When Is It My Turn This Is Getting To Me

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twotimesthecharm - June 12

I am a little discouraged at this point in my TTC journey. We have been TTC since 03/2003 without success. Nothing is wrong per the docs, just will happen in time. I am tired of waiting and doing things right and it hasn't happen. Everywhere I look someone is pregnant, just not happenning my home. Sorry to vent but I am overflowing with sadness.


Perl - June 13

I'm so sorry to hear that you are sad and discouraged right now. If your Dr's have rea__sured you then you need not give up hope. I have a friend who went through something similar. She only had one ovary and had other problems and after 4 years of TTC she gave up in anger and sadness and threw away everything (thermometers, pills, charts, etc) then she got pregnant the very next month!! What have your Doctors done to help you along? Are you getting any type of fertility treatment? At this point there has to be more done than just 'wait and see'. It's good to hold out hope--never give up hope.


Prisoner_of_Hope - June 13

Two times, I too feel for you and can understand your frustration. I agree that indeed it does seem that everywhere you turn someone is having a baby. As a matter of fact, both my 40-something sisters in law had babies this year - out of the blue. As I continue to struggle. I don't know how to encourge you except to say don't give up, but let go. Continue to try, but let go of the results. But like Perl says don't give up hope. See my username?? It's a life sentence man (its from the bible). HANG ON!!! ((((HUGGSS) Elise


christa0120 - June 13

GO SEE A REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGIST!!! a REGULAR ob/gyn is NOT specially trained in infertility. If you have been ttc since 2003 with out success, there is a problem. Seek the proper medical attention.


miraclebaby - June 13

I agree with christa, you need to go to a infertility doctor. Have you had your tubes checked , checked for polyps, cysts, did you fight off your husband sperm. Test your hormone levels. There is alot to be done. and don't give up I tried for 13 yrs to have a second child and when god was ready he gave her to me. I am now 37 weeks. Power of prayer


lovemy3 - June 13

I agree to with seeing the specialist. but even more so I agree with the power of prayer and God's timing. It must be very difficult and my heart and prayers are with you. we have ran into the waiting game trying ttc our fourth and I am impatient and its only been a few months. i will keep you in prayer.



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