Tubal Reversal At 35

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3boys_no_girls_yet - November 12

i turned 35 3 weeks ago and i'm having my tubal reversal done in 2 weeks time.. how long should it take for me to get pregnant, i had my tubes clipped 10 years ago


Boo b do - November 13

Hi, I had my tubes clipped 14 years ago, had a reversal done last year Aug 06, currently pregnant with twins, after two mc's. There are a great bunch of ladies on the 'problems getting pregnant forum' who have all gone through reversals, the thread is called. 'ttc after tubal reversal part 3'. see you there. Good luck with your op and ttc.


wantanotheraftertr - November 14

I had my tubes cut burned and tied for 121/2 years whan I had my reversal done last year in Oct (2006) I started ttc in Dec 2006. I got pregnant in Feb had a m/c and then got pregnant in March with a little boy. He is due in 41/2 weeks. Dec. 16th. I did not take me to long to get pregnant but some take longer. Good luck to you and hope to see you on the thread boo told you about!


rshort - November 23

i had my tubes reversed in 3/2005 they were tied for 11 yrs. i was pregnant in 2/2007 but lost it still trying every month. good luck


wantanotheraftertr - November 26

Have you had your surgery yet? I am anxious to hear how it went and how you are doing! we all take diff. amount of time to concieve but I would love to share your journey Join us on the problems getting pregnant site under ttc after tubal reversal part 3 we would love to have you!


3boys_no_girls_yet - November 28

i am having tubal reversal tomorrow.. i have to be at hospital at 11am and then i will be in surgery at 1pm... my 3 boys are all from c-sections, so i'm ready for some simular discomfort.. i am due to stay in hospital for 2 nights. i don't know if i will get any sleep tonight.. all i can think about is, how long til i can b'd with my hubby again and will it do the job straight away or will it take a few months.


wantanotheraftertr - November 29

Let us know how it goes! I am so excited for you! Hopefully it wont take to long once you get started!


lullabell - October 26

Hi ... I had my reversl in March and I'm 5wks pregnant, good luck with your op and I wish you success in getting pregnant x


3boys_no_girls_yet - November 6

wow... i started this thread november 12th 07... and today i can say i am pregnant.. 5 weeks... almost 12 months after having tubal reversal. a few blood tests and a hsg dye test. and 2 rounds on clomid. what a year.... yay !!!!!



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