Update On Trisomy 21

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sylvie - October 24

to all you ladies out there who answered my questions on my finding out my baby has trisomy 21, thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words, advice, support, etc. My husband and I decided that we will not terminate. This baby is a blessing to us, a gift from God and he will not give us more than we can bear, I am taking good care of myself and hope to have him naturally, have done some research and will have a neonatologist on hand at the hospital if the baby is ill in any way, we have told the family and they are here for us if we need anything, now I am relieved and can enjoy the pregnancy! No more tears, I just could not go through with something like that, there is a trisomy 21 online support website that helps and a support group I will join, if I have to work less later on to give him proper care I will make that sacrifice, again, ladies thank you ever so much, God bless you all, I will pray for all of you, take good care.


Mindy - October 24

I am so happy to hear about your news. Every baby IS a blessing from God and no one really has a right to kill a baby unless God takes that baby. May God bless you and your little one. I'll be praying for you.


To Sylvie - October 24

The important things is that you and your husband have agreed on the right choice for your family. Best of luck to you.


Rhonda - October 25

I just want to wish you all the best and God bless you I don't know if I would have had the strength to go thru with it but you never know til you are faced with something like that...I hope your lives are filled with Joy and happiness, and your baby will thrive from all the love you all with give him!!!


@@@ - October 30

I am sorry I have to disagree I think if it was me and I would have to be fair to the child and ourselfs and let god have it as its not a life for a child give it another chance to come back normal its easy to say I will take care of it but you really dont know how much care and heartach is envolved for the rest of both your lives its to heart breaking bring a child like that into the world its only fare to let it go and not suffer in life as an abnornal child but if you are keeping it all the best to you I hope you are stonge and not upsetr easy I have seen it alot trust me its not a happy life


To the last poster - October 30

You might want to keep your opinion to yourself and not bother posting. I have seen a lot of downs babies that grow up with very fulfilling lives with families that love them so much. So please, keep you negative thoughts to yourself. We should be here to offer Sylvie the support that she needs.


to @@@ - November 1

I totally agree with you! BIG TIME.! All those sweet little babies, who are so sick and dont have working bodies, nor minds.@@@ is right! If they could talk they would say, I wish I could of gone back to the lord, rather than be here on earth with parents who are so selfish that wanted a baby so bad, no matter what condition i came in. Now I have to live here, unhappy, and just wishing my parents would of made one unselfish act when I was only weeks old in the womb, and sent me back to my Lord. There's the other side of the story!


My 2cents - November 1

Since you seem to know the Lord, why is "Thou shall not kill" one of the commandments. Do you have a verse that says otherwise. The Lord would not have put these babies on this earth if he did not have a purpose for them. Nobody knows how God works in the hearts of these children but one thing is for sure you can see God at work in their smiles and laughter. You also can look at it from this point of view and say maybe you are too selfish to take care of a child like that. That would tie your life down and wreck it. Everyone on this earth wants a perfect life but we all can't have it. If these children have to die because they are not perfect then you must think the sick and elderly must die also, it all goes hand in hand. I guess we shall all find out when we meet our Creator because he is the only One that has that right!!!


another 2 cents - November 1

the loard makes our souls not our jeans and our jeans get messed up sometimes not the loards fault thats natures fault the load is not to blame for for the generic effects


@@@ - November 1

for my 2 cents I am so sorry you feel that way but now you must make the best of what you have and I hope you have alot of love around you I hate to hear of see anyone suffer that is not gods way . All the best to you.


%%% - November 1

Yes of coarse the very sick should be allowed out of there pain My mom was 55 and had cancer she was in so much pain and on so much morphine she didnt even know who we were and to see the tears in her eyes of pain I preyed every night for god to take her and save her from this pain they aske if we wanted to resusated we said no way whenits time let her go . My dad was 66 he had dieabities his kidneys failed and he was in so much pain and so sick all the time with heart trouble ect that he was allowed to stop all his med and insulin I remember his call to me telling me and i astayed with him for 3 days and watched him slowly die I was very made he did this but then realized he did it to not suffer and I shouldnt be selfish to have a suffing man here for me now i know he is with my mom and no pain


To@@@ - November 2

Comparing human beings to jeans, now that is a new one to me LOL.


TO:My 2 cents - November 3

The Lord also gave us brains to discover science and technology to create tests such and amino, CVS triple screen and many more, so we can make informative decisions whether to keep or give back to the lord . You also say,"Iam to selfish to take care of a child like that, thats just it! its not about us, its about the child. As far as the elderly, They have lived there long life, and would never had made it as "an elderly person" if they were not healthy at birth.


my 2 cents - November 4

I don't like to be call a religious person but just someone who loves to study and read the bible also I just love my Lord. I am not trying to put @@@ down but she left a nasty message on this thread that they took off, I just want her to understand that she is not perfect like these children and everyone has a right to be born. As for your son, I am so sorry to hear that people have treated him so cruel that he has turned his heart from God. As a mother all you can do is pray for him to turn his life around and come back to God because God is the Best Friend anyone can have. Read the bible and you will find just how he wants us to live from our beginnings of life to the end. It is an amazing book!!


To Sylvie - November 4

I'm so glad to hear of your decision. The pain and remorse that would come after all this would be unbearable. What lies ahead is truely a blessing that God feels your the right couple to handle this. He does not give us more than we can handle when we turn towads him and lean on him for all. Sounds like your family and friends are there for you also. Youre lucky to have them.


to last post - November 4

if he doesnt give us more then we can handel then why does he make us deformed??


Naomi - November 15

Dear Sylvie, you've made a loving choice and I would do the same. You will be such wonderful parents to your child (you already are)! Stay positive and ignore comments from people who disagree with your choice. Blessings and love to you all.



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