Will I Get Pregnant After 40

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Alma - January 31

I am 40 yrs old, my boyfriend who us 12 yrs my junior and I wanted to have a baby. Is there a chance that I could get pregnant? We've been trying for the last 2 years but it is a long distance relationship, because he works abroad. We are only togehter when he's on vacation which is 2-3 months in a year.


L - January 31

It is certainly physically possible for a 40 year old woman to become pregnant. Since your window of opportunity is reduced, you may wish to consult a fertilty specialist who will help you optimize your opportunity to become pregnant. Please don't wait to contact the fertility specialist just before your boyfriend returns home. The testing may take a cycle or two to complete.


an - March 20

i am 39 and have a fibroid in my utterus I want to get pragnant but I not sure how will the fibroids affect the baby. I also wanted to know if there is any risks in getting pregnant at 39.


L - March 22

It most vertainly is possible! I am 41 and this is my first pregnancy :-)


Perl - March 22

Absolutely! My sister had twins when she was 42. A friend of the family unexpectedly got pregnant for the first time at 44. She didn't think she could ever conceive--surprise!! My mother and grandmother had children at 41. All of the above were healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Pregnancy after 40- it happens a lot!! To "An": my ob/gyn told me that if fibroids were on the inner wall of the uterus there may or may not be some problems but much less problematic if the fibroids are on the outer wall of the uterus.


Gabi - March 25

My husband is 12 years my junior as well. I'd never been married; never been pregnant. We were not trying aggressively, but we were doing nothing to prevent pregnancy for about three years. We had decided to let nature take its course and if I wasn't pregnant by the time I was 42, we would adopt. My husband went away on business for three months. He came home about 6 weeks after my 42nd birthday. I must have gotten pregnant the day he got back. I'm six weeks. I knew something was up because I started having cramps without bleeding. I never have menstrual cramps, but I kept waiting for the blood. When it didn't come, I took an EPT. That was yesterday. I've been peeing non-stop for about 36 hours and sleeping most of that time. I took another EPT this morning and I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. So the answer is, yes. You can get pregnant over 40. My husband travels quite a bit as well.



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