Vitex And Pregnancy

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Karen - August 10

40 and just found out I'm pregnant (unplanned). Only explanation can think of is that I recently started seeing a naturapath who prescribed Vitex for PMS. Now I read that Vitex is also used for fertility problems and can increase chances of pregnancy. No warning from naturopath. Very angry and distressed. Have just changed jobs (so no ent_tlement to maternity leave), and was finally looking forward to end of dual private school fees this month as oldest finishes high school. No real question other than has this happened to anyone else? Just venting at irresponsible naturopath that got me into this mess.


Trina - August 18

Karen, I very sorry to here about your unplanned pregancy, but i can tell you now that i believe that babies are not mistakes, yes, it unplanned, but not a mistake. I will keep you in my prayers daily, I hope the upcoming bundle of joy, bring you happeness. Keep thinking positive and don't listen to other who are negative. I pray that you job will give you some leave of absence. but don't worry, God might have a better plan for you. I don't know your belief, but I know that if you continue to seek God for help, He will help you. I just know it. I'm not 40, i'm 37 and my husband and I are trying to have a child of our own. Babies are a blessing. Remember, God will provide all your needs.


Karen - August 24

yes it can aid in pregnancy, it helps to regulate your menus cycle, you should have been warned


Ana - September 4

Karen, I know how you feel, but think of your baby as a miracle. So many women cannot get pregnant. You are luck! I am sure this baby will bring you joy.


Ana - September 4

Karen, I know how you feel, but think of your baby as a miracle. So many women cannot get pregnant. You are lucky! I am sure this baby will bring you joy.


Désirée - September 16

Yes Vitex can aid in pregnancy. It happened to me too. I read about it on the net and started using it to cure PMS. I also just found out that I am pregnant. It was unplanned because I am in final and fourth year university. But I welcomed it, my partner and I are so happy and are very thankful to God. Babies are blessing from God. Keep praying and the Good Lord will provide all your needs. This is the time to be happy and thankful to God, no pregnancy is a mistake. I will keep you in prayers and I can promise you all will be well. God bless you.


ann - November 18

Karen and other girls: How long did you take vitex and at what dose? I have been taking vitex. I have a short Cycle and a short AF.


Our greatest gift - March 7

Vitex does work.... My periods have always been irregular and my husband and I were planning on having a baby.... On Jan. 24th I started taking Vitex and Jan. 29th got my period .... I was taking two 250 mg/day... Feb. 6th and 7th we made love and on Feb. 18th I took early pregnancy test and came positive....


maryg - March 8

I took vitex to get pregnant and it worked in one cycle after we had been trying for almost a year. I took NSI brand from, 2 capsules each morning. Taking vitex was kind of a last ditch effort for me to avoid fertility treatment and I was amazed at how well it worked. I'll definitely consider using it down the road for other issues as well.


trying4number1 - August 23

Just curious - how long did you take it before becoming pregnant?


trying4number1 - August 26



Lesley616 - March 18

Vitex aided in my current pregnancy after 10+ years of infertility


hallie - December 24

Hi, I am 33 and we have been ttc for almost a yr. I have endomet. and we started the infertility tests in order to start IUI or IVF. I read about vitex and false unicorn root for fertility and started taking it this month. Your stories are very inspiring and hopefull, thanks


afliz - September 29

I always had irregular periods and had tried for over a year to get pregnant, but never did. Finally I heard about Vitex and thought I would try it. Within 2 months of taking Vitex I was pregnant! I noticed after taking 3 pills in the morning for 2 weeks, that I was having ovulation symptoms, and not long after we concieved. I am still taking 2 pills every morning for the first trimester to prevent miscarriage.


Desperate 2 B Pregnant - October 31

I am as well ttc. I have been for almost two years now and nothing. I haven't been diagonosed with infertility or anything, but I googled some remedies to help fertility and came across Vitex. I just went and bought my first bottle today, and I'm crossing fingers. (: This site has been very spirit lifting to me that there is still a possiblity for me.


desperate2bmommi - February 29

I have extremely irregular periods and I dont want to take BC anymore because i am TTC. I recently came across information on Vitex. I have been TTC for the past few months and had no luck. How long did it take some of you who have been taking this to get pregnant?


soreadytoBamom - July 19

new to thesite im just so excite about my new find ( vitex) and i hear good things jut started taking it last nite 400mg and two today july 19th hope this work for me i try clomid so im've been rgl for the last three month but didn't get peg .i will not going to doc this cycle i want to try some more affordable



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