10 Month Pregnancy

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kmaraney - March 1

so my friends told me it IS actually 10 months .. but some of the people at work are confusing me. One lady swears I am having twins because I am so big already (20 weeks) but I know for sure I'm not, U/S has been good and only one :) and then I am due July 15th. so it really is 10 months and I am 5 months preggo, right??? (she is like you are only 4 months which was ticking me off) :) just gets confusing but I am certainly not taking a month off :) anyone else get this??? I also don't know where the baby is going to grow :) I am 5'2 and already put on 15 lbs.... eeks


Amanda18 - March 1

People count it in different ways. I go by every 4 weeks or 28 days is a month so it does end up being 10 months. Some go by calendar months and there was one other way I read that people count it.


Kime - March 1

well if you got pregnant in October then you would be five months. I know it confuses me too b/c now im 22 weeks and from my lmp Oct 2nd i would be just now 5 months. But when i go to pregnancy calenders and such it counts 22 weeks as 6 months b/c it goes by every four weeks. I don't know though i just tell everyone im 22 weeks lol!


MNMOM - March 1

Pregnancy is counted by doctors as 40 weeks long, beginning from the first day of your last menstrual period. Since you generally have a 28 day cycle and ovulate and conceive midway through, gestation, or from conception until full term delivery is 38 weeks, which is actually 9.5 months, not just "9" months like everyone says! You should count by every 4 weeks or 28 days as one month, don't count by calendar months since some months have 28, 30, or 31days.


suze42 - March 1

I was pg for 10 mos plus 2 weeks w/DS...like a dam elephant!! LOL. As far as feeling so big now, I did also abount mid-way thru...but you will get bigger. I had people ask me if I was having twins and still had 3 mos to go. NICE!!! Ignore people...and just enjoy every bit of it. I had a nice 7'14 healthy baby boy and wouldnt have changed a thing...not even the 40lbs I gained..LOL. This time I am trying to watch my eating a little bit. BTW Im 5'3, 20wks also and have put on about the same as you. Thats not really that much. GOod luck.


wailing - March 3

Most OB's determine DOB by taking ur last menstrual period date and adding 12 days (that's about when u should be ovulating after ur last period). When u get a sonogram they will get the exact date of ur baby by measuring several bones and head size, then u can keep up w/ the date of ur baby by weeks. It's easier that way b/c the months are confusing:)


pregnant76 - March 3

kmarney, I'm due July 11th and I consider myself ending my 5 month next week. I went by weeks for a long time but I am actually starting to go by my calendar date (it's less confusing to me...I can't think that hard when I'm preggo brained right now). Don't worry, I look big too! I am 5'1" and I have put on 20 lbs now. It is a little more weight than usual but my doctor said she isn't worried since I was small pre-pregnancy. So, don't worry! :)


Tammy276 - March 3

Pregnancy is considered 10 lunar months......so if you are 20 weeks, you are 5 months....is goes by.......4 weeks per month for 10 months equals your 40 weeks pregnant


soimpatient - March 3

I'm 20 weeks or 5 months and I'm sticking to that! Oh, and I''m 5'5 135lbs prepreg and I'm up 20lbs!! Yowzers!!!!!!


moescrilla - March 3

well, its not really 10 months, its 10 "lunar months" some people call it, but its actually only 9 months and 1 week, if you go by your lmp. Technically, your really only pregnant 8 months and 3 weeks, (gestationally). If you go from the time you conceived (estimate) to the time you give birth, (month wise, not by weeks) you'll see its not 10 months.


moescrilla - March 3

p.s. I forgot to mention that the reason why its only 9 months is because theres more than four weeks in a month, theres four weeks and 2-3 days (except for feb) so you gain an extra week here and there. So, thats why its actually 9 calender months.(about, like I said, its a week off really one way or the other)


moescrilla - March 3

20 weeks really ends up being about 4 1/2 months, since thats half way through pregnancy. (If you go by calender months)


DownbutnotOUT - March 3

I agree with moescrilla, with all my pregnancies I consider 20 weeks 4 1/2 months preggers.



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