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Twins - April 21

Hi Dolly; Here is some info on clomid- Clomid = Clomiphene Citrate; Tamoxifen = Nolvadex There are 3 reasons for a woman to use this fertility treatment: To induce ovulation in a woman who doesn’t routinely ovulate on her own. To enhance fertility in a woman who is having trouble conceiving despite regularly ovulating on her own. To help time ovulation with sperm insemination therapy when indicated. The effectiveness of this therapy depends on many factors, such as the age of the woman, the condition of her fallopian tubes, and the quant_ty of her partner’s sperm. In general, the average pregnancy rate is 10 – 20% per try. Not all women will ovulate with this treatment and not all those that ovulate will conceive. Usually 3 cycles const_tutes a sufficient try with this therapy, but in some situations we will allow up to 6 cycles.


Twins - April 21

website -


Twins - April 21

Hi Ladies, Just busy doing some research in general...see below, i have not tried myself yet Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2004, pp. 74-77 en Comparison between Two Methods of Ovulation Induction: Clomiphene alone and Clomiphene +Tamoxifen in PCOS Patients Ghafourzadeh, Mohammad; Karimi, Mojgan; Karimazadeh, Mohammad Ali & Bokai, Mahshid Abstract Background: Infertility affects about 10-15% of reproductive-age couples. About half the causes of infertility are female related and approximately 40% of the cases are caused by anovulation, mostly in PCO women. Objective: This study was conducted to determine and compare the effects of two drug treatment regimens: higher dose of clomiphene and a combination of lower dose of clomiphene and tamoxifen in treating infertile women with PCO. Materials and Methods: The study was a randomized clinical trial conducted on 100 infertile patients who referred to Yazd-Iran Infertility Clinic between the years 2001-2003. The patients were selected who had received at least 3 periods of clomiphene, but no pregnancy had occurred. They were randomly divided into two groups. In the first group, clomiphene was increased to 100 mg and the second group 20 mg of tamoxifen was added to 50 mg of clomiphene from day 5-9 of menstruation cycle. Infertility duration, duration of medicine used, PCT score, endometrial thickness, ovulation, and pregnancy rate were studied in both groups. Results: Ovulation rate in clomiphene group was 54.9%; Tamoxifen + clomiphene group was 73.5% without significant differences in both groups. (PV = 0.053). Positive pregnancy rate in clomiphene group was 39.2%; clomiphene + tamoxifen group was 61.2% (P value [ 0.05), which could be concluded that pregnancy rate was higher in clomiphene/tamoxifen group than in the clomiphene group. The presence of a dominant follicle in the two treatment groups in women between 18-24 was not significant, but in women between 25-39 years was significant (PV= 0.049) (Table III). Conclusion: The recommendation is to add Tamoxifen to Clomiphene in 35-39 women with 20? BMI ?26.99 before the use of gonadotropins treatment in PCOS with or without IUI, because these options have higher risk of multiple pregnancy and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.


JuliaB - April 21

Hello Everyone. This has been a busy board. HelloDolly and Toothfairy - I am so sorry for your losses. I hope they resolve themselves quickly and easy for you. My last one did, and I had a much easier time just dealing with my emotions, as opposed to my emotions and hormones. The hormone's really make it so much worse. Take as much time as you need to recover. When I had my first few (of 6) mc, I wanted to get started right away ttc again, because the "clock" and all that. Oddly, now I am older, I have decided to take a break. Be sure you don't over-a___lyze what happened. There was nothing you could do to prevent what happened, so spend your energy healing. You WILL feel better in time. Hello everyone else. I hope all is well. My quick update: I am STILL spotting, and this was a very early mc. I went from HCGs of 56 to 46 to 58, down to 11 last week, and am now waiting to see if today's test puts my hcg below 5. This dragging it out has been horrible! I just want me back. I have no idea how much damage I have done to myself both physically and emotionally by trying to push through so hard and being pg on and off for 4 years. I am so glad the weather is nicer. We are using protection and I just want to relax and enjoy life for awhile without over-a___lyzing everything myself. We have been taking the dogs for long walks, and just generally relaxing. I can't wait for it to get a little warmer. Baby Dust to you all!


HelloDolly - April 26

thanks for all the info, it has been helpful. Now we are talking about putting me on metforim(?). Julia -you mentioned being on it didn't you? did you take it all the way in the pg or stop at 12 weeks? I am told this helps the quality as well. I am getting mixed info from the internet. Some sites say there is nothing you can do for the quality then some say using clomid and metformin do help some how. I am not suppose to be eating any simple carbs either. something with the high glucose it makes, affects the eggs and hormones. I was so afraid of this. To finally decide to have a baby and then to have issues. I guess it is to be expected. I am so afraid to get my hopes up now. What if it doesn't happen for me. But I keep reading others stories and I anything is possible. Again, thanks everyone for all the support and information. Update, I should be Oing on the 3rd, we started the opk's today. Hopefully this weekend will help sow some little guys up there and have them waiting for the egg!!


Aspen8 - April 29

HELLO DOLLY and TOOTH FAIRY- I'm so sorry for your losses. I can't imagine how painful it must be to go through a miscarriage. I wish you both the very best and hope this time next year finds you in a very different situation. KRISTIN - Wow. The pressure sure IS on. Which way are you leaning at the moment? Or doesn't the idea of ttc again compute at all right now? JULIA - I'm sorry this has dragged out so long for you. It's just not fair. You must be feeling so beat up. Your approach right now sounds perfect and you're going to get your wish for that warmer weather since it's going to be in the middle and high 80s this weekend. Enjoy! HELLO DOLLY - It's not just the elevated blood glucose levels that can hurt but elevated insulin levels as well. Simple carbs are converted to blood glucose/sugar very quickly which creates sudden high levels of blood sugar circulating through the body...and therefore the ovaries. To deal with that, the body dumps tons of insulin into the bloodstream to push the glucose into cells and the liver. Over time, cells can become less sensitive to insulin and can require more and more insulin to do the job, creating a condition called insulin resistance which is a precursor to diabetes and metabolic syndrome and other a__sorted nasties. Soooo...that's why the advice to forego the simple carbs (including alcohol, especially beer) and the suggestion to take metformin. Metformin is an insulin sensitizer. If your doctor wants to check you for insulin resistance, make sure she/he checks both insulin and glucose levels since glucose levels can be artificially low if insulin levels are high. I just had all of my blood work done and was positive I was going to be insulin resistant. Blood work says no. Both my fasting glucose and fasting insulin levels were well within normal parameters, as was c-peptide. The only thing I don't have back yet is my Vitamin D level but so far I don't think my doctor is going to put me on Metformin after all. Many women take metformin throughout their pregnancy. MY UPDATE - Not much going on here. Had a very light AF a couple of weeks ago and ovulated over the weekend, though I'm not 100% sure which day. I'm waiting for my next AF and then I'm considering some major changes in my approach for a few months. If I get AF again...and I'm sure I will...I'm considering actually going on the pill for a couple/few cycles to give my ovaries a rest. My husband still wants to consider an IVF procedure if we can ever get the money together (which we're working on) and I'm going to pursue some consultations with various clinics with the highest AMA success rates and who will agree to work with an absolute geriatric patient. In the event that that actually happens, I want my ovaries ready to go and I've read recently in a book by the medical director of one of the best clinics in the country that they often recommend "suppression" of the ovaries for a brief time first in order to get the best possible response to the meds. Another consideration is that for the whole time I've been ttc'ing - years now - I've been putting off going on a real diet for fear of what it would do to my cycle. Meanwhile, injectible fertility meds helped me add a few pounds. I want the pounds OFF. I'm SICK of it. And really - I may NEVER have a baby at this point and every month I wait to tackle the weight loss is a month closer to menopause when it's going to get harder, you know? As outrageous as it sounds, at 45, I'm thinking about taking a break from ttc and focusing on other things for a few months. Lol. Of course, I just read a story of someone who got pregnant naturally at 45 and 10 months, so.....hey....miracles DO still happen, right? But the fact of the matter is that if we DO get the money together for an IVF attempt, whether it turns out to be with my eggs or donor eggs, the condition of my body can affect the outcome. So I'd like to spend a few cycles losing some weight and improving my health. And lastly - my brain is just fried. I need a break. And the strain of all these years of "performance on demand" is really getting to my hubby and he needs a break too. I just think I need to do this no matter how dumb or counter productive it is considering my age. Hell, if all else fails, I can always steal someone else's kid and it'll be easier hiding from the law if I'm 20 pounds lighter. (Kidding...just kidding....) Happy Thursday everyone. I know there's an awful lot of sadness and frustration on this board right now but I'm positive that will change over the next few months. Hang in there, all. One way or another, it will get better. It will. :-)


tooth fairy - April 29

Hey ladies! I have been MIA for awhile trying to heal. Thanks so much for your kind words and support through this horrific time. Had to get a blood draw again today for HCG. Last week was 12 so I hope its below 5 this time. Dr will call to let me know tomorrow. So if its under 5 am I ready to ttc? My dh and I have bding but not sure where to begin. I guess waiting for my af will get me back on track along with opk and bbt's. I've decided to think positively. There has been so much loss on this thread lately and there has got to be something good coming up for us. Just gotta pray and be optimistic. It will happen for us. Thanks again ladies! BABY DUST TO ALL!!


Twins - April 30

Hello Ladies; A poem to cheer us all up. Author Anonymous When things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill. When the funds are low and the debts are high, And you want to smile but you have to sigh. When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, but don’t you quit. Life is queer with its twists and turns, As every one of us sometimes learns. And many a fellow turns about, When he might have won had he stuck it out. Don’t give up though the pace seems slow, You may succeed with another b__w. Often the goal is nearer than It seems to a faint and faltering man. Often the struggler has given up, When he might have captured the victor’s cup. And he learned too late when the night came down, How close he was to the golden crown. Success is failure turned inside out, The silver tint of the clouds of doubt. And you never can tell how close you are, It may be near when it seems afar. So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.


HelloDolly - April 30

Oh what a really really nice poem! I love it. thanks for that. Update: I am "due" to O this monday. If my body is getting back on track. I did an OPK this am, it was light pink. I am also doing the Julia saliva test. I have lots of dots but no ferning yet. So we shall see if I am more fertile after the m/c, as some say. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Baby Dust!!


tooth fairy - May 4

Thanks again ladies!! My hcg is below 5 and I finally got af so its back on the horse I go. I'm going to try to take advantage of being more fertile after a miscarriage(thats at least what my dr told me). I'm doing bbts and gonna get some opks this week. My dr wants to get another blood test to see why I miscarried. Part of me wants to know and the other half is scared I did something wrong. Am I crazy?? Oh well we will see what happens next. Wish me luck and good luck to you all. Baby dust!!


H Mac - May 4

Hi Ladies Sorry i have not been here for a while , needed some time to sort my head out. Twins .. thanks so much for the poem it made me feel better when nothing else could. Well af has showed up again lol! so am back on clomid every 2nd month until i see fert doc in approx 3 mts. Hope we have some good news on this board soon. Baby dust !!


HelloDolly - May 5

Yes, I agree with H Mac we need some good new here soon! Big big toss out of baby dust to everyone!! Update: We got a very positive OPK yesterday, and have been BDing ever day since Sat. So hopefully we shall see what happens in two weeks. Funny thing is this is the first time my OPK line has been pinker than the control line! Usually it is as pink as the control line, but not yesterday. I hope that means something really good!! Best wishes to everyone here!!


Aspen8 - May 6

TOOTH FAIRY, H MAC, and HELLO DOLLY - Good luck. My fingers are crossed for you. I'm expecting AF on or around Monday. I'm seeing my regular gyn tomorrow and will be asking for a script for bc pills. Seems counter-intuitive but I'm good with that decision for a couple/few cycles. Am also looking forward to starting my new fitness/weight loss efforts on Monday. Of course, in anticipation of THAT, I scheduled my monthly dinner with my brother for tonight instead of next week and I intend to be BAD BAD BAD! Lol. Have a great weekend everyone.


gracieandlacie - May 6

This is my very 1st "Forum" and I hope I am doing this right...I am celebrating my 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday this month (ok,ok... I am going to be 45!! --it just sound better worded the other way). We just had our 4th artificial insemination last Sat, the 1st, I have been on Clomid for 3 months (NIGHTMARE!) and my Dr. Just started me on prometrium last month (which I love and I do very well on). We are feeling VERY hopeful this Month!! This baby that is trying to come is something my husband and I have known would come our whole life...I have ALWAYS known since I was a yng girl that I would have 3 children (I have had 2) and my husband has ALWAYS known he was having a little girl (he has 4 boys). So when we came together 4.5 years ago...We knew we would have 1 together....I have to be honest --after 3 straight years of waiting to see when she was going to get here, I am starting to question it :-/ so we started in January with getting help. I am hoping to make some new supportive friends on here and look forward to the high optimism!


Aspen8 - May 7

GRACIEANDLACIE - I read your post via the email automatically sent to my inbox and just had to come say hi. "My 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday..." LOL! Love it! I am the oldest lady currently posting in this thread. I celebrated the 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday in January. My family includes women who conceived naturally and carried to term very late in life....after their 18th and 19th I've been hopeful that I could pull it off as well. So far I haven't had any luck and we don't know if the problem is solely dh's "swimmer" problems or if I also have egg quality issues. All of my blood work and other tests so far have been within normal limits, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. You've come to the right place. This is usually a very optimistic and upbeat thread. We've had a pretty rough run the last month or so though with no less than 4 of our friends suffering early losses. One of the things I most value about posting here though is that while we support each other and encourage each other to be hopeful, there's always room for some well-placed venting of frustration, disappointment, and pain. Those things are almost inevitable during this ttc journey so don't feel like you HAVE to be Suzy Sunshine every single day here. You don't....unless of course you really ARE Suzy Sunshine every single solitary day.....and in that case you may be entirely too perky for me. ;-) (Just kidding.) (Mostly.) Seriously, Welcome! I probably won't make it back until early next week but I'm sure one of the other ladies will stop in and say hi. In the meantime, tell us more. Are you tracking your cycles? Temping? How are your numbers - like FSH, E2, etc? Does your husband have any male factor issues? How many follicles did you have and how big were they? How thick was your lining? Did you trigger or ovulate naturally? Have you heard of Femara/letrozole as a possible alternative to clomid? Have a great weekend!


HelloDolly - May 7

Hello GRACIEANDLACIE, Welcome to the board! I am 41 and my dh is 40. He has one child that is 8 and I have three that are 17, 16 and 13. We were pg a month ago but lost it at 6.5 wks. But we are at it again. We lucked out and did ovulate this first cycle after the m/c. So we are on our 2ww time to see if we caught the egg. LOL So far we are doing it all natural, it only took three months to conveive the first time. My dr seems more inpatient than me and has mentioned doing clomid and metforim to help egg quality. But we are very greatful for the first one to know everything is clear and egg/sperm can meet. This forum has been a haven for me. Most of our friends and family don't know we are ttc. I have learned so much from the other ladies here and I feel very supported here. Nothing is impossible from what I have seen here and that is encouraging. Best of luck this round for you!! Baby dust to all!!! Happy Friday!!!!



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