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patty - July 29

I had s_x Dec. 18, 20, ,24, 25, 27 and the 29 with two different partners. My due date is September 12 according to the ultrasound. I took a pregnancy test Jan. 2 and it was negative but a test Jan. 5 was positive. Please advise.


to Patty - July 30

Depends, did you have s_x with two different men on the same days? If so, there's no telling. If they were on different days, having s_x with the guy 29 Dec, would not have given you a positive test, just 7 days later, and unlikely the 27th too. The 20th or 24th sounds most likely to result in a pregnancy, which comes up negative on Jan 2nd but postive on Jan 5th. Which test did you use? More importantly, when was your last AF before you had s_x in Dec? If you normally have 28 days cycles, you are likely to have ovulated around 13/14 days after that. Not definite but likely. But since you tested negative on the 2nd of Jan. and positive on the 5th, that does help pinpoint when you conceived.


Patty - July 30

Thank you so much for your response. My husband and I had been going through a seperation around Christmas. Even though we were constantly fighting and entertaining divorce we were intimate. The date that I am concerned about is the 29th. Some friends took me out to cheer me up and I unfortunately drank too much and wound up making out with another man. I'm not real sure that we had s_x. I was afraid enough that I took an ept early pregnancy test on January 2 not realizing it takes several days to get a positive. The test was negative and I thought I was in the clear. However, on a hunch a took the test again January 5 and it was positive. I usually have 30 day cycles. My husband and I have reconciled and as my due date approaches I become more and more worried. I think it was probably too early to be positive on the 5th, 7 days after and according to my ultrasound I should have conceived around the 20th of December. But I just worry about the accuracy. Do you think I have anything to worry about? Do you still think I conceived around the 20th or 24th. I really appreciate your rea__surance. I realize this is morally awlful dilema to be in. I'm already consumed with guilt. I just want to be able to look forward to the birth of my baby girl.


Patty - July 30

Oh, I forgot to mention I am unsure of my last menstral cycle. I thought it was at the end of November but it must have been at the beginning of December.


to Patty - July 30

Pattie, it would be sooo unlikely to get a positive hp test 7 days after s_x. The urine tests in drug stores would probably not show positive until you are at least 10 dpo. (Many women show positive around 12/13/14 days after ov.) I still think the 20th or 24th is most likely to show up a positive on the 5th. Did you have an early u/s? Early u/s are very accurate, and if they said 20th, not 29th (and the u/s was in the first trimester, the earlier the better), then I think they are right! Plus you did have s_x around the 20th. When was your last period? Does the u/s due date agree with your calendar due date? Anyway, if you have 30 day cycles, you are likely to have ovulated on or around cycle day 16. Does this help? The 29th wasn't the 16th day of your cycle was it? That would be kind of good, if you remembered what day of your cycle the 29th was. Any idea? Hey, I'm sorry you are having this dilemna, when you should be looking forward to the birth of you little girl. Pregnancy can sometimes make you more anxious anyway. Maybe you didn't even have actual intercourse on the 29th?


to Pattie - July 30

Pattie, just saw what you wrote about not quite remembering the day of your last period. If you thought earlier, but it was actually early Dec, then you wouldn't have been ovulating on the 29th! (with a 30 day cycle). If you had your period say the 4th of Dec, then you ovulated 16 days later (normal for a 30 day cycle) and you conceived the 20th. If you had your period anytime before the 10th, even the 12th of Dec, then the 29th did not cause the pregnancy. Because you don't get pregnant 3 weeks into your cycle, not with a 30 day cycle. It would be truly exceptional.


Simple. - July 30

Ask your DOCTOR


Patty - July 31

Thanks again so much for your rea__suring words. I think your probably right about conceiving on or around the 20th. I have had four ultrasounds so far and they have all pin pointed the 20th or 21st of Dec. as the conception date. I had an u/s on Jan. 13 which detected no heartbeat but the gestational sac and teensy embryo were visible. I had an u/s on Jan. 27 which dated gestational age at 7w1d. An u/s on Feb. 14 dated gestational age at 9w6d and the last one April 5 dated gestational age at 17w1d. I would ask my doctor more about this but he is an aquitance of my husbands and I don't want to raise any suspicion. I am having another u/s this Thursday to see how the baby is presenting and I think I will discretly ask the u/s technician. Also I found out that the ept test will detect 40 miu and the body produces 25 miu about 10 days after conception.


to Patty - July 31

Those early ultrasounds are excellent markers. You wouldn't see a teensy embryo 16 days after conception. If the 29th had been 'the date'. It sounds exactly like what you'd see with a 5 week plus a couple of days baby. You can always ask your technician, (asking for a friend or whoever) if it's possible to see an embryo and sac 16 days after conception, or if it's 'too early to see anything' at that stage. I'm sure it's too early to see a sac and embryo! Or you can say, you'd love to know if you made the baby this date or that date, and isn't it true that it's gotta be the earlier date, if you already saw an embryo on the 13th. I think it's very good you had those u/s because they do confirm who's the father. I really wish you the best, and I hope you and dh work things out and will enjoy your beautiful baby you have together. Once you have settled this issue, you can relax, the birth is the easy part now...~smile~~PS: I found this when I searched on Google: - Early Ultrasound appearence: The earliest visible gestational sac is seen at 4.5 weeks as an echogenic ring, with a tiny central hypoechoic area. Gestational Sac first appears at 4.5 weeks, and should be seen in virtually all normal 5 week intrauterine pregnancies.The Gestational sac and yolk sac (secondary yolk sac) are seen beginning at 4.5-5 weeks, before a recognizable embryo is seen. The yolk sac is a definite evidence of a true gestational sac, first seen at 5 weeks. It is a landmark to the early embryo, which develops along it's outer margin. By v____al probe, high resolution scanning, the embryo is first seen between 5.7-6.1 weeks, with heartbeat appearing at 6.2 weeks. Small normal embryos may not have a heartbeat.' --So, again ask your technician by all means, but everything points to not being able to see either a sac and certainly not an embryo, prior to 4.5 weeks. (Embryo after 5)! Also, as you said EPT wouldn't have picked up your pregnancy if it had only been 7 days!!!


Patty - August 1

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for all your help. You have seriously been like an angel to me. This has been so hard for me and I have had no one to talk to about it. Thank you for not being judgemental. I'll let you know what the u/s technician says.


to Patty - August 1

Good luck and yes, keep us posted. If you ever feel you need to talk, just chat on here. Keep this thread, or just call it 'To Patty". Just remember, not long to go and you'll be holding your precious little one!


k - August 14

If the last day of my first period was July 16 when was my conception date?


Patty - August 15

I saw the ultrasound technician last week and now I'm a little worried. I was 35w4d and the baby was measuring 34w showing a due date of Sept. 23. I know that babies grow at different rates later on and I'm hoping that is the case. Any thoughts?


TunaBelly - September 8

Hi, everyone! I have the same problem as Patty. I had s_x with my bf on April 25, 27, 29 and May 1. On May 20, I had s_x with a different partner. On May 26, I found out I am pregnant by using a pregnancy test kit. My ultrasound on that same day showed a 4 wk. old gestational sac. On June 9, I had another ultrasound which showed that I am already 7w3d. All tests and computations show that I am pregnant with my bf's baby. But I'm still worried sick and paranoid. I know I sound stupid but I hope somebody can shed light on this. Thanks!


charlotte - September 8

I am sorry you were going through a divorce,but you should be more careful,think before you leap.It took ages before I would ever go to bed with someone.I hope it is your husbands,I really do.


Maidencanada - September 8

Patty dont worry. The measurements are not always right! at 35 weeks my u/s showed my son to be a whooping 10 pounds and they were sure that the previous u/s was wrong and I was 38 weeks. The decided to wait it out a bit before inducing. I refused to e induced and when my son was born at 40 weeks this whooping big baby turned out to be a 7' 8" baby. go figure!



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