Unicorn Uterus And 37

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lakshmi - January 20

Anyone knows anybody having unicorn uterus having baby? I had two IUI. one in 2004 and the other in 2005. It didn't work. I didn't have normal cycle until december(Dr gave me letrozole 50mg/5 days). This month I had normal ovulation and normal cycle. If anyone knows anything about my problem, pls help me. Tks


L - January 24

I've never heard of a unicorn uterus. Are you sure you don't have a bifurcated uterurs? That would be a uterus with a dividing septum down the middle. Plenty of woman have had multiple pregnancys with a bifurcated uterus. The preg rate depends on how large the septum is. Obviously, the smaller the better. If unicorn uterus is indeed the correct term for what ails ya, I'd love to hear what tt is.


nidhi - March 17

Yes, i had a baby gril , conceived naturally with unicorn uteus, right side. at the time of my delivery my docter told me i have this uterus. i will just advise you to keep trying and please don't loose hope .


luz - March 24

I have a unicorn uterus too. They did a Histerosalpingo something and I have to meet with an especialist.


jamuna - April 10

my daughter has nicorn uterus, was not ovulating, wnet on fertility drugs, got pregnant, miscarried at 5 weeks, is now 20 weeks pregnant. we all are holding our collective breaths and keeping fingers crossed. she has been told that there is a good chance she will have the baby. it is very possible and I wish you lots og good luck. keep trying.it will happen


jamuna - April 10

I will also strongly recomend that you go to a very good fertility clinic. If you are in California a good is Huntington Fertility Clinic


jbelzyt - January 21

Hello, I was researching more unicorn uterus labor information and found this area. I am 28 weeks pregnant with a right side unicorn uterus. I have never miscarried (though they seemed surprised I hadn't!) and so far everything is good. We conceived naturally though it did take quite a while. We didn't conceive until we had pretty much decided to give up for a while! I am a little anxious about going into labor early (so are my doctors!) - hence the internet searches on the subject. Anyway, thought I'd add my positive note - they just keep checking my cervix for any change every two weeks and I take it easy. Still working, walking and doing yoga and feeling really good. But my bags are packed for the hospital just in case! Good Luck!


jbelzyt - April 10

Hello, I wrote below back in January and am now full term with a unicorn uterus. I'm due this Saturday and everything's gone fine. Just wanted to give a positive update ! Hope others are having good luck, too.


KatieG - April 27

Yes!! I have a 15 month old and and little one on the way in Aug. My son was born via C/S. He was feet first. They had told me that I would never be able to have kids and if I some how did get pregnant. I would ever make it though. My son was born at 36.4 weeks. Did not have any probs at all. When it did happen for us was when we gave up. We went right back to just having fun. Forget about trying to have a baby. Just enjoy things.


princess_pie - December 20

I am 35 yrs old and i have had two successful pregnancies with my unicorn uterus. I have a 7 yr old son and 10 yr old son. They did not find my unicorn uterus until i was in my csection for my first son because he was breach and she couldn't turn him...lol cause he didn't have enough room. She called him my miracle baby but since i carried one to full term then should have no troubles with second one. which i didn't have any troubles


chem908 - December 21

I just found out during surgery for endometriosis that I also have a unicorn uterus. I'm almost 30 and my fiance is 35. I had the surgery for the endometriosis to protect my fertility since he had cancer 13 years ago and we knew we'd have some challenges ahead from all the treatments he went through. I've been really upset since learning of my own challenges but it is reasuring to hear of so many of you that conceived and carried to term successfully. My understanding is that you have to be closely monitored because pre term labor is common and they often tie a string under your uterus for more support (there is a more technical term but it's escaped my mind). I know endometriosis also can cause miscarriages, add not being able to conceive naturally to the list and we have a long road ahead-here's hoping!! Best wishes to you!


ceb123 - January 10

It is not confirmed, but I most likely have a unicorn uterus as well. I am 33 weeks pregnant, conceived naturally and have had a very easy pregancy until yesterday. I have to be monitored twice a week now because I pa__sed part of my mucus plug and could go into preterm labor. THe doctors I have are great, and putting me at ease. I am getting steroid shots for 2 days to finish the lung development (which is already started) if I go early, and with the monitoring I feel comforable if the baby comes any day now, though will be premi. mys sister had a unicorn uterus as well (though I think genetic link is not confirmed per my MD) and she carried to term. They found out during c-section since he was breech and would not turn--determined to be not enough room once she was diagnosed in surgery. They feel strong that I am since I am carrying to the left, the baby has always been breech (never turned) but state it can't be confirmed until open-the US just doesn't show clearly enough the shape of the uterus itself, I guess. Hope this helps, I again feel it is not a terrible thing to have, just good to know the risks (preterm, c-sections, etc--not sure about fertility--no problem for my sister or myself) And make sure your doctor is a good one!


Beano30 - February 7

I have had two children both breach. It was not until after the birth of my second child that I wasinformed that I have a unicorn uterus. Both children were concieved without any trouble. The first was born by planned C-sec at 39 weeks the second was born by emergency C-sec at 38 weeks as I went into labour. Both fit and well. The only real issue was with the second whose head was so rammed under my ribs that he had to be forsepped out! So uncomfortable to carry..... but worth it. No one in the medical bods seem to know anything about this condition. I sure some one out there must.....


AstralConfusion - August 14

I have a unicorn uterus and PCOS. Because of the PCOS, I went to a fertility specialist and achieved pregnancy via IUI, on my first attempt! My pregnancy progressed without any problems until I was 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant my water broke. My baby had stayed breech through the entire pregnancy (little did we know she had no room to turn around!) So I ended up with an emergency c-section because when my doctor checked to see how dialated I was, He felt a foot in my cervix! During my c-section is when we found out I have a unicorn uterus, the left side of my uterus is missing, and also my left ovary. Add polycystic ovarian syndrome on top of that, and I am blessed with my healthy little miracle baby girl who is now 11 weeks old. It is possible!


cjelliss - October 10

I have had two children with a unicorn uterus. I wasnt diagnosed with it until I was in the middle of my emergency c-section with my first child who arrived 5 weeks early. My second child made it to the scheduled c-section date at 38 weeks, Both children are healthy and doing well at 5 and 7 tears of age now. I learned during my second c-section that I actually have another non functional unicorn uterus



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