TTC Over 35 Quesitons Re Fertil Meds

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runnershirl - October 28

I'm hoping you will share some of your infinite wisdom on TTC over 35. I'll be 38 next week and thought I was P this month. Apparently my blood test was negative yesterday (after 2 days missed pd). Now, my fertil dr. wants to give me provera or prometriun to start my period and to immediately put me on clomid or fromera. I suddenly feel over my head in uncertainty. For one, is it possible that the blood test could have been wrong? I was at a podiatrist appt this morning and when asked about taking an xray, I told him that I may be pregnant (because I'm a firm believer of not counting your chickens til they hatch...and without AF--who knows)...Well, he called the fertil dr., and she informed him that "as of yesterday I am not pregnant". I suddenly felt like a woman who refused to accept reality--afterall, everyone is telling me I'm not pregnant. But, are blood tests 100% inaccurate? I had to proceed with xray, which concerns me, if I were pregnant. Now, I'm thinking I should allow fertil dr. restart my period and move forward...but, somehow, I need to know if those tests are reliable at 4w2d. If so and you think I should move forward with fertility (which is what dh and I planned to do after AF anyway), what tips do I need to know about what to expect with fertil meds., charrting and such. I just recently started charting and learning about CM (DH had spinal surgery and we had to put bd on hold for a while) and would welcome tips on this next month once AF start and we begin fertil meds. Thanks ladies!


runnershirl - October 31

Certainly SOME ONE here must know something about fertility meds and the accuracy of blood pregnancy tests?


jodi-ttc-08 - November 6

hi ya. i would not be at all concerned.. i am 36.. about 3 cycles ago my dr put me on provera as i was entering the 55th day.. i had blood test day 30 came back neg. took their word for it... if the level is less than 1 it's a definate negative.. did you ask the number ???? anything above 5 suggests PG... AF arrived a week after last provera pill taken. then onto clomid. did 100mg 2-6 had day 21 blood test for progesterone levels. which tell you if you O'd or not.. AF arrived day 31. onto next round of clomd 100mg again 3-7 this time.. got a positive blood test back day 30..... and here i am... after having tubal reversal 12 months ago.. 9 months of tests, and 2 months of fertility meds. if you stress too much you may be keeping away AF and PG.. you need to relax. take the meds... get AF and enjoy trying, don't make it a chore...


JuliaB - November 22

Hello, I would have responded sooner, but I always forget there are other boards here. I am happy to help you with your fertility treatment questions, as I have been going to a specialist for awhile. If you check out page 2 of "TTC and BFP Support for over 35ers Part 7-Babydust!!!" I posted a rather long post detailing both my experience and some other information I have gathered regarding Clomid and other treatments. I will keep an eye on this post if you want to check in.


aprilmac - November 27

The accuracy of blood tests I would say a pretty accurate. I have not read of a blood test being neg at 4wks+ and then turning pos later. From what I understand after conception (usually at about 2 weeks) the egg implants (about week 3) then hcg starts to appear in your bloodstream, this doubles every 24-48 hours. for eg. numbers could go from 5-320 between week 3-4 of your cycle. Even allowing for your cycle to be slightly off (maybe a few days later) you would have still have at least 100+ on your numbers for your blood results. I do believe that anything over 5 is considered pregnant. Considering the above I would say that it was unlikely that you were pregnant. I think you need to go ahead with the fertility meds and follow your doctors lead, I have not gone down this road so am unable to advise. I too am 38 and TTC #3 for 2+ years. I wish you well and hope that you get your BFP soon!



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