Who Has Had Good Experience With Amniocentis

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Collen - October 23

Debating on whether or not I should get this done and would like to hear positive stories, I'm frightened by what I read about it.


Debi - October 23

Hi Collen, I was no fan of the amnio either, but I ended up in a situation that I really had to have it done. I was so scared and you know what, it was no big deal. I am overweight so I am considered a "hard stick" but it was a really simple procedure and the results that I got back eased my mind so much that it was totally worth it. The main thing is to make sure that the doctor is really experienced. Good luck to you, let me know what you decide.


Carolyn - October 24

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I heard a lot bad and good reports about the amnio before I decided to have one. For me, it was the most accurate test offered and alleviated my fears once I got the results. The test took about 15 minutes and virtually painless; you initially feel the needle pierce your skin as if blood is being drawn but that's it. I closed my eyes when the doctor came with the needles and kept them closed during the amnio. The doctor kept the ultrasound on the whole time and kept talking to me to rea__sure me during the procedure. I had the amnio performed at a top hospital so I knew the doctor was experienced and the risks miniscule. I felt fine after the procedure and had no side effects like spotting. I know there are many people who are afraid of taking the risks, but bear in mind that the risk factor is very, very small - less than 1 or 2% - and that it's 99.5% accurate. Of course, not everyone feels this way. There are many people who are opposed to any medical tests or procedures during pregnancy and do know want to know if they are carrying a baby with a birth defect and/or abnormality even if the chances are very, very small - even for people between 35 and 43. Personally, I didn't consider the amnio to be invasive, but I realize that other people will disagree with me. It's a personal decision to make based on how you feel about medical testing/procedure, expectations, etc. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Gina - October 24

I had the CVS procedure and it hardly hurt at all. I found out results in 3 days and the s_x of my baby at 13 weeks!


KFish - October 24

I had a good experience. My healthcare provider is Kaiser in California. They have 3 physicians that only to amnios and he was very gentle and very quick. True the neddle hurts a little bit, but then again, I cannot stand to get any shots either. They let me watch the procedure on the ultrasound screen to show that they were not hurting the baby and they let me rest for a bit before I got up and left. I felt that it was totally worth it and it gave me peace of mind that nothing was wrong with my baby.


KFish - October 24

I forgot to mention that Kaiser requires that you take a cla__s before you have the amnio and all my questions and concerns to answered.


Elena - October 25

I am happy to hear these positive results. I am a nurse and decided early I would have the amnio because I am 36. But do not mention it to other nurses! That is what I found out. Everyone has an opinion...even the male nurses were telling me how much it hurt! Like they would know! So I have learned to keep my mouth shut and just listen to my doctor. He has been an OB for over 30 years and very experienced. He says the chances of anything bad happening are so miniscule...especially with the medical advances of today. I have learned in my pregnacy to follow my own heart and do what I feel is right.


to KFish - October 25

I was so happy to read you post. I'm with Kaiser in Calif also and my amnio is scheduled for next week. I've been nervous even though I attended the cla__s and was told by my RE that my amnio Dr was the best in the group. Hearing all of this from someone who actually went through this with the same provider is much more comforting than everything the professionals tell us.


d - October 26

I had an amnio done because I will be 36 when I deliver and wanted to bypa__s all the other tests. I was really scared, but it ended up being totally fine. While not pleasant, the needle going in was not much worse than having blood drawn (but different because of the location). For me the uncomfortable part was while they drew out the fluid, sort of a crampy feeling, but it was over 20 seconds after I started feeling it. I had no after effects, and the results came back fine. They did an extensive ultrasoiund beforehand and checked the baby's heart beat afterwards to mnake sure he was okay. I just did not look at the needle and kept my eyes closed duringthe whole thing, and it was over very quickly. Good luck!


Lm - October 31

I had an amnio done at approximately 19 weeks (they were going to do it at 17 weeks, but the top membrane on my uterus had not yet "fused" so my high risk specialist wanted to wait 2 weeks). The experience, while not pleasant, was basically painless, and the waiting period just awful, was what I had to do to find some peace with my pregnancy. I had NO problems whatsoever. . (AND the amnio results were clear!) however, I had the procedure done by a high risk specialist who does amnios daily. I researched the facility statistics and obtained my doctor's personal stats also (you can just ask him or her for their stats). With that information I felt comfortable and it was an excellent choice for me. . I am considered high-risk as a result of age (35 which is still young darnit!); I had an earlier placental bleed, and the docs found choloroid plexis cysts on the baby (which went away by week 21). Anyways. . .I was not a fan either and also terrified, but in the end. . .I truly believe it is what I needed to be OK . .The decision is so personal. .and having been through it, the bottom line question is: what would you do with the information? Best of luck in your decision, but really, try not to fear the test too much - just make sure you get it done (if you do it) by a doctor who does it ALL THE TIME.


natalie - November 1

It is not as bad as people say, i did not even feel it just a little pressure when the needle went in...you do have other options too.


Ana - November 5

I had it done last Monday and I am fine.


L - November 6

I had an amnio 5days and it was no big deal. It felt no different than having blood drawn and certainly not uncomfortable. I was a bit surprise when the doctor said it was all done about 30 seconds after it started. I'm really glad I had it done.


Leeanne(Australia)42 - November 7

HI Collen, I had an amnio yesterday, it was less painful than a blood test, I just closed my eyes and relaxed. from the time the needle enters, it takes about 30 to 45 seconds to be completed. Good luck


Ana - November 10

I got my Aminio results today and baby is normal. Amnio was no big deal at all. Make sure the doctor has lots of experience.



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