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kpckd888 - July 12

Hmm my periods are regular like always so I don't think that is a problem. I had been to an RE before I had the tubal reversal and had all the test run. My numbers were all very good. (FSH 4, Estradol 44, day 3 FSH 9 and lots of follicles) so I am hoping that it will happen soon. He wants a boy - I'd secretly like a girl but any would be awesome. It is nice to talk to people on here. I don't have alot of people in the real world (LOL) to talk to about this. they think I am crazy!


HelloDolly - July 12

We decided to keep it quiet too, that way we don't have people asking questions all the time. Or if we don't success we don't have to explain it a million times. So this is my outlet here and at just for mommies. that is another nice site to hang out at.


PhoenixK - July 15

5 DPO here now... time sure does drag on and on and on and on......


kpckd888 - July 21

Well AF did come :( I am now CD4. Started my Soy yesterday so back to trying!! how soon do you guys starting using OPK?


PhoenixK - July 21

kp, I use FF, and it will tell me the days I should be fertile. Just to be sure I don't O early, I start testing a couple of days before. I have a long cycle, and usually O on day 19, so I start testing around day 14. As for me, I'm on 11 DPO, temps still going up, which hasn't happened this late since I started charting on FF. Keeping my fingers crossed!


HelloDolly - July 22

Hello Ladies, Funny I am doing the soy again this month too. It was lucky for me the last time. I use OPK's twice a day. I miss my surge when I don't. It goes light pink, light pink, then one intense pink and then nothing. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a sping baby too. Baby dust to everyone!! the real sticky stuff.


PhoenixK - July 22

Good Luck, Dolly!


COL - August 19

hello ladies, i have been reading your posts for a very long time, and i had nothing ot add then, but today i have something to share, i am 46 years old and just found that i am pregnant. i have a 3 years old son. wish me luck this will be a succeful pregnncy, i will have my tests done tomorrow. i will keep you posted. good luck to all, dont give up, god is watching for us.


Twins - August 21

Congratulations COL... that is great news and a much needed BFP on this site


COL - August 22

thanks Twins, i hope all of you ladies get the what they are dreaming off. keep the faith. i had my blood test and it was positive, now the 6 weeks ultrasound will be August 31st, i really need you prayers. i cant get excited, i am so trying to be cool with any results. its not easy though, deep inside me i would love to shout it out tothe whole world, but i cant until it sticks :) will keep you updated.


Twins - August 23 tell me a little about you? Was this pregnancy achieved naturally or were you on meds? I'll be praying for you that it sticks...spend your energy concentrating on what you want and not what you don't want. will love to hear your updates/milestones as they occur. congratulations again


COL - August 24

HI Twin, Yes this pregnancy was naturally achieved, the only meds I was on are the prenatal, I use the ones given to me by my Naturopath doctor, I never used the Meterna or preg vit ones. Another think though I would like to add, there is a research is being conducted at the University of Toronto, it’s about the impact of Enzyme Q10 on the quality of the egg the older women produce( Google it), so I was taking Enzyme Q10 as well, I used to take 600 mcg I think I am not sure about the unit here, every day. To be honest with you, it’s all in God’s hands, yes those might helped, but still it’s his well I would say. Good luck to you too.


Kristin72 - August 29

Col..Hi It's Kristin! I have not been here in a I started a new online business (for little girls) anyway..Cngratulations!! I am very happy for you..I am 42 and will be 43 in a week or so. My dh is still bugging me for another one..but I am still on the fence for many reasons;) including my age and my history lof loss..but...I am just extactic for are going to give hope to so many out there..I wish you all the best!! I have had 2 af's and I am still b___stfeeding my 11 month not sure if I am menopausal or if my af's are just mixed up with the nursing. Anyway..quick hello to all the gals here..was hoping to see lots and lots of BFP'S!!But even one is extremely special :))Aspen if you are out there..pop in if you can :) COL Keep us posted on your pregnancy things are definitely exciting around here..I will be thinking of you often!!xx


Kristin72 - August 29

COL how did your tests go? I was actually backreading on some old posts from'06 when I was pregnant and you had yet to conceive your first! Now I have two and you are on your second too!! I can't wait to hear how things are going..I wish you all the best!!xx


COL - August 31

Hi Kristin, thank you so much for your excitment, i could feel it :) yes i had my first when i was 43, he is 3 month short of being 3yo. today is my 6 weeks ultrasound, and i would be laying if i say i am relaxed, i am hoping for good results, at the sme time , scared of being pregnant at this age as well. dont get me wrong, we were try8ng to get pregnant, but now i am so scared. i will keep you posted for sure. wish my luck and pray for me. talk to you soon


HelloDolly - September 1

Hello and congrat to you COL!!! I was not at work for a couple weeks due to a knee injury. I missed the news!! I am so very happy for you and will keep you in prayers!! Want a really good laugh, try to think of a position that doesn't require you to bend your knees . . . I can't bend my right knee or even have it bumped right now. We only BD's once this month! I could do it again. It was so painful. I am hoping it heals a lot come O time next month. I was hillarious trying to find a positiont that would work. So needless to day, I really don't see our BFP this month. LOL



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