TTC Looking For Cycle Buddies All Welcome

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Kristin72 - June 23

Good luck to all ttc 2009 babies!!! I am cd4. Hoping this is our month for BFP's!!!!!Sprinkling Baby Dust!*~*~*~**~*~*~**~*~*~**~!!!!!


Kristin72 - June 24



JuliaB - June 24

Good luck Kristen!


Kristin72 - June 26

Cd 7 for me. Hoping to find some people who are also trying to conceive. Anyone out there? Tell us your story and we will be here for support!! :)


michelleodell - June 30

Well, I haven't sprung it on DH yet... But I want to start BDing again!!! I am on CD 5 or 6??? I started either during the night or early morning. I usually have a 30-31 day cycle. I looked up my estimated ovulation time and it should be around July 7-14. I think... I hope it happens! That's what I am praying for. I turned 36 on 5/7/08. DH will turn 43 on 9/3/08. Our DD turned 1 on 6/15/08!! I just love that sweetie sooo much!! I want her to have a playmate and friend to grow up w/.


Kristin72 - June 30

Hi Michelle, I hope it happens for you too. Congrats are your dd's one year..and congrats to you for making it through her first year. Is that your only child? I too have a 1 1/2 year old. She is just a little doll too. I have been ttc for 5 months with no success yet. Hoping this is my cycle!! I am on cd 11. Actually dh just cam home for a quickie. I am doing opk's and saw a faint line but no where near pos yet. I have been ovulating a around day 16-18 in my cycle...and I have a usually 27-29 day cycle. Best of luck to you and keep me updated!!


michelleodell - July 1

Hey Kristin! Yes, Ca__sidy is my one and only. She does have a sister from my DH previous marriage. DD doesn't get to see her much as she lives in another state. This month will be my first month trying. I need to inform DH of this I suppose... Hee hee!!! I just hope I will appreciate every moment as much as I did the 1st time around. I want to have specific details to include in each sc___p baby book. I made one for DD, still not finished of course... I have dates for each special event including the 1st time I felt her move. I want to do the same for this baby.


Krissy68 - July 1

Kristin72 - I want to join. CD 24 just waiting to see if AF is going to show. Baby Dust to everyone. Krissy68


Kristin72 - July 1

Hi Krissy and michelle, I truly hope we all get our bfp's soooon. I never did an opk yet today..but judging by my cm it was not the ewcm type. Krissy how long is your cycle usually? I wish you all the many dpo's are you. Are you ladies on Fertility Friend as well? Sprinkling baby dust!!!!!!!


Krissy68 - July 2

Kristin72 - Hi well my temp went down to 98.62 and I couldn't resist I tested anyway knowing it was going to be Neg. I am 12 dpo and my cycles are normally 30-31 days I have been started on the 8th of the month. Not really sure what is what. Not having my normal pre-AF symptoms but hey you never know with her she is so tricky. I am on fertility friend I just don't know how to give you my information. Krissy68


michelleodell - July 3

What is Fertility Friend?


ishtar1974 - July 3

Hi guys! I am 34 years old ttc so I hope it's ok. I am ttc after tubal reversal surgery on 4/16/08. Had a normal AF in April and May, and it never came in June, should have started on 6/25. Had a blood test a week ago and it said negative. Had a tiny amount of very light pink spotting for about an hour yesterday, mild cramping like AF may start, but it still hasn't come. No idea what is going on. I wish it would just start so I can try again, ya know??? Any ideas? Thanks!


Kristin72 - July 4

Ishtar, I think it just takes time for your body to regulate. I wish you all the best with ttc. It almost seems like you could have been preggers..But if not like I mentioned your body is still probably regulating itself after the reversal. A good site is fertilityfrienddotcom. You can monitor your cycles and look back at previous cycles. Are any of you taking your basal temps, doing opk's, monitoring cervical mucous? These are all great ways to help pinpoint ovulation. Keep us updated on how things progress Ishtar. For me I am on cd15. I had ewcm and a positive opk today. Dh and I will do some bd'ing tonight. Wish me luck!!


Krissy68 - July 7

Hey ladies here is my update AF found me on the on cd 28 4 days early so today I am cd 3 yesterday I started taking prenat vit and baby asprin and today I started taking clomid 3-7 then I move on to estrodoil 8-12 then I will be bd on 10-16 but more then likely it will be more days then that normally we start bd after I finish AF and then on cd 17 start taking the progesterone gel (prochieve 8%) then I am suppose to take the hpt on cd 27 & 28 and this time I am going to wait it out and not test early. I will keep you updated. Krissy68


michelleodell - July 8

Hello Everybody! I still haven't had the discussion w/ DH, but I am planning on getting in as much BDing as possible from now until the 14th. Say a little prayer for me!! I will be thinking of all of you! Hopefully we all get preggers soon!!!


ishtar1974 - July 21

Thanks for the well wishes Kristin!! I think you are right, my body is just trying to regulate, cause I got AF last week. Been in the hospital for ten days with an inflamed liver and pancreas, just got home or I would have answered sooner. Hopefully this is the month for all of us! Do any of you have children already? I have a set of 4 year old twins (naturally conceived ) whom I actually had a vbac with:) My oldest is 16, the youngest are 4. Good luck to all!!!


Kristin72 - July 21

Hi All...well this cycle was a bust for me again. I am on cd3 of my af. I am going to make an appointment this week to get a referral for a fertility doctor. No more messing around for me. Time is quickly running out..atleast I feel that way after trying for 6 months. Hope is well. Talk to you all soon.



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