'm pa__sed out on the couch early since I leave here and go home and do some work. After dinner, we do a tad more and I usually fall asleep while we're doing that,hehe. Brain drain. I hope everyone had a great New Year and that 2010 brings good news for us all!


Kristin72 - January 7

Julia, I am so hopeful for you. :) Get the bloodwork guesswork then. I pray all is well. Please keep us posted. Just so you know my friend who just gave birth Nov. 18th. Very similar circ_mstances.//nothing seen at 5 weeks..numbers not doubling and spotting. She was basically told to prepare for the worst. Came back in 2 weeks and everything was fine and she saw the heartbeat. (this is completely true) she also had just had a molar pregnancy 2 months before. She now has a baby girl..actually it is her second. I am so hopeful for you.. update when you can..


Kristin72 - January 7

Hi Lexy, An hsg humansalpogram (sp?)Is when they inject saline or dye into you fallopian tubes to check for blockages. They do this you are having fertility issues. I had this done after my ectopic..which btw was not painful for me. I had no blockages. Often many women conceive after this procedure. Krissy also had an hsg..they told her pne of hertubes was blocked. anyway all the best.Anyone want to start a new thread for 2010?? xo


Kristin72 - January 7

Actually hsg is hysterosalpingogram ;0) sorry for the misprint


Kristin72 - January 7

sorry for all the typo's 1 am and typing with 1 hand. :))



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