Week 5 And Bleeding- Mom Age 47- Please Help

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s4748 - April 27

Hi there, I am new here, just realized I am preg 2 days ago. Please don't judge me. I am 47 year mom for 2 grown up kids. My last preg was 6 years ago, I had a healthy preg till month 5 when the baby got tangled in the cord and died. I had d&c. I was devastated. I wanted that baby so much and I was completely broken. After that my doc told me I will probably won't be able to get preg again due to my age and that he thought I had no more ovulation. I took it as a word of truth and believed in it. Regardless , my hormonal state was horrible after losing my baby and even though my periods got to regular timing quick ,I still did not get preg. I did had ovulation signs every month , but could not get preg. It ured me that my doc back then was right. I am not going to get preg ever again. It took me 6 years to accept it, to realize that I am not going to have any more kids and that is the way it is going to be. Until this month...I did not get my period as usual. I thought , well, I am 47 it is probably the pre menopause time and it starts...but I had signs of preg and I felt as I was preg. After searching the net for pre menopause signs I could not see I had them, so I have decided to take the home test for preg just to make sure. It was clear to me it will come negative. But to my surprise it came positive. I was white ,lost my heart beat and was in shock. I did not know what to think. I am 47...I immediately started to calculate the age of the child when I am 50,60 and after that I stopped...I was confused. That was last Saturday, 2 days ago. By Sunday morning I was over the moon with happiness! My husband was happy from the very first moment, he was not confused what so ever. I immediately calculated my due date, and realized I am around week 5. But...the same day, yesterday, around 3.30pm I got bleeding...I forgot to mention that I had 2 m/c around week 5 when I was 40 years, before I got preg and before the d&c was done to terminate my preg. So I was bleeding , looking for clots and saw 1 small clot , did not look like what i was used to see in my previous m/c. Since then till now, Monday, it is still bleeding, very few clots or more to say stretchy membranes (sorry for the description), , bright blood (what concerns me) and only bleeding when I pee, the pad is clean . I don't have pain or crams as I did before in my previous m/c . Just the bleeding and not so much but it is there and it is fresh blood. Does not look brown, and this is what concerns me. I did not go to doc yet, as I just realized I am preg 2 days ago and did not even got the time to adjust it...I am planning to do another home test tomorrow, my thinking is that the hcg level will probably go down completely by then and the test will come negative, as I am thinking this is another m/c. Of course if it will come positive, I will got to ER . I am trying to be positive, but I find it extremely hard. By the way I live in a rural area with no medical facility close by so it is hard to just jump to see a doc, it is a drive of 2.5 hours...which I will be more than happy to do tomorrow if the test will be positive. Does anyone around my age with similar signs? Any info, input ,anything , will be appreciated and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read my long post. I wish all of us good luck!



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