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YvetteY - January 12

Just wondering. I'm 40 and TTC. I did conceive on my own back in November, but lost baby due to MC a week before Xmas. Now I'm just waiting for the evil AF. I'm worried next one might m/c as well because of my age. I'm told that is the likely reason for the most recent m/c. I do have two other children 16 and 11, so you probably think I'm selfish for wanting another, but I can't help it. So I'm wondering do you know of sucessful pregnancies after a m/c when you're over 40??


steph115 - January 12

I'm not 40 yet, but I will be 38 on Monday. I had not intended to have any more children ( I have an 11yo stepson and 3 1/2yo daughter. In July 2007, I found (to my horror at the time) that I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage on 7/31/06. I had finally adjusted to the idea of having another child so we tried again and I am due 6/5/07. My doctor put me on 100mg progesterone 2x/day for the first 12 weeks. She said that may have been the reason I m/c the first time. As you get older, you produce less progesterone which increases your chance of m/c. I don't know if that was my problem for sure, but it doesn't hurt just in case. It makes you really tired and moody, but it is worth it. Have you talked to your ob/gyn? Good luck!


YvetteY - January 12

The ob/gyn isn't that helpful...his att_tude is to just try again. He believes just due to my age. I'm also seeing a fertility specialist and I'll bring that up with him. Thanks for the tip. My greatest fear, though, is that I'm just too old! WHere did the time go???!!


hcw - January 15

Hi YvetteY and steph115 - I'm so sorry for your losses and sure hope you've recovered as best as you can. I also had an miscarriage last year and am on month 7 of ttc, with af on her way tuesday... I'm also 40, but I don't have any kids yet - where does the time go indeed, Yvette! Anyway, I just wanted to log in and let you know that plenty of women have healthy, happy babies in their late 30s and early 40s... my cousin had her first at 43, my grandmother had my mom at 45 and my sister-in-law had her first at 40. To say nothing of some to the wonderful posts from older women I've read here! It's true that we have more challenges getting pg and staying that way, but it's definitely possible, and even most so with a positive outlook... anyway, the way i look at it, there's got to be one more good egg in there and I've gotta do what I can to catch it when it comes! fingers and toes crossed for you both!


babymakes5 - January 15

I had a m/c in Jan 2006 and turned 40 in Oct 2006. I am now 18wk with 4th child. My other kids are 16, 13 and 11. My daughter turns 11 tomorrow, so it's been exactly 11 years since I last gave birth. My ob was not concerned with having m/c and trying again, even despite my age, they say that 1 in 4 pg end in m/c, no matter what age you are. You have every reason in the world to be able to get pregnant and go on to have a normal healthy baby--it happens all the time. Good luck!


deborah969 - January 15

Hi Yvette... I am 41 (42 in April) and am 18 weeks pregnant. I got pregnant last time in December 2004 and had a miscarriage in February 2005. It took us a long time to decide that we wanted to try again... so, we started in July 2006 and I found out I was pregnant in October. It doesn't seem to be hard for me to get pregnant, but I did worry about having another miscarriage. I went through a lot of bleeding around the 7 week mark, and have just gone through the amniocentesis... but so far all is going well. *crosses her fingers and says a little prayer* I know lots of people our age have children all the time, and this is a great forum for proof of exactly that... plus the ladies on here are really great and wonderfully supportive. I don't think you're selfish at all for wanting another baby... and I'm hoping everything turns out great for you. I'll say a little prayer for you. Take car and good luck!


YvetteY - January 15

Thank you, everyone! I really appreciate your input. With regard to my last pregnancy that ended up as m/c, I was feeling like that was my last chance and that I just lost it. It's good to know there's still hope. I feel so desperate, of course, after to m/c, but more so because of the dismal statistics out there for being over 40. Once again...thank you!!!


hcw - January 18

hi yvette - do you chart or use opks or anything like that? as i'm sure you know, even for 25 year olds every month is only about a 20% chance of all going just as it needs to, so even more so with us mature types, doing whatever you can to pinpoint ovulation and get the timing right will help... you probably know all that, but just wanted to encourage you on the off chance that you don't... i chart on fertilityfriend and use opks starting on cd 12 - if nothing else it puts my mind at ease to know that i know when the best window of opportunity is... anyway, are you actively trying right now, or still in recovery mode? how about anyone else here - how are things coming along for you all? cheers and babydust to you all...


hcw - January 18

oops! meant to say super congrats to babymakes5 and deborah969! good luck for smooth, healthy and happy 40 week terms! any tips you think we'd benefit from? cheers!


maryp - January 19

Hi Deborah969 I shouldn't give upHere my story ..I am 40 and ttc #2 my 1st is28mth I had him thru iui and worked on the 1st try... now i m in the process of ivf in the middle of the cycle I had my 1st ultrasound this morning and I got the worst news .. Dr only found 1 folicle he told me no use in contiuing ivf.. He suggested that I come back tommorrow for IUI... how is this possible with all the medication that Ive been taking and only 1 folicle. Iam to old to produce any eggs?



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