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HelloDolly - May 7

Hello GRACIEANDLACIE, Welcome to the board! I am 41 and my dh is 40. He has one child that is 8 and I have three that are 17, 16 and 13. We were pg a month ago but lost it at 6.5 wks. But we are at it again. We lucked out and did ovulate this first cycle after the m/c. So we are on our 2ww time to see if we caught the egg. LOL So far we are doing it all natural, it only took three months to conveive the first time. My dr seems more inpatient than me and has mentioned doing clomid and metforim to help egg quality. But we are very greatful for the first one to know everything is clear and egg/sperm can meet. This forum has been a haven for me. Most of our friends and family don't know we are ttc. I have learned so much from the other ladies here and I feel very supported here. Nothing is impossible from what I have seen here and that is encouraging. Best of luck this round for you!! Baby dust to all!!! Happy Friday!!!!


H Mac - May 7

Welcome Gracieandlacie, This was my first "fourm" too and it is so helpful not just for the great advice and wisdom but as Aspen said to vent, let off steam . I have just been refered to a fertility clinic (3 mts wait) and am on my 4th clomid cycle !Would love to know more about AI as it will prob be my next step. Best of luck. Aspen I forgot to tell you about Ferma, only thought of it when i read your reply to Gracieandlacie, I asked if he would give me ferma instead of clomid and no joy he has no experience of using it and felt the fert. clinic would know more , he put me back on clomid but every second cycle same 50mg dose. Enjoy your wk end. Baby dust over all of us !!!


tooth fairy - May 10

Hey ladies! I'm on cycle day 7 and I read somewhere that using progesterone cream after ovulation increases chances of successful pregnancy. Has anyone heard of this or used it before? Has anyone gotten pregnant with it? Just curious and was thinking of trying it. It was on a Dr. Lee website.


HelloDolly - May 10

Yep, my doctor has me doing progrestrone cream after ovulation once a day. If I get AF I stop it. She says it helps build up the lining. HOpe everyone had a great weekend! Happy Monday!! Baby dust! One more week for us and we can test to see if we caught the egg!!!


H Mac - May 10

Well I am on cycle day 8 tooth fairy , would try anything at this stage !Just wondering would you need a script for progesterone cream ?


tooth fairy - May 10

Thanks HelloDolly. I'm going to try it. I'm never sure when I'm done ovulating. What day do you start using progesterone? H Mac- You can get it at the health food stores. No rx needed. Make sure its natural.


HelloDolly - May 10 That is where I buy it from. I would say from CD 15 on should be good. I use OPK's so I know when I have O'd.


in the woods - May 12

Hi everyone, I am not a newbie here but have just started trying again. I am 46 and have 5 and 6 year old kids. Wanted to start trying earlier but there was some health problems that I needed to address first. I do feel like I would need more time to conceive this time, if at all. My kids were conceived on one and only try each. So that put me into "huh we are so fertile" position. Well, I don't know what is going to happen this time. Have to say my dh is much older than me, and these are our only kids. We've tried two cycles so far. I never charted anything, but have to start I guess.


Kristin72 - May 12

hello girls! Welcome back in the woods! and welcome to the new ladies and of course out regular contributors. I have been absent for a while. Just busy with my lo('s). I did have a doc visit yesterday. (nor my ob but my regular gp. I have hurt my wrist..possibly arthritis :P However, I Asked my doc about getting another perscription for prog in the newar future in the event we start ttc again. She said sure. I have to admit that for me the progesterone was the golden ticket. After 3 losses in one year the one and only cycle I tried the prog suppositories was the one that stuck. So yes it worked for me. I know you can get the natural form. But I think the suppositories are more effective. But I could be wrong. I have not had my af return. As I am still b___stfeeding my lo who is now 7 months. I am 42. Anyway..I just love reading the posts here from the great women on this board who are much more eloquent with their words than I am but..I too feel the pain and happiness of women ttc at a later age. doc didn't even blink an eye to me about ttc again..however she said once my af returns I should start. As sooner is better than later. ;) Anyway, as you all know I am on the fence about ttc mostly due to fear of other losses but also how hard it is juggling little ones. Especially when I have had problems in the past with my dh. Things are much better..but still I have my reservations ;) Anyway when I get a chance..(and I don;t that often anymore I will backread and find out everything going on in here!! All the best to all ttc!! babydust!


Aspen8 - May 13

H MAC - Well that stinks about the doc not having experience using Femara. I wish someone would explain to me why doctors aren't more up on stuff like that. I mean, seriously.... If you're willing to prescribe an aspirin, shouldn't you also know what ibuprophen, naproxene, acetemetophin, etc. do and how they're different, and which populations seem to do best on which drug? Just learning about aspirin and calling it good enough to just prescribe that to everyone doesn't seem right to me. Sorry, after having been on this fertility treatment "ride" for years now, I'm a little irritated with (and vocal about) the shortcomings of the "system". H MAC and TOOTH FAIRY - I used an over the counter natural progesterone cream for months. The truth is that the jury is out, scientifically speaking, about the natural forms of progesterone cream and whether it does enough to work. The Mayo Clinic rating system only gives it a "C" grade for fertility, meaning "it might work, but the studies are inconclusive and we don't know why." I'm talking about the over the counter kind that you rub into your skin in various places...not a prescribed version. Some people swear by it and others say it does nothing. If you try it, don't buy one that talks about yam extract or something similar. There is a developing consensus that the body can't convert it into the progesterone necessary to do the job. Also, make sure that you follow dosing instructions carefully and don't overdo it. In some women, the use of progesterone creams (or birth control pills containing progesterone) have been linked in a small percentage of cases to clots in the veins of the legs. I never had any trouble like that and the risk wouldn't keep me from using the cream in the future (I use Emerita) but I'm know..."aware" of the risk so hopefully I'd be less likely to miss any important signs/symptoms. I've read several times a recommendation to use the creams for a couple of months and then take a month off. I've read all of Dr. Lee's books and they make a lot of sense to me...but keep in mind that it's far from being settled science. And he's gone now and can't keep working to prove/disprove his theories. :-( OH! And make absolutely sure that you've ovulated before you use it or it'll ruin your cm and end the swimmers' chances of getting through to the egg. HELLO DOLLY - My fingers are crossed for you and hubby! IN THE WOODS - Welcome back and good luck. Charting might prove to be a huge help to you this time around. Are your cycles still regular? I so hope you're able to find that golden egg! GRACIEANDLACIE - Hi. Where are ya? I hope you come back and talk to us again. :-) KRISTIN - Wow. You got so far as to get a script for more progesterone? That's something at least...and father than I actually thought you'd be ready to go at this point. Knowing your history I can totally understand why you're on the fence...not to mention that, as you said, you're already juggling your two very little ones. I know your dh wants a boy. How do you feel about that? Do you feel "incomplete" in any way w/o a boy in the family or are you good with your little girls? MY UPDATE - Well, I did it. I started birth control pills on Monday to give my ovaries a rest. It feels so WEIRD. When what I want most in the world is to have a baby, how could I possibly be taking birth control pills?!?!!?!? It's just so wrong. Lol. I have to remind myself every day that I'm doing it, in the long run, to help improve my chances. Weird. I also started my new fitness program on Monday and feel like a 90 year old woman. Hahaha. Circuit training workouts on Monday and Tuesday, cardio only yesterday, and last night I was in bed earlier than I have been in forever and slept like dead person. Gotta get off of here now and get today's circuit training workout in. I'm gonna get in shape if it kills me. And it just might! :-) Happy Thursday!


tooth fairy - May 14

Hey ladies! Has anyone ever done a opk and the 1st test has a faint line then the next day the 2nd test has no line? I thought as you go thru your cycle it gets darker towards ovulation. Am I missing something or can this be normal? Please let me know!


Kristin72 - May 14

toothfairy, are you also taking your bbt's? because if you have not had a sustained thermal shift then you should continue testing your opk's. otherwise you may have missed your window..continue bedding just in case. what day of your cycle are you? some women have to do an opk 2 times a day near their o time as not to miss their o. what day do you normally o? Do you use fertility friend dot com? Best of luck.


Aspen8 - May 16

TOOTH FAIRY - LH levels can fluctuate...yes. Sometimes our bodies gear up, take a step back, and try it again - especially as we get older. I agree with Kristin. If you haven't had a sustained thermal shift, keep doing the deed. How is your cm? Does it suggest that ovulation has already happened? I often but not always have a "fade in" pattern with my opks each month. And it varies according to the brand of opk and its sensitivity too. I'm one of the people who tend to use opks more often than once a day in order to make sure I don't miss my positive. Lastly, what time of day are you testing? Good luck! MY UPDATE - I think I've officially survived my first week of my new fitness plan. :-) Feels good. Now for week two.... It's quiet on here this weekend. I hope everyone is out enjoying the weather and having fun. Happy Sunday!


tooth fairy - May 16

Kristen72- Yes I do bbts. I'm on cd 13 and did opk at 1 pm and got a line in test line but not as dark as control line. We are bding every other day until positive opk. I think I ovulate on the 14th day. No I don't use fertility friend but I probably should. Aspen8-Cm is starting to suggest ovulation is coming. It looked egg white yesterday so we bd. Temp was 97.76 this morning so I think I will getting a positive soon and a rise in temp. I usually test in the afternoon and don't drink anything or pee for 4 hrs prior to testing. Good luck on your fitness plan. You can do it!:) Going to get some progesterone cream for after ovulation to use for 2 weeks. Hope it helps a bean to stick. Well wish me luck and I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the support and good luck to you all!! Baby dust!!


H Mac - May 17

Hi Ladies, hope you all had a wonderful wk end. Thanks for the rant Aspen what you say is all so true , i think it is a case of "pa__s it along" hopefully the fertility specialist Im seeing next will be better. Was at my gp before the wk end and asked about progesterone spoz but she says need to be pregnant first and she is not convienced it works. I take my BBT every morning but my temp has remained low even though my fertility monitor peaked on cd 13 now i do have a terrible flu (hence trip to gp). Is the flu causing my temp to remain low ? I believe i have o on cd 14 as cm was right and monitor peaked. Happy Monday !!!


HelloDolly - May 17

Happy Monday Morning Ladies, There is no proof that it helps, but some ladies swear by it. That means something to me. So I have to wait three more days to see if AF is going to show or not. It kills me to not take a test, but I am one of those that has to wait till after AF is due, and still I get a very faint line if it is a pos. So we shall see in a few days. I hope everyone has a great week. Baby Dust!!!



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