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Caitlin - May 12

Are women over 35 more likely to have neg urine tests and/or mild periods (shorter and lighter than normal) during pregnancy? Also, do babies form mothers over 35 tend to develop slower? Thanks


Alison - May 12

Caitlin I don't know about the urine tests & periods during pregnancy over 35 but as far as I am aware the baby's development should not be slower. My mother was 36 when I was born and I developed normally! :o)


Tammy - May 12

Caitlin-I was 41 when my son was born. He is more advanced than my daughter was a the same age. I was 25 when she was born.


MommyAgain - May 12

I think it best to ask your doctor these things. If a woman is healthy, I don't see where age alone would have any negative effects on a baby. I think the worry with age is that a lot of women have developed other health issues by then that could be harmful. Good luck with everything :)


Me - May 13

see I have this problem, and cant seem to get a straight up answer.. first off, I am 42 yrs old.. always had 30 day cycles normal flow 6-7 days long.. until Mar.. then they went down to 4 day.. only light flow first 2 days and only in morn.. then april came. same thing. that was on the 14th of apr.. then had strange clear dm week of the 25-1st.. then on the 2nd of May ( mind you 12 days early) same thing.. light flow only in morn then spotty last 2 days.. my problem is.. I wasnt supposed to start until 13th (today) my question is.. which one do I count as a af.. the 2nd or should I a__sume today I should start.. I was having PG signs.. sore bbs.. fuller, yest morn I was feeling ickky all day (woke up that way) tired, almost fluish like.. then 3 days ago.. I saw all these blue veins running through my chest.. up to shoulders, down around sides of bbs, and down both sides of stomach.. also they are now down my legs.. ( not vericose.. I know what those look like).. so should I take a pg test.. or could it be the onset of menopause.. ( no I havent had hot flashes lol) I have been moody tho, snappy, emotional, I just dont know.. please give me your thoughts on this..thank you.. and bty.. congrats to all of you who are expecting.. :)


Hmm - May 13

1. Take a pregnancy test to varify or eliminate it. 2. If you aren't pregnant it is very possible your body is just "changing up" a bit. I have had irregular periods for years. Sometimes I will go several years without a single one, then other times I might have 5 or 6 normal ones within a year. Everyone is different, but chances are that your body will eventually go through changes and not maintain the regular pattern you are use to.


Caitlin - May 13

I know in my family, we tend not to be normal when it comes to our period. One relative had a period throughout her pregnancy and even though my mom was told she had entered menopause 2 years ago, she is still having periods (although not every month)! I am wondering if this family trait could make it hard to tell when pregnant, especially since I'm over 35.


Gail - May 22

I am 37 years old and I have 2 children. I lost a baby when I was 31, at 17weeks. My periods have always been long, and I had to use clomid to conceive my second child. I ovulate around day 19 of my cycle. My recent concern is this is day 54 and I feel pregnant. I have taken 3 tests and all are negative, and as much as I am relaxed about having another child at my age, and feel that if I am pregnant I will soon now for sure when nothing fits (haha)...a part of me worries that I am an older mother now and if tests are showing up negative and I am pregnant with history of miscarraige if I should insist on a blood test or ultrasound to verify one was or the other. Does anyone know if HCG hormone is lower in older mothers? When I had my second child with clomid I had to have blood tests done every other day once I had a positive test, to check & see if the hormone was increasing properly. When I lost the babay at 31 they thought I had a molar pregnancy but the pathology report didn't support it. I also have a blood clotting disorder that worries me. Any thoughts?


Lorie - June 6

Anybody every have a sunburn when pregnant?


L - June 6

Lorie you are more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy so sunburn is not uncommon. Make sure you take extra precautions in the sun as you will be more affected than usual. It affects some women more than others.



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