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Cindy - May 13

ok i recently had intercourse with a guy on april 2nd (saturday) in which he used a condom twice then we did it for again for a 3rd time and he didnt have anymore condoms but he washed himself off in the restroom.... but as we were doing it he decided not to continue and pulled out and did not finish.. now with a different guy who ive had intercourse with from the timeframe of April 12th - 19th and has c_mmed inside of me a number of times and we didnt use condoms.... Now after having a blood test because ive missed my period which was supposed to mid to end of april.. my last period was on March 20th - 24th .. and now with us being in the month of may im confused who the father could possibly be.. any thoughts? help please...


L - May 13

If your missed period was mid to end of April I would say the person from April 12 -19th it depends how near the end of April it was supposed to be due. About 10-14 days before when it was due you would have been most fertile. Are either of these serious relationships? Apart from anything else the fact that you used no protection with the second guy makes pregnancy more likely. Have you considered the pill? Would help if you are being with different guys and would be extra safety net to avoid unwanted pregnancy. I would say it's not ideal to be pregnant when there are several men "on the go" and you have to guess who the child's father is. Sounds like a bit of a mess to me but I wish you and your baby the best. Also this page is for the topic of pregnancy in women over 35 you have not addressed that topic at all. The general pregnancy questions page would maybe have been more suitable for this query. All the best for your pregnancy.


To L - May 13

Thank you for your mature and 'to the point' response to Cindy. I actually requested of the site that this forum category be created in great hopes that we might avoid some of the immature and rediculous postings and foulness that I have seen in some of the other forums. Here's hoping we can have some meaningful discussions with those our age, about things that concern us, or just good conversation with those who have more in common.


L - May 14

Yes this post did sadden me, especially to read it on this part of the forum. Hopefully it will be the last though.


Cindy - May 17

thank you so very much for your concern on the matter.. and by the way yes i am very serious with the guy ive been with from the 12-19th.. its just i dont want to tell him he is the father when he really isnt im so confused right now. but im sorry i didnt realize the forum topic of Pregnant Over 35 im only 24. but thanks again for everything


katiekitty - May 18

cindy it is more likely number two for obvious reasons, darling read about ovulation times , you will realise there is a very limited time frame in which you can conceive. You must find this out to be accurate. Do you know these guys, can u contact them? Good luck....


test - May 24



test2 - May 24



test3 - May 24



test5 - May 24



to Cindy - May 31

I disagree with kattiekitty. I would say the first guy is the more likely one. If your cycles are normally 28 days, you would have ovulated around April 3rd, right the day after you and Mr #1 got together. The other one is 3 and half weeks after the start of your period, not likely!!!! Unless you have very long cycles, like over 35 days.



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