Whats Your Best Working Fix Its For Preg Issues

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julie 7 - January 4

hi, this is a great site, lots of information, lots of care and kindness. i thought i'd start a thread to list what the prob was and what worked for me and hope that you also could offer your top ones to. deep pelvic pain with walking, lifting leg: this was pelvic bone seperation, a condition caused by sensitivity to the hormon relaxin or too much relaxin. my doc poo poo'd the pain. chiropractic adjustments worked wondrs. breech baby in late pregnancy: did webster technique, which has a high sucess rate of turning the baby before delivery. chiropractic with trained webster technique, adjstments on the hip bones that opens more room for baby to turn. constipation: switched from reg prnatals which contain a hard to digest form of iron to pregnancy packets that specifically ar designed with iron easy to digest. ate jarred prunes which really can b tasty. munched on papaya enzyme tablets which taste good too. purple legs from vericosis. this was so painful. i got a bicycl i could do laying down or sitting down and just did one minute at a time several times a day. this forced blood thru my legs back up into my body and helped tremendously. depression.anxiety: i tried accupunctur with a pregnancy specialist and sh placed the ndls in my ear. i can honestly say this technique helped alot. gaining too much too fast: i was skinny before i got preg but have gained 70 so far and hav time left before the baby is done. i decided to go on a gestational diabtes diet which is a healhy eating plan that cuts out the sugar and fat that is not good for the baby anyway. i looked it up online and found sveral to work from that include the foods i like anyway. it has increased my enegy and helped me not ness put on less but feel stronger health wise.



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