Will Be 41 Next Week And Am 6weeks Preggo

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Suzie - October 25

This is my first child and my doctor says I'm doin' great. On Nov. 10th I'll have an ultra-sound and he already did blood tests. He said that now-a-days doctors have a pretty good idea around 2months whether you're going to miscarry, are at high risk, or you look pretty good. I know there is a 3 months average but I like to look at the positive side of things. When I had my hormones tested they said I had the hormones of a 30 year old so that was a plus. Can't wait to be a mommy and I hope I can have another child in a couple of years. I will be a single mom too so I've got my work cut out for me. wish me luck and light. love to all you mommies to be......think only positive thoughts and write only encouraging words to your fellow pregnant ladies!!! :)... xxoo


christine - October 30

congrats did you conceive naturally at your age? if so thats amazing.


Cookie - November 3

Congrats! I have been a single mom for eighteen years (18 and 12 yr old). You can do it!! I never regret one (1) day that I made the decision. I am also preggo with my third and from a wonderful guy that I'm sure will be there. Think positive thoughts, be encouraged and enjoy.


Maidencanada - November 3

Congrats! I too am 41 and concieved naturally in May (but miscarried in July) and am TTC again. my doctor says it is just a matter of time as I too am a fertile and healthy 41 year old. :) I also was a single mom for 10 years. From the time my kids were 6 months and 4 years until they were 10 and 15. I love being a mom and was quite content and happy as a single mom. I would be a single mom (and happy about it) to this day if I had not met a wonderful man a few years ago. Do not be afraid, it is fun and wonderful and glorious to be a mom, single or not!


jj - November 9

Hi. I'm 42 and think I'm pregnant. 7 days late, never late, and have many pregnancy symptoms. I have a son, 16, so it has been a while. He is a junior in high school, and I wasn't anticipating one in college and one in diapers. I'm starting to get used to the idea. Congratulations to all of you, and have a wonderful day.


Linda - November 9

I have a question. I'm only 20 but thinking of having a baby, I see how you ladies waited to have children, so I ask you, Would you have had children younger if you could of or are you happy you waited until you were in your 40s. Im asking for advice, I dont know when I want to have a baby but I would like to know how you all feel.


jj - November 9

Hi Linda. I had my son when I was 26. He is 16 and a junior in high school. I think that was a wonderful age to have a child. I tried unsuccessfully to have another child at 35. Now I'm 42 and shocked I might be pregnant. I had given that dream to the universe. If I am pregnant, it will be very different. I'm a young 42, but it still isn't 26. There are pros and cons to every age. Whatever is right for you, your child and your circ_mstances, is the path to take. Much luck in your journey.


Maidencanada - November 10

I am 41 and pregnant now too! So you are only a few weeks ahead of me. Go pregnant women 40+ heehee


Tammy - November 13

Hi Everyone, I just turned 40 last month and my DH and I have been TTC our first child for a year now. Any pointers of how you did it? We have an appt with a fertility specialist next week.


Maidencanada - November 15

Hi Tammy. I charted my temperatures. It was completely invaluable to learn about my body and to know when I was ovulating. I also used a ovulation kit this time around and thank goodness cuz I ovulated early and would have missed it if I had not tested.


Vickie in Phoenix - November 15

Congrats Suzie; I am 42 and now in my 24 week of pregnancy. I have a 13 year old, and this time around it's definately different than the first, actually it's been alot less stressful. I had the amnio done, and all is well. I went in to have the CVS but was further along and couldn't have that procedure done. My sonogram and ultrasounds have come out great. I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy, you can do it.....Single or not. Keep us posted :)


Sheila - December 8

Congratulations, I am 40 and single, conceived naturally as well. This website has helped, I just found it yesterday and already feel better. I've been depressed, stressed, worried, etc.


To Maidencanada - December 8

I don't mean to interrupt the thread, but I it's nice to see you again. I don't know if you remember me, Been There. You gave me some encouraging words back in September when I miscarried and I truly appreciated them. Well, I just found out Saturday that I'm pregnant. Feeling a little unsure because I'm worried that things will go wrong again, but I'm still holding the hope. The best part is, I truly didn't try at all this time. I was focusing on other things in my life and it just happened. Just wanted to let you know because you were so kind as to try to make me feel better.


to Been there - December 20

I do remember you and Congratulations! I know you are probably terrified. I know I was in the beginning but here I am 9.5 weeks which was the same time I miscarried last time around and yet I am quite relaxed. I know this one is gonna stay around. DO NOT allow yourself to go crazy with worry. Just enjoy the ride. I am so very happy for you! Hugs, Maidencanada



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