Unemployed 36 Pregnant How Do I Pay

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Sonni - May 5

Hello all.... can anybody tell me how I can pay for my doctors visits and tests without having health insurance? I am about 4 weeks along and havn't been to a doctor yet.


christa0120 - May 6

Contact your welfare office


Kristin72 - May 6

Are you thinking of getting a job?..Or are you unable to work because of a disability? Often many churches will give you advice on how to get the medical attention you need. What about the father of this baby? Your parents? Family? Friends? and of course welfare..would anyone be willing to lend you the cash till you get a job? Good luck!


miraclebaby - May 6

I really don't know does your state have a__sistance with a health care program if you do not have insurance , I know that every state I have lived in does. So check into that.


vlw01 - May 6

Sonni, I did some research recently as I thought I was going to have a gap in my coverage. It all worked out but I was leaning toward something called a "maternity card". I think the company is AHCO - check it out on the web. I think the way they work is that they negotiate discounted rates with docs offices and hospitals but they are not "insurance" per say and if they haven't negotiated with your doc, they will try to work something out once you refer him/her. They claim to save a lot of money (of course any savings over full rate is good but they claim to save a really good percentage). Might be worth checking out. That's the only option I was able to find as other insurers all had long waiting periods for maternity benefits. Good luck!!!


Perl - May 6

If you are a citizen or legal resident in the USA and you have no income or could be considered low income, then I'd start with your county Welfare Department (aka Social Services, or Human a__sistance). Also, sometimes certain counties have county run clinics that will subsidize your medical costs or charge you a very low cost. Your state may also have an Office of the Patient Advocate which can be a good resource. Also, this won't help you with doctors visits but will help you with a__sistance for food and nutrition which is vital during pregnancy and afterwards too---the Women, Infants & Children or "WIC" program run by the federal government is something I'd definitely look into (they give you a card so you can get specific products free of charge to you such as orange juice, eggs, dairy products, and healthy cereals, etc. ) Good luck to you I really hope you find some good resources out there.



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