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scared (not anymore) - November 9

i started the thread "anyone 42 and pregnant", and i just wanted to give you an update... I had my level 2 ultrasound yesterday and eveything looks normal but, i have to have another one on dec 6th because they couldnt get a good look at the heart because the baby was spine up. i was soooooo scared that they would find something wrong! every part of the baby they checked i kept asking "is that normal??" and every answer was yes! the baby is measuring right on schedule for 19 weeks. they kept returning to the heart over and over...which made me think something was wrong!! so i started to get all watery eyed...but they explained that they were just trying to get a good look but the baby wouldnt turn over..(wheww!!) well, at least when i go back i get to see my baby again! :) and yes, we got to see the baby's bits! :) and its a ...........GIRL!!! (YAY!!!!)


nancy - November 9

That is WONDERFUL!!! - and I love that you changed your name to scared (NOT ANYMORE!) Good for you! I hope we have the same blessings. Take care!


mother777 - November 9

i am 39 and was also scared. i had a level 2 and they said everything was okay. i have to get another one to see if the placenta moved up. best wishes to all of us


Kim - November 9

I am so happy for you!!!! I was still looking for you on the other thread. Yee haw as we say here in Kentucky. Take wonderful care of yourself and your little girl. Wonderful news mother777!!!! Both of you will be in my prayers.


Suzie - November 9

Awwww...thank you Kim!


Suzie - November 9

are you the same Kim on the other thread that was wondering about clomid? if so, lol warn your husband that you may become very hormonal in a mean way! i was put on clomid last may and my husband said i became very B___hy (sorry)...you also might get hot flashes...it makes your body ovulate...i did get pregnant with clomid but it ended with a m/c at 6 weeks...come to find out i ovulate on my own (i guess our timing was off) with this pregnancy all i used was a ovulation predictor kit and it worked!


Suzie - November 10

Yes, I am the same Kim. Thanks for the heads up on the Clomid. I'm sure hubby will want to know.


Kim - November 10

Suzie - sorry I submitted last message with your name instead of mine.


Cindy - November 11

I am 42 and pregnant with my 5th child! We had a level 2 ultrasound and they too could not see the heart good. I spoke with the OB doc and asked about my alphafeta protein results and it showed 1 in 5000 chance of having down's so we elected not to have another ultrasound. I pray that everything goes okay. The baby is very active but some days like today she is quiet and I get scared. I am 24 weeks and you would think it was my first baby I am so paranoid!... and I am an RN!!!!


To Cindy.. - November 11

Hey Cindy, that is wonderful! Would you please tell me what the alphafeta protein test is?? And when it should be done - - anything you could tell me please. Thanks!


Cindy - November 11

The test may be called something else now because it has four tests in one or something like that. It is a blood test to show your risk of having a down syndrome baby or a baby with neural tube defects. It is usually done around 16-18 weeks pregnancy and according to the levels in your blood it could show a problem. The problem with this test is that is has a big false positive chance and scares a lot of people. In my case, because of my age I was required to have the level 2 ultrasound before I got my blood tests results in.


Nancy - November 11

Thank you Cindy - I think I know which one you're talking about - an AFP?..Thanks again and I'm so very happy for you - 1 in 5000 those are odds I would take in a second! Take care.


Moonblossom - December 6

And I thought I was the only one at 42 to be pregnant ...I am 9 weeks and was scheduled for a termination today, but after a month of soul searching, tears and heartache...I decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. I can only hope this child is healthy, it is my main fear. But I have love galore to give to him or her, as I have my others. Good luck to everyone and many blessings.


Cindy - December 7

Moonblossom; I know it is hard to be pregnant and 42. Things were so easy with my older kids being able to care for themselves and finances were good without childcare worries, etc. I was stressed at first but now I am excited and happy. I didn't let myself get excited until after my ultrasound. I am 27 weeks pregnant now and feel incredibly lucky that I get to experience pregnancy with the little kicks and nudges that I didn't think I would ever feel again. Good luck to you.


justme - December 10

I understand everyones fears but it isn't that odd to be pregnant at 42. It is very common. Even if you look back 50yrs ago women had babies late. I know the media bombards us with the facts that womens eggs are aging and all the risks attributed ti them but the majority of women have a normal and healthy pregnancy! Don't listen to doomsayers! Not all 40 year old women age the same! You might be quite fertile for another 10yrs. (lol). Good luck ! My mum had me at 45 and she started menopause at 55!


To Justme - December 12

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!You are kind to take the time to post that and to give hope!


Stacey_E - January 4

I, too, am 42 and pregnant. I will be 43 when I deliver in April 2006. I have a 12 year old who will be 13 and a 15 year old who will be 16 when I have this baby. I am having a girl and my other two are boys. I am divorced and have been dating this one man since 2000. We have tried for 5 years to conceive and now I am pregnant. I love babies and children. I consider this pregnancy a blessing and a gift from God. Though I do have days when I think that I must be crazy at my age to be pregnant. Other days I am happy. I am a bit overweight and worry about my baby's movement though I feel her move every day. I work and do not always notice her move until I get home and relax. I worry though that she should be moving more. The doctor listened to her heartbeat and said she was moving about though I did not feel her move. Perhaps it is because I have a bit more cushion and do not always feel every movement. I also have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which I had with my first child. I am worried about this new development. Tomorrow, I have three appointments to see dieticians and go over testing my blood 2 hours after I eat each time to check my sugar levels. I never had to do this before but my first child was born in 1990 and things are different now. I am hoping to avoid taking insulin. I am hoping that a diet change will help with my sugar levels. Anyway, I am happy but I do worry a lot over things and I think sometimes I read too much on the internet, which does not help with the worrying. I also have a problem child who has issues with attending school due to anxiety. That causes me stress that I do not need. I worry that the stress from those issues will affect my unborn child. I try to avoid stress but it is not always possible considering I am divorced mom with two other children dealing with their issues on my own because their father will not help except to criticize. My fiancé' does not live with me and so he cannot provide support or help with my children and they are not his and their father should help. However, he is useless at times and so I choose to deal with these issues on my own the best that I can. I have a lot going on and it is overwhelming at times. Anyway, congratulations to all the expectant mothers out there and best of luck to all of you. Best wishes. :-)



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