Wanting Another Child But Have Cheaper Ways At Doing It

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joanniehallchinn - December 4

hi ladies! i'm a 35yr old woman who got married 1 yr on dec.28th. im married to someone who i really love to take a chance at having another child with. you see i have four but they aren't his, i mean don't get me wrong he loves them too. but what i'm really writing for is another woman who may have experienced the same things i am, who has had a successfully had a child. i found out that my ovaries are both full of follicles and some possible tumors in the lower segment of my uterus. again you see, i was told in june that both of my ovaries were full of follicles with leaking in one of my adnexas. but then months later like oct. my gastric dr. said that there was a fullness in my uterus the size 3.0 times 4.0, and my right ovary was hiden behind my uterus. also that there was nothing in the left ovary, then. now this recent ultrasound i was told that the fullness is fibroids. could they be mistaken and think that a fibroid could be mistaken from being a baby. how could all of this be that they've overlooked this so called fibroid? i've had so much hope for another child that i've had minor symptoms of pregnancy, but im despret for wanting another. please help.


mommybbing143 - December 21

Hello, I think the best thing that you do is to consult and listen to your doctor. Everything here are mostly opinions.


littlecow67 - December 23

hi love sory to hear bout ur problems, go n nag ur dr for more tests, i like u have married a guy who has no children, although i have 2, in the last 8mths iv had 2 m/cs n then in nov i started feeling preg again but its not to b, i went to my dr again n again they finally listend to me n sent me for a scan tues 16th nov 08, unfortunatly wasn't news i was hoping 4, i was refered bk to dr 2 days l8r n now gota c my consultant on mon 29th dec 08, not looking forward to it, but might get sum answers, plz love go bk to ur dr, if you don't get any luck with 1 arrange to c another good luck,



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