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Kristin72 - May 1

Here we are ladies part 11!! Here's to looking forward to bfp's and healthy pregnancies!! Lots and lots of support for those of us over 35 or 40 :) Sprinkling babydust for us all.


jayjaysmom - May 1

Hey everybody! I got my hematology results today. We have some answers but it sounds a little challenging. I have homozygous MTHFR, heterozygous Factor II and Factor V !!! That explains three miscarriages--I think. I was only called the results and told that blood thinners would be the treatment. I have a follow up appt with the hematologist on Weds 5/6. I will go to see the RE on 5/5, so I am very hopeful he has a formula for success. I see many things out there for one or the other to take aspirin, folic acid, b6 and b12 and when pregnant have heparin or lovenox injections daily. I have not run across somebody that has three clotting disorders. I am searching, of course. :)


Aspen8 - May 4

GIGI - There are a few things that can make your cycle length vary. I think FF's charting software might help you figure out what's going on. FF will tell you not to count spotting as the first day of AF, but rather, the first day you have "full red flow". Like, if you spot Monday and Tuesday morning but then later Tuesday you start having full red flow - even if it's light - then Tuesday is considered CD1 (Cycle Day 1). Refresh my memory - where are you in your cycle now? NOVEMBER7 - In case you missed it, Kristen and answered your post in the old thread, before she started this new one. JAYJAYSMOM - Wow. You're a bit of an over-achiever, aren't you? Not one, not two, but THREE clotting disorders? Impressive! Lol. Sorry, I don't mean to make light of your situation....that's just my tongue-in-cheek way of saying, "HOLY COW!" Hopefully, it turns out to be wonderful news in a strange sort of way because now you can treat the problem and end up with a baby. I can't wait to hear what you RE says and what the hematologist says at your follow up. I can just see you wherever you are, researching away! KRISTIN - Thanks for the new thread. You're right the old one was getting long. How are you? MY UPDATE - I'm recovering from my trip to Wildwood, NJ yesterday with a bunch of middle school and high school girls. I took them down to watch Atlantic Coast Championships for an activity I coach with them, though we're not competing this year. We had a good time but it was EXHAUSTING! Lol. I'm 11 dpo (days past ovulation) I think and I'm starting to feel intermittent cramps, which is usual. My b___bs are crazy sore from the hCG shots. I should know one way or the other somewhere between Wednesday and Friday. Have a good week everyone. JULIA - Did you ever have a work up by a hematologist?


Kristin72 - May 4

Jayjaysmom, sorry to hear you have these blood issues..but on the other hand it is good news to be able to know this. Your problem does not seem to be getting pregnant so with the blood thinners you shoulod and will be on the right track very soon. So great to get on top of these things. I truly wish you all the best with everything. fingers are crossed for you..I am so excited that this could be your of luck..let us know as soon as you know. I am doing fine. Feel fine..looking bigger. I seem to be able to carry a pregnancy fairly well as I am 5'11. next app is May 13th. Just plugging away. I am going to visit my brother in San Diego May 20-27. As long as the Swine flu does not run too ramped. How is everyone else doing? Where is Krissy? Julia how are you? XO


Aspen8 - May 5

KRISTIN - You're 5'11"?!?!?!? I am BEYOND jealous! I'm 5'3". Lol. A trip to San Diego sounds wonderful. What a great thing to look forward to. I hope the swine flu doesn't ruin it for you. Yeah, where is Krissy? I'm worried about her. She mentioned possible leukemia and we haven't heard from her since. I hope she's okay. I'm 11dpo today...that was a typo yesterday. I'm coming down the home stretch now and will definitely let you know as soon as I know if this cycle was the one or not. Thanks so much for the crossed fingers!


jayjaysmom - May 5

Well girls- I will be leaving shortly to meet my RE for the first time. I am coming to him with so many issues, I have many doubts about his ability to help me. I started my period today at cycle day 24 which only gave me a luteal phase of 9 days. I am 40. I have three freaking clotting disorders. There are times I feel like God is trying to tell me to let this idea go. That may be what Dr.E tells me today too. I am trying to prep my heart for that but I don't know how. I will need to find a new "project" or hobby to occupy my mind if I have to give up this quest. Ok, I am rambling. I will give you all a report later today or tomorrow. GOOD LUCK ASPEN !!!!


jayjaysmom - May 5

I have been back a couple hours. So, he was wonderful and will do more blood tests for disorders that can cause miscarriages. He is also planning on a HSG to look for scar tissue or any abnormalities in my uterus. He will also do an endometrial biopsy to check for LPD later this month. He was not real focused on the clotting disorders and did not feel that having those come back positive meant that they were the cause of my MC's. He seemed to feel that it was more than likely egg quality or bad luck. I liked his overall demeanor and felt like I was in good hands. Will keep you posted. I am not going to try to conceive this month due to the testing. Take Care.


Aspen8 - May 6

JAYJAYSMOM - YAY! You like him! I'm really glad to hear that. It will be interesting to see what the testing shows. Enjoy your cycle off. They can be a huge help sometimes! And thanks for the good luck message. :-) MY UPDATE - Well, it's not over yet. I'm 12dpo. Last cycle this is the day my temp tanked and it didn't this morning. In fact it went up, but I woke up really hot for some reason so I think that was the reason for the elevated temperature. I'm having cramps on and off. Nothing to do but wait for another day or two. Luckily, all this week is incredibly busy so I shouldn't have any trouble keeping my mind occupied. Happy hump day everyone.


tryingx3 - May 6

Hello - posted on 2nd trimester too - but the good news is my Level 2 ultrasound went great. We were able to see our little girl opening and closing her mouth...sweet. JayJaysMom - I have the MTHFR and take additional folic acid and baby aspirin...but must say I agree - you are an over-achiever! It is good to know what is going on but frustrating to know that maybe a m/c could have been prevented. I only have one marker (I can't think of the right terminology) for MTHFR so they did not put me on heparin or lovenox. Aspen - we are keeping our fingers crossed. Yes, I too am jealous of Kristin's height! I am stuck right at too tall for pet_te and too short for average! Kristin - what is your middle name, if you don't care to share? We had Kristen on our name list last time, but I can't think of a good middle name... Any suggestions out there?


MNMOM - May 6

Krsiten Joy Kristen Elizabeth Kristen Rae Kristen Rose Sure I could rattle off a few more if you really need more inspiration ;)


JuliaB - May 6

Hello - Sorry for the long absence: work, work-related-travel, still hiding a bit. You know, the usual stuff :) Aspen - Good luck this month - Fingers Crossed. Kristin - I am thinking of you and feel so bad that you are struggling. Sometimes people can just be so rotten. I'll post later when I have had a chance to get some perspective and not just type my bad thoughts about him. Jayjaysmom - I did have those tests. I would not worry too much. I take baby aspirin while ttc and while pg. I was also on lovenox during my pg because they thought that was my issue. This pg had other problems, though, so I don't know if it would have made any difference. It's another daily belly shot, but there weren't really any side effects that I noticed. My dr started it as soon as we got to heartbeat, but others recommend starting sooner. I have an a__sortment of genetic markers (or whatever they are called) that make me predisposed to clotting disorders. I have not found anything definitive connecting it to mc, my drs say it's pretty much just a "better safe than sorry" approach. They tested my clotting factor, and it was fine, so I was on a prophylactic dose. What I have read is that the clotting-mc issue is more of a second or third trimester issue than 1st. Everyone else - I hope you are doing well! I just came back today from my work training, so I'm gonna keep it short and check in later. Baby Dust!!


JuliaB - May 6

P.s. I am back in the 2ww. Oh the fun!


november7 - May 6

Aspen – Your temp rising is a great sign!! I also felt unwell like I was coming down with something when I conceived. The cramps also continued like I was going to get AF but it didn’t happen. I’ll be checking in again tomorrow to see how you’re going. I’ll be thinking of you. x Nice to see some of the ladies back that were posting a little while back. Kristen72 I am really happy to hear that you are expecting and half way already!! Doesn’t time fly?? Aspen pointed out that I’ve been married for 6 months already and it didn’t occur to me until she mentioned it. It really doesn’t feel that long ago. Take care of yourself and try not to let DH stress you out at this important time. By the way I’m only 160cm so a shortly compared to you. Same as Aspen I think LOL. Krissy68 Where are you? Thinking of you. JuliaB It was lovely to see your name on the post. I am hoping that you will get you BFP this month. Have a great day everyone.


Kristin72 - May 7

Hi Trying, I just had to post in reply to what my middle name is. My name is Kristin Elizabeth :) I have to admit I always liked my name. My mother was going to name me Lindsay but stuck with Lindsay I am the only girl and the youngest with 3 older brothers. Now I am going to go back and read all the posts. I will post in a few minutes.


Kristin72 - May 7

I meant to type "stuck with Kristin" (Elizabeth)! Girls thanks for the support about the dh...I often worry that he may read some of my bashing posts, so I am a bit careful as to what I devulge. He has been a tiny bit more tolerable lately but that does not excuse his past behavior. Aspen update us on your progress..I am very hopeful for you. Julia, goodluck on your 2ww!!


tryingx3 - May 7

Thanks for the name ideas...I like Kristen Elizabeth too! Kristen Marie (Marie is a grandmothers middle name) Kristen Rae (Ray was a grandfather's name) ...but we used RayeAnne for my dd's middle name... so, not sure about the duplication, which also kind of rules out Kristen Ann (Ann is my sister's middle name). I don't think my dh would go for Rose or any of the "faith" names - even though we go to church and believe, etc... He's just not the touchy feely kind of guy to use those names...which rules out names like Belle or Bella too.


tryingx3 - May 7

Belle and Bella being "touchy feely" in my book - don't ask me why! I know they are not "faithy" names... Please bear with me - I think I'm hormonal today. My dh and I can hardly say one thing to each other and keep it at a civil tone. He answers everything I ask him to do or tell him that I need to on the defense, which puts me on the defense, and the circle repeats. What fun!



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