Wife Just Took Three Pregnancy Tests And All Three Were Pos

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jlockhart274 - January 3

This may be uncommon to find a man asking questions on your site, but I am full of them. A little background on my wife and I. Jenny and I were married 8 years ago. Jenny was 29 and I was 26. We have never done anything not to get pregnant as we believed if it was gonna happen it would happen. Years went by and nothing ever happened. Jenny never liked doctors and never has gone not because she wouldn't just hasn't felt like she's had to. After a couple years of us not getting pregnant, I actually had myself tested to make sure it was nothing with me. We just celebrated Jenny's 37th Birthday on January 1st. Almost the whole month of December she wasn't feeling well and noticed she was getting sick around 3pm everyday. She never has been regular with her period, would skip months, so thought nothing of it and thought she just had a little flu. I was sick the whole first half of December so she thought she got it from me. She asked me if I'd stop at Mc'D and get her a Big Mac??? In eight years of marriage she never got a Big Mac at Mc Donalds so on the way home I got a pregnancy test. she went upstairs and it was positive... I went back to the store and bought 4 more. The next 3 were positive and 1 digital one didn't work. We are still in shock because we have all but given up we were ever going to have a child. We haven't gone to a doctor to make it official yet and we haven't a clue what's real or not right now. We're happy, scared, a little overwhelmed, etc. we've been hearing a lot about it being dangerous having a first child over 35. My wife smoked and occasionally drank until January 2nd but is going to stop of coarse drinking and immediately smoking if she is pregnant. We don't know how far along she is yet. I hope to be talking to you all about this real soon. Any feedback, help, encouragement, etc. Will be greatly appreciated and I'm sure she will be the one typing really soon... John


early40 - January 3

j. Chances are high that Jenny is pregnant. It is now time to plan on being a dad. I advise you see a dr. to confirm. Everything happens for a reason. If she is not prego maybe it is time yoy starting planning. You both are not getting younger it is time to start a family. For Jenny advice her to stop drinking and smoking ASAP. it is not good for the baby. Even if she is not prego it is time for her to quit as these habits affects fertility. Good luck. Keep us posted


LeslieM - January 3

hi jlockhart...yay! congratulations! please try not to worry. i am 38 and 6weeks with my second child. my husband and i were trying, and due to my age asked questions to both our regular MD and the gyno/OB before we started trying.. i was told not to worry, that as long as we both were healthy that the chances of having a normal healthy baby were excellent. yes, once ove 35 there is a slightly higher chance of chromosomal problems etc., but i was told not to feed in to the hype of it. that MANY< MANY women were waiting to have children and were having healthy babies. my sister had my niece at 40 and the child could not be smarter, healthier or more perfect. a couple of my girlfriends that i grew up with had the same healthy results after having babies at 36 & 37. smoking and drinking are never a good idea, but as long as she has stopped my guess is that things will be just fine. get her to the dr. ASAP ...they will preform all the necesary tests and likely do an ultrasound to let you know how far along she is. in the meantime i suggest-as i was told by both my DR.s....get her floic acid and prenatal vitamins...both which can be bought over the counter. both are extremely important and folic acid helps with the healthy growth of the neural tube (brain, spine etc). hey good luck to you both...i sure everything will be just fine!!!!


Kristin72 - January 3

Hi jlockhart, Congratulations!! Everything is going to be just fine. Trying to get pregnant can be a complicated issue..espcially if you are not doing any family planning but are merely doing it on chance. She could O late in the month or have a short luteal phase. Also, smoking can and does play a role in inhibiting conception, as does drinking. Even with that all said it may have taken longer but you did finally become pregnant. This is just great!... you seem like an intelligent man who would be a great supportive father an husband. To try and figure out how far along she is...go by the first day of her menstrual cycle. Say if her first day was December 1st then she would be over 5 or 6 weeks or so. (I have to get my calender.) Pregnancy is 280 days or 40 weeks and there are many pregnancy calenders online that will tell you your exact due date. You should definitely get a confirmed blood test to make 100% sure you are pregnant and get a referral to a Gyneo/Obstetrician so she/you can follow the pregnancy monthly and weekly. Make sure your wife is drinking lots of fluids..she should expect to be more tired have to urinate more frequently and have tender b___sts. Her hormones are surging so don't take it personally but you will annoy her for no apparent reason. Her body is going through the most amazing miracle ever (not to sound cheesey) and the first 3 months she could feel nauseas, light headed, or just very fatigued..as our bodies are gearing up and moving her organs around to prepare for and aid her pregnancy. Oh and most importantly she HAS to get prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid. This is crucial and should have be done months b4 conceiving to prevent birth defects.. however, try to get her on them today. Relax and take an active role and your wife will do just fine. Again, Congratulations...and btw I just had my 1st baby 1 year ago. I was 38 when I conceived and 39 when I delivered. Cheers..If you have any more questions..Feel free to ask... :) I am going to soon be trying to conceive #2. Take Care and remember the vitamins..and tell her to avoid tuna and salmon, get lots on calcium and eat right and avoid the smoking and drinking :) Get to a walk-in or regular doc immediately!!


jlockhart274 - January 3

Thank you for all the quick responses. She is definitely going to the doctor and going to stop any bad habits ( drinking & smoking) we have waited a long time for this and don't want any complications brought on by us. Again thanks for the information and encouragement. John


Bridget - January 16

I read this and am wondering how it's turned out. I too took forever to get pregnant (7 years from 32 at the start to 39 at conception) I took dozens of home pregnancy tests and only one was ever positive (I took 3 in a row myself, my eyes wide with amazement at every positive result), the one that resulted in my son.Let us know how the DR visit goes.


jlockhart274 - January 28

Here is an update... We are pregnant.... Almost four months now... We get our first ultra-sound tomorrow morning. We are very happy and can hardly still believe it and hope everything turns out alright. John


3_babies_at_41 - January 29

Hi John, First of all, you and your wife should go see a doctor, if not but for to put both of your minds/suspicions at ease. With a trip to the doctor's office, your wife may find that she needs to make some IMMEDIATE changes; taking prenatal pills (if she isn't already; which she should be), STOPPING THE DRINKING & SMOKING, changing her diet (unless she's a health nut ----- smile), and just all around preparing for "mommyhood". Well, if you both don't want to go to put your minds at ease, atlease go to put mine at ease. I won't say "good luck" (as far as your wife being pregnant), because I don't believe in "luck", but I will say MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU BOTH!! Hope there is a little person hiding in her belly. If your wife isn't pregnant, well ----- "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again". :-) If she is pregnant, well YAHOO!! or GOOGLE!!! (get it? :-) ) Anyway, let me know how things turn out. Take care John, Bunny ps. I had my first baby at 37, and it was a GREAT pregnancy ----- for me (being the two key words here).


3_babies_at_41 - January 29

OH!!! I didn't read your latest response before posting my answer. Well CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank God everything is fine. I know you both are excited, as I was when I found out I was pregnant with my first at 37. Tell your wife to try to enjoy her pregnancy; I enjoyed mine (all 3!!) Keep us all posted, and take care of yourselves. Bunny



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