Vaginal Vibrations During Pregnancy

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vlw01 - May 12

Hello all. This may seem like a strange question but I'm about 10 weeks along and about 2 weeks ago I started to get this va___al "fluttery" sensation when I sat in certain positions. I've been to the doctor for an 8 week exam and everything with the baby is good. Good hb, placenta developing well etc. I asked the doc about it and he said it could be from the baby or a result of the increased blood flow and I'm just more sensitive to it but since then the occassional flutter has turned into an almost incessant vibration. I'm not concerned that it's a bad thing (in fact, I think it's God and the babies way of saying everything is OK) but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience?? It's kind of wierd and cool at the same time!!! LOL


Harvestdance - May 17

I've felt it too! Couldn't explain it but you're not alone! I've never read anything about that happening either.


ThePezChick - May 17

I had the same type of vibrations early on. At one doctor's appt. I was told it was from the increase in blood flow. I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow and now feel the baby move. I had wondered if the vibrations were the baby moving, but now believe they weren't as the movements feel much different. Like people say, it does feel like tiny bubbles popping... not like gas though. Usually one and sometimes followed by another or more. Never multiple ones though like when you have gas.


vlw01 - May 17

Thanks PezChick - I've definitely wondered if I was already feeling some aspect of baby movement already so I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait for the "real thing"!! Can't wait! Like Harvestdance said though, I've looked everywhere I knew to look to find some info on the vibrational movement and couldn't find anything anywhere!


ThePezChick - May 17

I kept feeling all these strange feelings, but was never sure what they were. When my son kicked (or punched) on Mother's day I was positive it was him moving. If felt much different than the other sensations. Now I can feel him at least every day. I feel pressure in my lower pelvic area frequently and little hits or kicks oca__sionally, especially when I lie down. Like I said, when it happened I definitely knew it was him moving. Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy. Isn't it amazing???


iakram - May 29

Omgosh! me too...only i've felt it more recently i'm 31 weeks....i thought i was going crazy! so it's the increased blood flow? that makes sense! thanks


ibk8t - June 14

yes...I had it once or twice....must be a jumpy nerve or something


juliathetiny - February 28

I've had it too! I thought i was going crazy! So great to read about other women experincing the same things. I am only 4 weeks along


taza - March 6

hi, im getting that also,im only 4 weeks pregnant,its the weirdest feeling ever, its like a Throbbing ??


Rebecca27 - December 3

I'm 9 weeks. I've been having the same feelings. I came to the site hoping for some kind of help. Thanks for all your comments. Makes me feel better that I'm not alone in this.


jo56pl - December 18

I am 5 weeks along and for the last 3-4 days I've been feeling this vibration sensation off and on - and thinking I was crazy. Very glad to see I'm not alone. It is off and on and last for as long as it wants to regardless of the sitting position I'm in.


Violetiyes - February 5

Im 7 weeks and Ive had that "Fluttery" sensation down there too!... it started this morning and i was like 'what the?......' cool im glad you shared this lady ^_^ ~Jaclyn


mom24ancounting - August 15

Glad to see others have this as well. I've been getting this "v____al flutter" as well and thought it a bit odd as I haven't had it with my other pregnancies. Glad to hear it is normal


holmestead - January 7

Realize that this is an old thread but was very glad to see if when I searched! I felt this almost all day yesterday... In trying to describe it to my husband I came up with that it feels like I have a butterfly in my underpants hahahaha! I haven't gotten a BFP yet.... Only 10 DPO. Crossing my fingers!



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