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Aspen8 - January 12

TWINS - I'm sorry you've had trouble getting your posts to show up here but I'm very glad you found the new thread. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. It's a shame that you had to hold off this cycle due to traveling but at least you get a break from the clomid. Evil stuff. BLECH! My body hated clomid. It liked letrozole (femara) much better. How was your cm on clomid? Mine was awful - part of the reason we switched. KRISTIN - She turned over? Now it's really gonna start gettin' fun! Not that they aren't fun before that but, you know what I mean. Tell her Mommy's online friends said, "YAAAAYYY!" to her. HELLODOLLY - Did you post once before on an old thread? Your name sounds really familiar. If not, welcome for the first time. And if so, it's nice to have you back where you belong. (Sorry. Really. I tried to resist. I really did. If your name is really Dolly you must get soooooooooo sick of people saying things like that and always thinking that they're being original and brilliant. Lol.) Anyway, we're glad to have you. I'm sure there's a BFP in your future. You'll love Fertility Friend although if you're like the rest of us you'll probably go through a pretty obsessive phase where you stare at the data for what feels like hours as if just the sheer act of staring at it will get you pregnant. :-) But then you'll get over it. I'm being REALLY lax about entering my data the last cycle. I need to get caught up. JULIA - Oh, Julia. I'm so sad for you. I don't know what to say. I can't know for real what it feels like to be in your shoes (Kristin can, I know) but I HAVE had my share of disappointments over the last 24 NOT pregnant months and I think I have some idea of what I'd feel like if I finally got that BFP only to find that the pregnancy wasn't progressing normally. I'm so sorry you have to experience this. If you get bad news confirmed at the ultrasound you may not feel like posting for a while again so I want to say this now even though the timing sucks: Is there a possibility that either you or dh has chlamydia (sp?) I friend of a friend had a history like yours and almost by accident - because of a prostate issue - her dh was tested for a__sorted microbes, including chlamydia and they found it. So she was tested and she was positive too. They've been in a monogamous relationship for over a decade and neither one of them ever had any symptoms, which they were told is totally normal. Anyway, they were both treated with antibiotics for a month and her next pregnancy stuck. The docs think it was the the infection that was the problem. Just a thought...that you don't want to be bothered with right now, probably. I'm hoping for a miracle for you.


HelloDolly - January 12

Aspen8, LOL no my real name is not Dolly. LOL It is just my online name. Just about all my ID's online are HelloDolly. I signed up too for that site. Pretty neat what they have today. I had none of this neat stuff before. I can see pics of fetuses of every stage! I had books but there were only so many pic back then. Julia-I will keep you in prayers!!!


Aspen8 - January 12

UGH! When I tried to post my post just now, it didn't work. I used my back b___ton to get back to it, copied it to an email just in case, and tried again. That time I got the message about website addresses not being allowed so I had to go back and figure out what the software thought was a web address. It was the word a w w w w. (put the a and the ws together) I typed it to Kristin - like....a w w w w isn't that cute...the baby turned over. That's what got my post bumped. HELLO DOLLY and TWINS - if you haven't posted on this board much, this is something you have to be on the lookout for. When your post doesn't show up (Twins I should have thought of this earlier when you said you were having trouble) always hit your back b___ton to try to get back to the page where you typed your post. You can usually get back to it. Better yet - if it's a long post and you don't want to take any chances, just make sure you copy it as you go along. :-) MY UPDATE - Not much to tell. I'm either 6 or 7 dpo. Just hanging in there during the 2ww. Not stressing, thank goodness. I'm crampy this cycle. I always get crampy during ovulation but this is one of those months - I have a couple a year - where the crampiness never really goes away. My GYN told me not to worry about it, so....I'm not worrying about it....much. Lol. Does that ever happen to any of you? Have a great Tuesday!


Twins - January 12

Aspen, Now that you mentioned it i did not get any CM on the 1st round of clomid. However this cycle without clomid i have had 3-4 days of CM extravaganza! I started taking a prenatal : pregnacare 8 days ago maybe that’s why I don’t know but am pleased anyway. I think i'll try it a couple more months before i give up. You are so right and funny cos today i saw my graph for the 1st time and could not stop staring at it...i willed it to tell me THIS WAS THE CYCLE TO END ALL TTC CYCLES!!. Earleir on today i posted and said i had no cramps/pains but for the past 3 hrs i have been feeling Pain in my left ovary side. I noticed last month that from CD 16 TO CD19 i had cramps and pain in increasing order. Am so positive 2010 will be a year of healthy, happy baby delivering news. I am praying for twins and i have my minds eye seeing a little boy and girl. JuliaB take heart and know that its not over until that cycle is over. It will get better. Delay is not denial.


Kristin72 - January 12

Hi Julia, I still want to find out the results of your ultrasound..good or bad..something IS slowly growing even if it is not doubling. I am praying for you. Aspen that is interesting about the clamydia. I think it is wise to look into that Julia..and also candida. I don't have alot of time to type..but google this. I am still praying for a miracle. I want this for you so much Julia.I just no how crushed you must be..but it ain;t over till that us confirms it.((hugs))I have to tell you and not sure if I mentioned this b4 about my friend who's numbers were not doubling and nothing was seen at 5w6d..she thought it was all over and told me she was ok that it did not work out.....she went back at 8w before she was going to have a D&C and she saw the hb. She was in complete shock. She delivered a girl Nov 18th..she also had a molar 2 months before conceiving this child. So there may be a glimmer... Quick hello to the new gals Twins and Hello Dolly..glad to hear you checked out is a huge help..I can still back track and look at the cycles where I conceived. gotta run..put the lo's to bed. xoxo I will be thinking of you Julia.


Aspen8 - January 13

TWINS - Clomid has a nasty habit of ruining cm and thinning out uterine linings, both of which are baaaaaad for conception. Doesn't do it to everyone though. My normal lining, on an unmedicated cycle is 10mm or more. On clomid I had a 7.2mm lining (7 is considered bare minimum for implantation in most cases and lots of docs want at least 8). So I RAN - not walked - to get letrozole instead. It works via a different mechanism and doesn't have those same negative side effects. Some docs won't use it because fertility is an off-label use but my RE was fine with it. If you keep noticing a lack of cm with clomid, you might want to change earlier rather than later since if it's having an effect on your cm it might also be thinning out your lining and my RE said it doesn't get better...that once it has a bad effect on you, it KEEPS having a bad effect and that effect worsens over time. It's totally reversible when you stop taking it though. Are you taking clomid for ovulation issues? Where are you in your cycle now? HELLO DOLLY - Well I like your online moniker! It's fun. KRISTIN - Candida...yeah....good suggestion. MY UPDATE - 8dpo I think today - maybe 7. Just keeping busy and making sure I'm a good girl, staying away from caffeine, booze, etc. You know...all the fun stuff. Lol. Happy Hump Day!


Aspen8 - January 14

Just checking in to see if anyone had anything new to say this morning. Looks like we're all busy and there are no posts to answer so I'm off to attend to my monstrously long to-do list. Happy Thursday everyone!


HelloDolly - January 14

Hello Everyone, Just saying Hi too. I am doing well. Waiting now to see what happens in two weeks. LOL God bless!


Aspen8 - January 15

Hi everyone. Just poking my head in again to see what's going on. JULIA, I'm thinking of you constantly. I probably won't get a chance to stop back again until Monday. Have a great weekend ladies!


JuliaB - January 17

Hello Everyone. Last week was a BRUTAL week at work. I had several client meetings at locations more than 2 hours drive away each way. It was exhausting. I am still lightly spotting once in a while, but nothing alarming. Tuesday afternoon I have my u/s, so we'll see. I was doing pretty well, and I am trying not to be obsessed, but I do find myself feeling myself up all day long to make sure my b___sts are still tender. My dr told me if that stops, then its over. Oh, well, dh just walked in. Have a great evening!


Kristin72 - January 17

Best of luck Tuesday Julia..I will be thinking of you..with my fingers crossed. :)


HelloDolly - January 18

Good morning Ladies, Yes, Julia, our thoughts are with you. Stay positive! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I am trying not to get too excited, I am always afraid things are just in my head. But this weekend my hb notice I "smelled" funny. Especially around my b___st area. I did look up body odor changes and it can happen. ? And I seem to be feeling nauseous often. And my bra's are not as comfee as they ususally are. My nipples itch and the bra bothers them. So we shall see. I was really taken back when he said I smelled funny . . . :~(


Aspen8 - January 18

JULIA - Good luck tomorrow. I'm pulling for you. HELLODOLLY - Hmmm...I'm not sure how I'd feel if my husband said that my b___sts smelled funny. Lol. Your dh must have one heck of a sniffer! Where are you in your cycle? How much longer before you know for sure? MY UPDATE - My temperature tanked this morning, which is a few days early. I wasn't expecting that until at least Wednesday. I'm feeling a little crampy too so maybe AF is going to put in her appearance a little early this month....or maybe I'm just going to hang out in a little holding pattern for a few days. We'll see. Either way, this cycle seems like a bust. Luckily, there's always another one right around the corner, right? Happy Monday!


HelloDolly - January 18

Aspen8, Yes, he has a very sensitive nose. Is a professional food taster/tester. Not full time, but is contracted a few times a month by a research company here. I am 10 dpo. This weekend I had some bloody spotting too. ?? I am keeping my fingers crossed. I ordered hpt on line, waiting for them to come to test. Way cheaper!! Ebay, go figure! package came with 20 ovulation strips and 5 pg test, for $16.00 including shipping!! I am due to start on 23rd.


Twins - January 18

Ladies, I have missed coming here as its been one of those hectic days for the past 5 days. Aspen, What you said on the 13th about Clomid has given me soo/too much food for thought, it is so disturbing. I sincerely pray i get preg and don't have to go back to it or any other med. My update: I found out today on FF that i ovulated on Friday.. dh and i bd that day and the day after, not that i knew i was going to ovulate late on cd18!!! the day i got back from my trip..and am now on dp3. Am so hopeful and praying Aspen,Julia Lets wait and see, hang in there and be positive. Dolly, Your symptoms sound preggy to me. Happy Monday


JuliaB - January 19

Hello. Well, bad news as expected. The sac should have grown about 14mm, but it only grew 3. The doctor was very supportive, but at the end of the day, this one is not going to work out. I scheduled an u/s for two weeks, in case my body has not resolved this on its own and to give me piece of mind. I know this one will not work out, but I really don't want another D&E if possible. If my body has not resolved it in two weeks, he thinks I should really consider the D&E if the sac is still empty but still growing. As it gets bigger, the loss gets more traumatic. He also mentioned a drug called Medformin(sp?) that is sometimes used to help early m/c sufferers. Has anyone heard of this? It is apparently used for diabetes, but has had success for m/c. It's only a pill, so that is fine. I don't want to go back to the specialist, but I am on board with trying a pill. This dr at my u/s place has a very good reputation as perinatal specialist, and has a good bedside manner. He followed me all along this time, plus I saw him once in the past. He is helping to make this a little bearable, so I am glad he is there. Sorry for the gloomy post. Of course I would much rather give good news, but at least it was not unexpected, and at least it turned out not to be a molar/ectopic. Now I wait. I am debating telling my work what's happening, so I can limit my long trips while I am waiting for this to resolve. I fear being at a client 2 hours away, and suddenly m/c there. Thanks again for all your support. I really really appreciate it!!



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