VERY Early Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

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ck - June 3

My husband and I have decided to start a family. I'm 36 and excitedly-nervous. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what very early pregnancy symptoms were experienced, if any. Is it possible to feel different almost immediately? We've only been trying for a week and I already 'feel' pregnant. I have slight cramps, slightly sore br___ts (like when I have my period), slightly nauseous and just ... different. Is this just my head playing tricks on me?


Been There - June 3

You're probably just very excited and reading into the symptoms you already have. I can tell you that with this pregnancy I had very, very sore b___sts. Silly me didn't realize what was happening. I just kept wondering what I had done (like lifting or something) that could have been causing the pain. I felt that about a week before I realized I was a few days late. So terribly sore b___sts can happen very early. Having said that, it's also possible to have no symptoms and be pregnant. The only really noticable thing in most cases is a late period. So, my advice to help you not drive yourself crazy is to wait out your AF. Unless, of course, you're nausea is actually vomiting or your slightly sore b___sts become very sore. Then you may be onto something. I hope this helps.


Perl - June 3

I did not feel any symptoms until weeks after realizing that my period was late and getting a positive pregnancy test, but that's not to say that you can't feel any symptoms before since our bodies all respond differently. If you had intercourse on one of your fertile days and while you were ovulating then most likely since you're feeling this way you could be pregnant. I wish you luck!!


ck - June 3

Thanks for your responses, Been There and Perl. Having slept on it for another night, I think it's very likely that this is just the excitement playing with my head. I guess I'll wait it out and see. Thanks :-)


ck - June 14

UPDATE -- I took a test today (4, actually) and it was positive! I guess I know my body pretty well :-) I'm now anxious about the next few months and pray to God that He looks after our baby.


Kristin72 - June 14

ck, Congratulations!! Great news for you..I wish you all the best...It is obvious that you do know your body well..Good Luck in the weeks to come!! Kristin


ck - June 14

Thank you so much, Kristin. I must say, this forum has been such a source of comfort for me, and the genuine kindness and friendliness by all is really something. Thank you!



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