With A 23 Day Cycle Is BD Ing On Day 8 Promising

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gcmickens - May 10

Hi ladies - i'm 43, last 3 cycles were 26, 25, and 23 days long. When I calculated most fertile days, several sites told me very fertile days 8, 9 and 10... does that sound right? DH and I only BD-ed once cd 8 and my cm was white. What does that sound like to you? Also, having these shorter cycles is making me wonder if I am even ovulating at all, or entering pre-menopause - anyone had that experience? Txs for any feedback!


dunne - May 10

Hi gcmickens, I am also 43 and ttc but not quite ready yet as I stopped the pill in Dec and have been trying to have af but mine are way outta wack, the first month after b/c pill was 45 days and then 30 days and now I'm about 80 days out and still no af. My doc tried provera but it did not work and now I am on the pill to bring on af and then will try clomid 100mg for max 3 months. Not sure if you have seen a specialist but you really should get your fsh count if you have not already. Unfortunatly at our age the ovarian reserve is depleted and you may need help to get pregnant. Given how long your cycles are I would say it is a definite poss o came on day 8 but hard to say...anyway good luck...lots of baby dust...Sam


dev - May 11

Gcmickens, I am in the same boat as you. I am 42 ttc for our 2nd. my cycles are 26 days...they were 24. what has helped me with my cm, ovulation, and increasing my cycle is B12, B6 and folic acid I have been taking this for over 4 months, and I am now ovulating again and my cm is abundant. If your cm is white and thick that may not be good, that's what mine looked like before I started taking the B12 and B6. Also, drink lot's of fluids around the time of ovulation and no alcohol or caffeine. I really feel this has helped me, and it's just a matter of time! GL and lot's of Baby Dust!!! Also at our age, my dh and I find it hard to BD a lot....we are so tired, so we go every other day, and really that's all you need. Also, make sure you are not just bding when you are fertile. You don't want his boys to get too old, that's not good either.


gcmickens - May 11

Thanks girls for the advice! Well, AF is due in the next few days... we'll see if a miracle happened! Lots of baby dust to you too!



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