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alley24 - April 28

Had my first ultrasund today and I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, they said that the baby is 1.2 cm, and the heart beat is 148. they said everything looks great. changed my due date from 12/17 to 12/12.


lovemy3 - April 28

Congratulations, thats great


miraclebaby - April 28

Congratulations to you, thats great!!


alley24 - April 28

Thank you I am okay.


Perl - April 28

Congratulations Alley!! I'm glad to hear everything is progressing just the way it should. Isn't it such a relief to hear that little heart beat? Now hopefully you can enjoy your weekend with a smile knowing that everything is fine.


alley24 - April 28

I would love to I have a question, I came home to find a letter stating that I have a abnormal pap, low grade, they want ot do a colposcopy I am freaking, when I had the pap it was 3 days before I found out I was pregnant, I am freaking out.


Perl - April 28

That would concern me too of course it's late on Friday and you probably can't call your Dr's office and ask questions til Monday right? I'm not totally sure what a colposcopy is. I'd want to know if it will jeopardize your pregnancy at all or cause you more discomfort than necessary because you're pregnant (any kind of exam down there hurts more because of pregnancy). Can you decline it? Hmmnn, lots of questions to be answered. Don't freak out. I'd think that if it was bad your Dr. would have called you personally by phone. A quick internet search tells me that low grade is often nothing or clears up by itself or is just an infection. If it was high grade maybe more reason for concern but yours is low grade so don't worry too much. I'd ask them to do the pap again instead of a colposcopy to see if the abnormality is still there. Maybe it was abnormal because you were pregnant at the time of the pap test. I see your point---try to enjoy your weekend anyway, it won't do you any good to worry and hopefully you'll get all your questions answered on Monday.


Toni1 - April 28

Alley: I've had a couple of abnormal paps in the past as well as a colposcopy. Luckily, everything was normal on subsequent paps. Many times, abnormal paps are caused my exposure to the HPV virus. Many people have it and don't know they do because many times they don't show any symptoms. The reason docs keep a close eye on abnormal paps is because, sometimes, they can progress to cancer. With yours showing a low grade, Pearl is right...it will probably clear up on its own. If you want to know more about the colposcopy, go to... http://familydoctor.org/082.xml ...hope this helps.


alley24 - April 28

I agree, I think it is because the cells go crasy like right before you have your peroid,and you are not to do a pap, well that is my logic,i have read alot on here and it seem to be a comon thing.


Kristin72 - April 29

Often paps come up abnormal when you are pregnant or just before a period for one reason or another...You should have them do an additional pap before you go ahead with that procedure you mentioned..anyway that colopscopy pocedure goes in with a camera and checks for irregularities..it can be as simple as a small cyst which often come and go in women and can be hormonally related. I had an irregular pap while I was pregnant last time and it came up negative after a retest. Kristin


alley24 - April 29

That is what I think as well> I am not going to do the procedure until I have a repeat pap. Thank you for everything.


Perl - May 4

Hi Alley! How are you doing? Did you get any more info from your Dr's office about the low grade abnormal pap??



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