Will Someone Please Define What Spotting Is

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docbytch - May 5

Hi By LMP, I am about 4-5weeks. The doc who will see me for the first OB visit apparently does not make the appt until the 8th week, thus I do not see her for two more weeks. Yesterday am....I found that while on the toilet after wiping myself there was a dark reddish spot. since then, when in the bathroom...I find that same spotty reddish brown stuff...but nothing has passed onto my underwear. It's all up inside a bit near the cervix...and there does not seem to be a lot of it...but enough to show up on the tissue if I wipe inside more. I have not had pain or major cramps. But.....the big-bad "M" word keeps coming to mind. Not to mention ectopics, molars, and all that wonderful stuff. Who out there can say they have had something like this happen and stay pregnant? I have never spotted in a pregnancy before or truly miscarried...so this is a little creepy. Thanks very much....I am keeping positive....albeit guarded.


Kristin72 - May 5

Hi docbytch, If you are at all worried go to a walk-in clinic or emergency..and have them test your HCG to make sure it is still rising. Tell them you think you might me threatening a miscarriage..exaggerate if you have to to get the results you need. Often at 4-5 weeks there is a thing called implantation bleeding or spotting. Also, the cervix is very tender and can often make you spot as it is engorged with blood in the early stages. There are several reasons for spotting. I had the exact same thing..when I wiped but really had to reach for it to see it...mine was more of a brownish mucous. This happened to me at 6 weeks. I was rec'd a ultrasound and saw the heart beat, yolk sac and fetal pole at 6 weeks 5 days. This alleviated some stress but, I again spotted for a few days over Easter (at 9 weeks) I went to see my gp who was happy to have me come in and she let me hear the heartbeat via the doppler. Had an ultrasound yesterday and the heart is still beating and everything still seems o.k. The bottom line is your care-giver must be aware of your stress about this situation, and if you will not be seen by him/her, then you should go to someone who understands your concern and is atleast willing to check your cervix to make sure it is still closed, or to give you another blood test to make sure HCG is still rising. The spotting can be nothing..as many pregnancies spot especially during the first trimester..But, for me I had to know, so I went to my GP and OB and emergency and got second and third opinions, also they checked my cervix ,did an ultrasound, and additional gave me additional blood work to check hcg and progestrone. Best of luck to you and try to remain positive as possible. Also, try to take it easy and rest. Good Luck! XO Kristin


docbytch - May 6

Thanks for your reply Kristin. Would be nice if I actually HAD a GP! I am in the healthcare profession myself, and typical of those in my occupation, I hate going to docs, and hence have never procured any regular GP. I feel concerned at this point, but the spotting is at least not increasing at all. I am thinking of trying the watchful waiting game where I wait and see, whilst waiting out the time to see the OB. My appt is the 17th of this month..... As for the rest part....hehehehhe. would be nice if that were possible...but I work in an ER...which keeps us hopping all the time. BUT No better place to be in the event something bad goes wrong. thanks for your support and kind words. :)


Kristin72 - May 6

Hi docbytch, Even before I went to my regular gp I went to a walk-in clinic..I had my actual pregnancy test there too..and then two additional HCG tests..this doctor was great..he even sent me to the emerg at womens college hospital in Toronto and again I was seen very quickly about my spotting. I am not sure where you live? But it would be nice if you could be seen by someone..atleast to do another HCG..can't hurt..Hope everything works out in your favour!! Good Luck Kristin



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